My goat laugh…..and welcome back Lister Star clippers….missed you darlin

Well, it’s official. I was watching Xfactor and something struck me funny and I laughed. The window was open. A goat called back to me…I heard us. I now laugh like a goat. I actually think it’s hilarious. During the super moon thing I asked to be able to communicate with the animals better. I really meant Dr. DoLittle style, but I guess this will do. I just need to refine my style. I need to finesse. Advance the new skills I’ve recently developed as far as capturing a goat…or outthinking the goat. I need more finesse. I need to remember, each time I go out there….that there are ways to communicate…and find them. Instead of just yanking them places…somehow communicate what’s about to happen so the fear factor is held down to a minimum level.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t really new. I’ve tried explaining to them, maybe I need to apply the visualization like I did with the hurt colt. I got that hurt colt to go into a tiny enclosure, the second I asked it…day after day. I’m just lazy in that regard. Don’t know why. Just am. Maybe if I work it out now, I’ll be ready, let’s see. Hmmm. Well for goodness sakes…I’m laughing at myself. The solutions are usually the simplest. Visualize talking to the goat, telling it what’s about to happen, the goat walking willingly with you or at least not being a bucking bronco….then the ease and stillness on the stand. Very important. And the quiet as well. Nobody wants to hear crying the whole time they are hairdressing.

I have been withstanding the call for my strawberry ice cream for hours now. I think I’m about to succumb. I knew I would, it’s not that I was opposed to eating it, just opposed to eating it that early. It’s midnight….and it’s time.:-D Ate it. It was great. Now, when I do my hand rubbing thing…I add the thought that I am generating heat and healing powers. As I do this, the heat increases. I sent some for the first time…to Gypsy. As I sent it…wow did it get hot. Way hotter than it ever even thought about getting when I was trying to heat myself up and stop my internal shivers from eating the pint of ice cream so swiftly. Hope it worked. Love my Gyps. She’s long haired, like I like and she’s been so quiet and hiding since we got Smooch. She’s also been peeing on plastic grocery bags. I thought she was complaining about the kitten. Now I know she was trying to tell me she was sick. Oh man.



What? lol



just an angel


I got Isis from the pound, as a kitten. A few days later my perfectly healthy beautiful yellow long haired kitty Austin crawled into the litter box to die. Kinda feels familiar…so here’s to praying that the heat healing I sent…worked. Amen.

Colleen dear…I just love looking over at my turquoise water painting. It has even dominated the mountains in the background, oh so big. All I see now is the water…my favorite, turquoise water…one of my favorite things in life period. Funny, as a child, it used to be mountains….but then again, I didn’t know about the turquoise water then. Pretty sure I told that story, so I’ll refrain. But interesting isn’t it? The switch? We shift when we know. As Oprah says, who quotes Maya Angelou, who says….when we know better, we do better. Amen again. Jeesh, it’s an Amen night!!! Notice I put three 3, exclamation points. 3, to me is holy. Many reasons, it just is….sacred geometry being one of the top. …and the trinity being right on up there with that.

Well, I’d better shut ‘er down. It is 1:34am. Night dreams and wake days to you all. Kitten says night night too. We pray for Gypsy. Amen. See, three, always 3 for me. Night. (wish I could make a crescent moon icon here).

Ye know the question…if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? Well, I heard a tree fall in the woods today. Lol.

Ok, well, we got the Doc sheared today. One hour 15 minutes. He was a very good boy. The naked photo shows him sitting down but he only did that at the last second, when we were done. He did great. Once again though, his fleece was less than the girls. Same with Wy. Wy was 2 ¾ lb, Doc was 2 ½ lb…..while all the Washington girls were in the 3-4 lb range. How odd.



Doc in fleece



Naked Doc



my 2 dalmatians



Is this cool or what? One days worth!!!



Took Gypsy to the vet, went to find her to put her in her carrier and she was already fully inside all I had to do was zip. The Doc pulled and twisted and pulled some more and in the end, he decided she blew her knee out, like a football injury. Nothing to do for her. So, now we knew she wasn’t dying, we headed to the other town to trade in those two sets of clippers. Ahhh, wish I hadn’t had to do that. Once again, I now own the Lister Star. The huge monster clippers. They certainly better keep cutting. I was really getting good at it too. Hope these are easy even if they are xtra large and heavy. Too late for cooking so grabbed some Little Cesar pizzas. Gave Lovey some more wormer, cleaned a few water tubs and I is done for the day. Now I just get to relax, watch Xfactor and whatever else and cuddle with Smooch. It’s going to rain here so I wasn’t able to upload all of the photos, but I’m lucky I got these. Alrighty then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.


6 thoughts on “My goat laugh…..and welcome back Lister Star clippers….missed you darlin

  1. You should record your goat laugh and share it with us. Modeling behavior may be good with the goats, look them in the eye, stroke them a little, walk the way you want them to and laugh with them. Have a great week-end.

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