Short dang Happy dance…………….

Ah, I love it when spirit coincides. I just looked over and saw the list I’d made for Jesse of things he can do for me, and as I do that, the TV says, …the list. What can I say, I must be connected at a good level. Oh ya, it turns out…roadrunners can fly. I’ve seen them running fast across the road for years and years and now, I’ve finally seen them fly….well, one. It’s a wondering thing. A bird I thought couldn’t fly…flies. Does that mean I can fly? Belief…a mustard seed. I saw on Facebook today that someone said they thought the world was becoming like Harry Potters world, everyday. No potions, no spells, just a mustard seed. That’s one of the charms that dropped off of my pouch. It was a tiny silver box with the mustard seed inside that I placed there. I remember it though, and it’s size. Pretty darn small. I can always place one inside the pouch as well. I do believe spirit is coinciding with a mustard seed right now. 😀

I was just reminded that someone was depressed. I said…look for yellow flowers. But is yellow first….wasn’t it white? Gosh, I’ll have to look in my old writings to find out. No…it IS white first. Shoot. Oh well…hopefully not that big a deal. My brain is not functioning smoothly at the moment, so I will say goodnight people. Big wishes and Big dreams. 1:01am.


My brain was indeed malfunctioning last night. I would get half a sentence typed then forget the rest….over and over and over till I gave up. Giving up is not something I like to do, but I did it again today. Oh how short my happy dance was. Today was Happy’s turn and she reacted just like Yoki did, maybe worse. I didn’t realize it could be worse. We gave up when there was still hair on the legs and teat area. It would have resulted in injury if we had continued. I called the vet to see if he could prescribe something to give them before shearing and he said all he could do was sedate them if we brought them in…and shear them there. I would NOT sell these goats and simply transfer the problem to someone else. No, these girls can’t be sheared, they can’t live. Sounds harsh I know….but I don’t know of another way. Shearing has to happen twice a year and they can’t just keep the hair on. Crap….guess that was a bad trade after all. Still have to do Tika……….and Yoki didn’t get to try the clippers to see if she liked them better, so dunno bout her for sure, but Happy, cute little Happy…….damn this is sad. It has stolen my oomph. Don’t you worry though, I shall steal it right back in a bit. And it didn’t start well either. As we are headed out to shear, I notice that the 100 ft extension cord is going in a different direction than where we had it. Then I see the plug head laying a few feet away. After scrounging thru the house I finally found another, by borrowing one of hubbys. Crap, better go get it before they chew it too.

Not so Happy fleece

not so naked!

I’m shearing these goats by length of coat……and that means that next will be across the yard…the brand new kids from Washington. After that it’s the Munchkins. I must be boring you guys with all this shearing talk…but that’s what’s happenin here. Readership has dropped way off…… so far it’s at 10 views for yesterdays blog. Not much I can do about it…it is what it is and it is what occupies my mind and my time. It just drags on cuz we only do one a day. And to think…the plan was to do 2 today. But we did get the older gals moved across the alley from the younguns. Now to get some boys in there!!! Three days in a row I’ve forgotten to ask hubby to put gas in the buggy. Need the buggy to move the goats. Well, it can be done without it, it’s just much harder and more time consuming. Poo, I’m tired of feeling yukky about this…think I’ll go fix some things that need fixed.


Good thing she’s not a cat…curiosity

shadow play

two friends…sleeping

back paws this time 😀

Well, good thing I did that….one of the Pretties was out of the pen again. The sound of the feed being thrown called her back. I was prepared though. I had my newly self purchased spool of wire and cutters and I repaired all the holes. Then I unloaded panels off the flatbed and tied them to my car trunk and drug them over here to the old lambie area. The Tposts are still up and I plan to move Georgia and Pearl there. The other two are to go with the Girls in the girl pen out front. It always gets challenging having two pens called the Girls pens….front and breeding(back)…that’s the difference.

Well, I can’t get any photos uploaded. I’ve tried many times, many many times with no luck. Sorry. I’ll keep trying but in the meantime…I’m gonna say Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.


3 thoughts on “Short dang Happy dance…………….

  1. I am sorry the goats aren’t enjoying their hair cuts. If only you could tell them. Perhaps you could try Rescue remedy? Helps with stress, not sure. I don’t feel bad selling the ones who hate to be sheared to someone who has a shearer come in and shear them. So think of that as an alternative?

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