Ahhh, the Magic of Speckled Mohair goats….and a blessed Blue Lady

I’ve had the most fun evening. Valerie is making me that coat I told you about and she posted a couple photos. I am so humbled. She has a butterfly on front and a blue lady with a rainbow above her on the back. You couldn’t explain me any better than that. Wow folks, I’m starting to feel special! All these gifts from the heart coming my way, is overwhelming and breathtaking. Two separate bracelets, a painting, goat halters and soap, and now a coat…not just a coat like she normally does…no, this one has artwork on it….the lady, the blue lady….is art. The whole back scene is Art. I am so blessed. I love you guys so much. You make my days all the time!!! Just by reading, you make my day. I am truly honored to be sharing my life with you guys. Ha, back when I lived in the Northeast, it was yous guys. Lol. Oooh, I’m supposed to be saying Y’all……..after all, I am a Texan!!! Not one by birth… but I’ve been here since ‘79 with periodic relocations intermittently…. And wala…here I am….. And, I truly AM.


Ahhh, the Blue Lady

Oh ya…. I got to watch my The Voice, by going to the RV and it occurred to me there that I could go out there any time that these guys are playing something I don’t care for. Then, tonight, after that, I ended up watching….The Toothfairy 2.…on my iphone. How cool is that to remember? Don’t know why it took me so durn long to realize I wasn’t stuck into anybody’s friggin TV. How funny. And how funny that I obsess over the dang TV. Shame on me. Shame oh shame on me, lol. Ok, I’ll work on it. 😀

Ooooh, what a day it’s been. Kinda long and I’m pretty gosh darn tired. I really don’t know how my friend Lisa does 3-4 goats a day. One wears me out these days and right now we’re doing 2 a day. Kudos to ya Lisa. Anyway, we grabbed the stanchion from the front pen, then Jesse went out into the BOY area and Angel got up t come see him. Course he felt bad then, having to grab him and get him to the Zen buggy. When it came time to shear, Jesse was still feeling bad until we told him that Angel jumped up on his own, so he obviously was ready to get his coat off. He was an absolute angel…lol. He had very felted balls and for a minute we wondered if he could do the deed. But just before we finished, Mimi came up to him, there was a snort and wala…a pecker.


Oh ya, baby



What a handsome guy…I miss seeing my Munchkins



Angel in fleece



Ever see a naked Angel? 😀



Speaking of peckers. Sorry, but it’s a goat fact of life. I got to see another First. Had so darn many Firsts. Today’s, let’s see, what did I title it…masterfully felted pizzle with a landing. I took a photo of it after I cut most of the landing away from the pizzle…..still debating if you guys are up to seeing it. I was stunned, freaked and laughed so hard that tears came out. We are used to a sideways pizzle. Hmmm, let me explain. When I shear, I start at the top of the back and go down. The further you go under the belly, and towards the back of the goat, you must be very careful cuz you know there is a pizzle in there somewhere. As you approach it…you clip of very stiff brittle pee soaked brown curls, right to the skin. You do this by pulling a bit on the soaked curl to show where the skin is,, then snip. If the pizzle is sideways, the curls have strangled it and turned it sideways and it’s basically stuck sideways until the curls are cut to free it. Once you uncover a sideways pizzle……….you better get to cutting fast so he don’t pee in your face cuz it’s sideways and aiming at you!!! Hehehe. To say it’s a gross job, well………..the guy from Dirty Jobs would consider this a good’un.

Anyways, back to the good stuff. Next, we did Wy. Yes, he too had felted balls and he is the one with the felted pizzle landing.(my way of saying it was felted all the way around his pizzle, to when you cut some away, it looked like a landing, a road, under the pizzle. BUT, when we started, as the first curls came off and revealed the salt and pepper baby, I was in heaven. Ahhh, so beautiful. Never seen anything like it. It was so enjoyable to shear that goat…well, till the latter part. And he was a very good baby. I don’t know what it is about these multi colored goats but I am surely in love. And when he was freshly sheared and back in the pen….they were checking him out…bout time!!!!



Wy in fleece



Awesomely cool……..oh my



Naked Wy







Pretty Dalmatians, eh?



Ahhh, feels like I’m getting somewhere and getting there with a smile on my face. The smile is cuz of all that luscious mohair and the beautiful babies that will arrive this spring, thanks to the wonderful bucks I now have. Marshall looked all put out when we brought Angel through the gate and I told him we had to give some of his progeny a chance. Dang, guess I should sell Marshall now. Or not. I dunno. I suppose if someone wanted him I would consider it. He is gorgeous and so sweet and gentle. And who doesn’t love silver curls?

Well, onto Miss Georgia and Pearl tomorrow and the pinto speckled fun continues. Well, not Pearl, but her curls are different for me, so it should be extra fun too. Oh wait….there’s still one more…ha, how could I forget Doc??? YeeHaw!!! Love my life. Love the world. Love the stars and the moon. Well, bout that time folks. Holler at ya tomorrow. Have a grand night and day. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks. P.S. I decided what to do about the pizzle photo. I will treat it as if it is a spider….and place it here, at the end, so if you shear your goats and want to see, it’s here but if you don’t want to see, you don’t have to scroll down here. Once again…Signing off.



masterfully felted pizzle with landing lol


2 thoughts on “Ahhh, the Magic of Speckled Mohair goats….and a blessed Blue Lady

  1. My little Candycane was a speckled goat. I loved her soooo much, but sold her because my goats really picked on her. Then she died, I hate that sooo much, you just never know. Her baby was Sweetheart. She was one I brought back to Texas this summer. I love seeing your goaties. Hugs

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