Baby studs……….. and sticky balls

See, I told ya, back to ordinary now and time is flying unbelievably fast. I wonder how many of you are experiencing this.??? It’s Saturday tomorrow already. A trip to town and no cooking for me. That’s the deal. I eat a big lunch, therefore don’t require dinner, so I don’t wanna cook. It’s that simple. And it’s that honest. It feels as if I blink and a week has gone by. I like it. Back when I had depression, each day was so slow, heartrendingly slow.

It’s time to move some more goats. Funny how it always comes back to that. The goats. I’m obsessed. I’m in love and I’m in agony for the things that are not yet right in my mind. Simple things and expensive things. Shelters. More shelters. A shearer to come twice a year….. But I do the babies. Clean pastures…..meaning burrs and bad for mohair goats kinda weeds. Mohair goats….a campaign to rename them…mohair goats…lol. More sections to move goats around into when needed, pasture improvement, more and more sets of clippers and more helpers. 😀
I’m debating something. I told you the lambie pen is outside my chair window by about 25 ft. Thing is, the tiny house is designed by my husband to have the back in the north…to do with the winter cold. I want to take out those boards that create the back and put them on what is now the front…then I can actually see them. But what of hubbys theory of the north vs. south? Hmmm. (Turns out in daylight it’s metal backing, dunno how to get that off. Hmmm.)

Goodness, lost some of my medicine and my shoe. How odd. I am now forced to wear the new moccasins I got a few months ago that unfortunately, I got too small. Every time I try to wear them, I end up taking them off. I loosen and loosen the strings running round them, to no avail. Where is my shoe? Alrighty then folks. It is time to say goodnight. Good day, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. 😀 2:09am. 11.
(15 minutes till midnight Saturday night)
I found my shoe. What a glorious statement, I found my shoe. I was all unbalanced without it. One shoe on, one shoe off…then I tried the new pair that’s too small and had to wear them when I woke up and it was just plum awful. They were so tight. Finally I said to myself….I’m finding that shoe. And I did. Still haven’t found the medicine yet. Speaking of medicine…. I’ve been so preoccupied that I haven’t called the pharmacy to mail me my inhaler. I’m like 2 weeks late. I have no idea how this one is still providing me with breath….but I am So grateful.
Earlier, my son was getting out of the recliner and he asked if I knew where the kitty was. I said no, so I’m leaning over and looking under his chair and he’s leaning and finally I say…I don’t see her, so he starts to close the recliner and he hears a squeal…is that her? Several tentative times later, he gets his foot rest into down position …..and about that time, I look down and see kitty in my lap. 😀



All snuggled in

It’s Sunday now. Pretty uneventful day. Hubby did some shredding and aside from visiting goats, I’ve been spinning all day. Skirted another fleece last night as well. Haven’t finished the spinning yet, but getting close now. Boy did I make a doozie of a mistake. Should have waited a few more days before I moved Etta and Belle. They now have those little sticky balls all over their fleeces. Not a ton yet, but let’s just say…..they get to get sheared first. Talked to the gal from the TSC and she had lost her phone. Said she’d call me today and come help shear tomorrow. Haven’t heard from her yet, and kinda hoping I don’t. I do want her help, it’s just that I wanted to do the Washington babies myself and as I just said…there are 2 that need sheared immediately….like tomorrow.



Yay for hay!



Ha, I’ve taken to calling her…Tinkerbelle



Ahhh, from baby to stud buck in one day



Now that’s a lineup!



Lil Miss Georgia



Etta Place



Silly girl crawlin in the food




Figures….right after she lets me touch her nose….I move her…lol




I said, “wanna cookie?” Love how he cocks his head

As usual, hubby let Lovey and clan out today. Lovey is just too cute. As Moonee is tall and reaches up and eats the yaupon leaves, Doc jumps up onto an unfinished stanchion table to get some and Lovey looks up at the yaupon like….but why can’t I get any? He’s so stinkin small!!! 😀 When I came out to feed and put them up, they were all laying together, well, except Lovey who was checking out Georgia. Probably the worlds easiest put up into a pen in forever! And Wy, is still getting hassled. I figure when we catch Angel, that will change the dynamics back there. Don’t know when that will be…when he is up by the gate, whenever that might be. Needs to be soon before the some of the girls go out of season and it takes another month.


So I go out to take some hay to the kids in the back and notice that one of the pens needs water. We didn’t go to Lowes to get a new hose, so I go to drag the one going to the other pen over…… is buried under dirt and weeds that my husband apparently piled up with the tractor. I’m so mad but if I say anything to him, then he will get mad then everybody’s mad. I know why he did it, but I won’t share the childishness with y’all. Too stupid. The animals were quick to get out of my way cuz they could tell how ticked I was. Man, gotta get my happy back on somehow. Five minutes is long enough to stew. Turns out I was right. I put my big girl pants on and with a smile I said…so what made you mad back there by the back pens? A few minutes later, I had my answer. Like I said, childish. But I have calmed down, eaten my spaghetti and am now watching one of my favorite shows…Overhaulin….NOT. His favorite. Seriously, between these two men, this gal isn’t getting to watch much of anything worth watchin. Such is life. Ah, well, I guess that’s it for today.  Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks. P.S. cool spider photo, placed at the end for those who get scared.


Vivid!!! and in person, the white circles look like eyes!!!


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