My Lovey Love…………be well NOW!!!

Rain. We need it. It’s life giving. It can even be pretty. It changes plans and creates diversions. It weaves a new aspect into everything it touches. Things that were thirsty are now satiated and things that were fry are now wet. Wet. Wet grass, wet shoes, wet pants hems. Wet fleece. Wet curls. Wet goats, and shearing plans get …..all Wet. No goaties running around the yard waiting for me to feed them and put them up. No Lovey walking around the living room cuz it’s Sunday. No visiting with the babies cuz if I do, they come closer, and they get….Wetter. Can you imagine shearing a wet fleece? Yikes. Then what do you do with it? Stick it in a plastic bag like all the rest? Not hardly. It would mold. That fleece would have to be laid somewhere till it dried. Just not feasible here, due to the Pups.

Rain however, does reopen doors. This weekend I plyed my Duchesse yarn and have begun the seatbelt cushion. I also finished the multicolor shawl. I’ve even decided on the next thing. It’s big, for me. I’m going to give the loom another go. That will take awhile though to prepare for. I will have to spin up a bunch of yarn in advance and then attempt to tackle the Engineers way to warp a Loom. In other words…warping for dummies. I hate warping. Hate it, hate it, hate it. It’ll probably take incentive. Hmm, what can I offer myself as incentive. A reward. Hmmm. Pulling a blank. I’ve been postponing this for over a year now. I want to be ready. I want to try it. Fear I guess is holding me back. Fear of failure. I hate fear of failure. It holds back, holds back and keeps on holding back like a rubber band being stretched taut, until….wham! It flings itself forward with no warning, and sometimes it hit’s a mark and it hurts. I hate pain too.


Here’s a little bit of backstory. I wanted to weave. Hubby bought me a loom. Simple enough. During my first and only warping event, down at the yarn shop where I bought it, I stood bent over, warping for around 6 hours. 6 hours in the same room with 2 angora rabbits, of which I am allergic to. Having no Puffs Plus, I had to use toilet paper to mop the everflowingness of my nose…and my eyes. 6 hours. Got it warped though. And during this 6 hour ordeal, chatter was a happening. During this chatter, I expressed my wish to make things from my own hand spun yarn………….(sorry, have to take a detour……………..HOMESPUN yarn, bought at Walmart of Joanns….is NOT HOME or HAND SPUN!!!!!! What idiots to name a machine made, man made fiber…yarn….homespun. Sickening, to those of us who actually do. Ok, off my soapbox now and back to the original story.) So, I’m expressing my desire to weave with my own yarn. The lady says… will break. You need to weave with store bought stuff. What? Then what good is having a loom? If I can’t weave my own yarn, it’s worthless to me. So, I gave up. I gave away my one and only woven shawl to my daughter and figured someday I would see the loom. ENTER, Lora Goff. Lora posted a photo of a blanket, woven with her own yarn and it reopened that closed door. So, the door is open…..I need to step through.


Last night, Mea posted a comment on Friday nights blog…..“ARE YOU OK? Where’s your blog?” There was more but the point is, she was needing a photo fix. How funny. So, I gave her one. I posted 5 photos on FB for her. This time, I truly took the time off. No writing until today, Sunday, at 2pm. Last time, I wrote Friday night, then Saturday night, then finished up with Sunday afternoon. I took a true blog vacation this time….felt good. On the other hand…this feels good too! Writing. Something I’ve done since I was a child. I even have a notepad by my bed for the last minute thoughts that can’t be lost…usually they are useless, but I still write them down.


Had to run out in the rain twice last night…once to close up the RV, and after I got dry clothes on, I remembered the dog food on the truck bed. Today when I go feed, I will wear my rubber boots. Yay for rubber boots. No wet shoes or pant hems!!! Bet the goats will be soggy though. The sun is starting to peek out. Maybe this is a good time to go.

Still not part of the group

We’re hungry!!!




Mama’s boys


Milk………….it does a body good

And the lovely Belle


Ah crap….bad news. Oops, I mean….news. I told ya I’d been worming Lovey. 3 days  in a row..he just didn’t look right. It’s not worms!!! It’s a lung infection!!! Crap oh crap.Well, so that’s what the rains have placed on my plate for tomorrow, since I can’t shear. Prayers please folks!!! Last time I had a lung infection in an animal, it was Cherub…and she died!!!! Ahhh, my Lovey Love. Off to the vet it will be for you my love….jeesh, I’m tearing up now….gotta grab my faith and pull it up over my rubber boots. He is way too special to us. Ok……got it……Lovey is very healthy and shall live a long happy life, right here with us.Lovey IS healthy. Lovey IS Happy. Lovey is my awesome goat with an awesome coat and he is my Ambassador goat and shall be for a long long time. It is so. And with that….I cease this writing. It is steak Sunday and I remembered to buy the steak. Yay. May the rains bring blessings to us all. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.


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