Mohair…………I love you.

Things change. Life happens and we adjust and attempt to thrive again. Because I am not the same everyday, this blog cannot be the same everyday. I had no words of wisdom for you last night, so I didn’t bother just writing words, useless empty words. So obviously, the blogs where I didn’t write at night, will be shorter. This one will be shorter. On the other hand, I’ve had many compliments on my writing, and the only complaint was the length. Maybe having dry nights won’t be so bad after all.

The girl from TSC did call last night and I explained about the sticky balls on the new girls. Then I said, ahh, come on over, they will survive one more day. We made arrangements for her to come at One pm. While I was out getting things ready, I noticed that the two were even more coated in sticky balls, so I called Elizabeth and canceled for today. She was understanding. Plus, late last night I realized, this girl has dairy goats and clips hers just to remove the hair. That is completely different from removing the hair with the intent to keep each curl as long as possible. Believe you me, there is a difference between shearing to throw away and shearing to keep to use.

So, since Cathy was busy today, it was just Jesse and I. It went relatively smooth. We did Etta first and she was good but got irritable toward the end. Belle was a different story. She was very opposed to the idea. First half didn’t go so bad but the head, face, belly and back end areas, well…..not so much fun. And it was fun folks. I usually hate to take the curls off the babies but this was too cool. Shearing off those curls and revealing the Dalmatian spots. Wow, gorgeous!!! Even though there were sticky balls and sticks, I threw away hardly any. I’ll just skirt extra heavy cuz these were so high quality!!! In the end, it was one hour for each and both coats weighed out to 3 and ½ lbs. (2 lbs over normal)


Last photo pre shear



Etta’s first fleece



These………….are sticky balls…can you imagine???



So awesome……………



ahh, she’s a naked pinto



Belle’s  1st fleece



Belle……….naked as a jaybird




She’s still gorgeous (Etta)



We sheared 2 goats, 7 lbs, in 2 hours…..with Wahl clippers. One pair cost $100, the other cost $80. The $100, Stable Pro ones are way more powerful than the contoured set. I plan on getting more….for when they get hot, cuz they do get hot. We didn’t really have to stop and let them cool today. We did stop for a few minutes and they actually did cool a bit. The other day, doing Happy, they refused to cool. More dense of a coat on Happy is my guess. Not bad for cheap clippers. I wasn’t trying to go cheap, just smaller. Smaller for my tiny hands. Anyway, I’m very thrilled with them and with the speed they are helping me attain. Yes, most get their sheared with clippers in 10-15 minutes per goat. Difference is, I’m not flipping them on their backs on the ground. I may, I just haven’t yet. No, I’m just doing it just like I did when I used scissors….in the stanchion and top down. It took a learning curve to figure how to not butcher the curl at the skin….I call that Butcher shop. When I cut a curl in half or close….butcher shop. I hate butcher shop.

By the way, the moving of those two, although it gave them sticky balls, it does seem to have worked for integration, which was the whole point. Remember when I tried putting the Pretties in there? Fiasco!!! They got beat up and were too scared to go in the house, where two crucial things were…shade and…Water!!! Not so these gals…they are in the house, and believe it or not, they didn’t get beat up when they got naked!!! Yippiekyaay!



Valey girl



Mama, mama….what you got?



Ahhh…babies Milk and Valey



I just read on face book about a coyote attack on a lamb. Don’t know where it was, don’t think it was Texas but we have something on the prowl here too. Long ago I told you about my turkey Tom who chose to live next door at Cathy’s house so he could flirt with her chickens? Well, Tom has been killed by something and all the neighborhood dogs have been going nutso at night. Cathy is very worried about it, whatever it is. I’m not really, except my Pups can’t get to everywhere they need to get. I dunno, just something to keep on my brain. Time to go feed the critters now.
Well, they’re still treating Wy pretty poorly. That just hurts my feelings. And up in the front girls pen, the two sheared ones are not even getting beat up. So odd. Just when you think you have the goat mentality figured out…wham. Another surprise. Hopefully Angel will be up where we can get him later, closer to dark is when they usually come up. Ahhh, so many cuts and bruises…. Life on the farm. 😀 Wouldn’t want any other life. And actually, most of those cuts I just mentioned are really scratches. Kitten scratches. Dang those suckers sting! Alrighty then folks. It’s a pork chop night and The Voice. Plan on getting dinner ready in time this time so I don’t miss any of it!!! Okie dokie. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks. Oh ya….Thanks for reading!!! Have a wonderful evening and a great day tomorrow people!!!

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