Six and a half pounds of yum………My reward for a few hours in hell

Just as life changes, things change and people change, so too do laughs change. I’ve been told quite a few times recently that my laugh now sounds like a goat. And considering that I attempt to imitate each of my goats sounds, I know what they sound like and I’m afraid I have to admit that it is indeed true. I sound like a goat when I laugh. Kinda interesting if you think about it. Why on earth would that happen? Is it an unconscious effort to speak with my goats? Curious.

Ye know, I’m always goin on about how much I love life. It’s not always great…things happen, animals die, people die, aggravations happen, things don’t go as intended, life is , well, life is life. It is messy and sticky and gorgeous and scrumptious, beautiful, compelling, exciting, sad, horrible, dastardly, confusing and life is grand. Many more adjectives fit the description of life.

The difference between my life and yours….apart from the goats, might be that I follow every sign. I listen. I hear and I react accordingly. I flow with the flow of my river, trying not to demand what I think is the better way to go. Spirit says go left…by George, I’m gonna go left. And He/She did actually. I once called a friend and asked him to call hubby, who then was not my hubby, and ask the question….Left or right. Then call me back with the answer. The answer was Left, and therefore I write these words from this chair, watching this TV, with this Blue Dog and this kitty and all the other critters outside. I am here now, because he said Left. Also of course, because I asked the question in the first place. All is Divine timing…. The difference may be….that I know this. I don’t just know it….I believe it with all my heart and soul.

I should probably give you a Jesse update. The update is…..I’m so happy he’s here. The visit is going so great and he’s helping me so durn much. I don’t know how great it is for him, but I know I am personally very happy and very grateful. He doesn’t complain and helps me with anything I ask. He does have a line in the sand, however. He doesn’t shear boy goat bellies. Can’t blame him as I told ya yesterday. I can handle that. He’s funny. Instead of going around and through a gate….he usually hops the fence, barbed wire and all. Obviously against my wishes, lol. He seems to be fearless. To me, too many fears is bad…but the other extreme is also bad…no fears. I dunno. Point is…I’m rollin with life and at the moment, my son is inside it. I love you Summer!

Wow, I’m on word ration now. And just entered page 2. Kinda strange watching page lengths instead of just talking. But hey, a bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do. 😀 Night night sweetheart, it’s time to go…to sleep, that is…1:35am. 3+5=8+1+9. Ending, nightie night.

I’m tired. Finally peeled the potatoes and carrots for the stew, so I’m done with dinner and can tell you why I’m so tired. We sheared Georgia today. It went pretty well. She did cry a lot and Jesse hand fed her grass which calmed her down a bit. Maybe I should have given them some attention first instead of just snatching them up, I dunno. Anyways, we got her done in 45 minutes, fastest one so far with the clippers. She is plum gorgeous. And then…….Pearl. Please don’t take offense…but we called it…Pearl Harbor. That baby danced all the way to China and back again. Even worse…the clippers stopped clipping. Both sets. Took em apart and cleaned em…nope. For the first time ever, it was suggested I walk away and de-stress. Which I did…finally.



Georgia in fleece



Miss Georgia is naked



Pretty baby



Finally, a naked Pearl…all shiny………….and yes, I forgot the before photo



Me and the Peach




Ahhh, strangers now



So unhappy without her coat

I went in to visit with Georgia while Cathy and Jesse finished the dancing queen. By next shear, I will have better and more clippers and I guarantee…Pearl will be done the way the shearers do it…..on her side….Well technically, the shearer that used to come here sat them on their butts. Not sure I’m up to that but we shall see. Oh man, it’s so so frustrating when this happens. Don’t get me wrong…of course I still love her, but it’s so stressful. Remember I told you I asked the vet for something to calm certain goats before shear? Well, a new friend from Australia says they get in trouble there if they DON’T give the animals meds to calm them…and the farmers inject it themselves. Come on America….catch on to Australia’s ways in this regard!!
Top it off….Gypsy kitty might be sick. Not sure, I’m watching her. She’s moving slowly, not longer playing with Smooch and cried out a few times when I picked her up. Don’t have a clue what it could be. Might be taking her to the vet tomorrow, depending. And while in giving Lovey some wormer, I noticed Opti had owies at the horn line from horn banging. I poured some meds on it while I was there. Oh, there was one bit of funny today….Georgia and Pearl didn’t recognize each other. Isn’t that crazy??? They watched the whole process, and yet they still looked at each other as if to say…who are you? Oh ya….and the pups gave us a hard time while we were putting Georgia in the stand, so I took them to the front girls pen and put them in there. That’s when I realized why they had surrounded Georgia that way….they look so friggin different when sheared…all spotty. So when I put the pups in the girls pen…Little Boy went straight for the spotted goats. Of course I yelled and he stopped, but I guess they don’t recognize them either.



My shearing basket



Just so cute


Just saw that there is a fire in one of the spots that burned last year so called the Chiropractor to tell them since some of the people that work there, live there. Can you imagine? Twice? This particular spot is called Tahitian Village and it’s quite a ways from me, but I pray it goes out quickly. You say the word fire around here these days and people get really nervous. Gosh.

As for the shearing that didn’t go so well……ye know what? I got 3 pounds from the easy goat and 3 ½ lbs from the Pearl Harbor incident. Really, it wouldn’t have been so bad if the clippers had worked. Oh dear. Just went and fed and they Really don’t know each other!!! Pearl was running Georgia off from the food! Good grief!!! Ahhh, the mentality of goats is an ever learning thing. Well, just one more Washington baby left….then on to the rest of the rest. Well, time is a crankin away, so off I am a signing……….at a place where a loud yell of YeeHaw will bring in the large animals, and curly locks can be found everywhere, inside and out. 😀        P.S. Welcome Iraq!!!!! Wow, my words reach far.


4 thoughts on “Six and a half pounds of yum………My reward for a few hours in hell

  1. Sorry Pearl was a turd on the shearing stand. Her fiber should be nice, at least. Georgia is adorable sheared, but baby Wyatt wins the spots award for sure.

    • Not your fault hon. I probably should have moved with kindness instead of speed but when you’ve got 2 people helping you try for speed. I shoulda say with them for a few minutes. Might not have changed anything but it might have. Oh Lordie, the curls were worth it. Very unique, to me, curls. Love them and the length???! Haven’t measured yet but ill guess 7 inches for some of it!!!! As for the spot award, there is no question whatsoever that Wyatt wins!!! He was also a doll on the stand. Thank you again for selling them to ME!!!! I am confident that had they been sold to anyone else, there wouldnt be anywhere near this amount of photos!!!! You would have missed them more! ❤

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

    • Three???!!! Ah, I’ve done it but no. Gettin too old. Lol, Georgia Likes to be as close as possible. Wonder if I can make her some horn covers out of her own fleece or would it mess with her temp regulations? Hey, any chance you’d move back? Huggs

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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