Mama’s doin the Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now I’m watching the new Karate Kid, and this song the girl is playing on her violin…it gets me every time. And every time, I say to myself…this girl knows true sorrow. True sorrow is all consuming and enlightening. It takes you to the grief of grief, to the ache of aches, the sliding down walls and the neverending sobbing. But when it’s done….when it has thrown you around and wrestled you and finally, finally you see a flicker. What is that? Wow, isn’t that cool. Oh my, there’s more! Oh wow, breathe! I want to try that! I want to go there! I need a pet, I need to dance, I need to paint, I need to express, I need to create, I need to learn.
Then, you’re back to fully living again, and possibly even living better, richer, no, not money…..a kinder, gentler life. One full of passion for what you love, for what now consumes you instead. What now pulsates your beat and clamps on to your dreams with clarity of vision and foresight. From sorrow to…….tomorrow, equals now. Choose. I choose always to be in joy, in peace with myself. That’s what peace is people. Peace with ourselves,…. That’s how you get to peace…one by one, person by person, finding peace within themselves. Change the world…like that. For a person to write words like that when they themselves are a bit troubled, is very inspirational to me. I am succeeding with my self….with the changes I am implementing, feeling, being.
Remember my background people I was suicidal for 38 years. I evolve beautifully and in perfect timing. I often wonder at the timing of taking in a wild kitten at the same time as I’m starting a fiber business. I mean really, we just got Gypsy to the point that she leaves my stuff alone, and now here’s miss thing. Playing on my wheel and trying to help while I’m skirting or weighing…she loves to step on the scale! But see, she has my heart, so I forgive her and it is indeed all perfect timing. She came at a time when I was feeling such a loss with the babies this spring. She came and delighted my soul. Now, she is a little stinker mind you….when I tell her no…she pounces! For goodness sakes. LoL.


Wanna Smooch?

Sheu sheu….they just said it again….ya, same movie…but it struck me just as greatly this times as the last…you should see how fast I’m typing! Sheu sheu…it’s something I say to calm my pups. I don’t know why the sound came to me, but it did and it works….and the Kid was just doing it along with a bowing gesture. I’ve tried to look it up with no luck…but that seemed apparent, it’s definitely a sign of respect. No wonder the Great Pyrenees like the sound. They are a grand breed that deserves respect….and they probably recognize it as so. Just a theory. On the other hand….shhh, shhhh has been said to calm countless infants and adults alike. Maybe its just one of those really special sounds, like….OM.


Lllllllll-g says Kitty. Ya, she jumped on the keyboard as she was racing across the room. She’s very active now, and even though Gypsy plays with her, it’s very obvious that she, (Gypsy), is afraid of the kitten. Gypsy is afraid of anything new. Aren’t we all? As you know, I’ve had a recent change. My 19 yr old son is here. It’s still going well. 😀 Yay! Today didn’t go so great, but hey, we live and we learn. Always. Speaking of Always, I also watched that movie tonight too. it’s been awhile. About the pilot who dies and his spirit sticks around and helps his girl to find a new life. Pretty cool plot, and a good movie even though it was OLD, as my son would call it. I still say, the movies from the 40’s and the Waltons are the best. Night night my friends. Sleep well and look for the yellow flowers. 1:59am.
Oh what a day!!! I have indeed done the Happy dance today. We went down to the Prettys pen which now has 9 other girls in it….armed with the new clippers. Wahl, Stable Pro….and 2 100 ft extension cords. My hands were shaking. Yahzi jumped on the stanchion and a smaller goat jumped up with her. She tried to knock em off, which is when I took her by the horn and pulled the latch closed. Wheew…easy. Ok, hands a shaking, I make the initial backline cut with scissors and away I went. She was very good!!! Before we went out, we said…..she’s going to be so good, going to stand so quiet and still for the whole shear. At the time, we didn’t know who She was, it turned out to be Yahzi. She didn’t like her face messed with so we just waited till the end for that. Jesse did some too and Cathy handled the fiber and tried to shake out some of the 2nd cuts. I’ll do that again at skirting time. So, the goat that took 3 hrs yesterday gave me 3 ½ lbs and the 1 hr 15 minute shear gave me 4 ½ lbs. The clippers cut 2 hours off for us.



Now some of you are probably thinking…an hour and fifteen minutes to shear with clippers???? But hey, it’s my first time. They got warm once so we took a small break. That’s it. Sheared off 4 ½ lbs without a hitch with the clippers. I did a happy dance, down in the pen. We were all so pleased and tickled and happy that after finishing, Cathy and I headed back to town to get another set!!! They didn’t have the exact set but instead of driving an extra bunch to get to another TSC, Cathy spotted a set that were contoured, so we shall try those too. And then I still had money and got some wire to tie up some panels on the old bad fence, to keep the goats in….especially when the babies are born. And….I still have money left. I used some to buy Jesse a Monster drink and Cathy some cigarettes for her birthday, no…that wasn’t her only present. Ya, she helped shear a goat on her birthday. We also went to Jack in the Box for lunch. The lady from TSC that was supposed to come help shear…was a no show. But yay, I am so happy. I did it. I did it quick, and nobody got hurt! In fact, she seemed pretty calm the whole time….the goat that is…haha, we were very excited in that pen today!!!



Forgot the before shot….close as we get! Oh ya…Yahzi



haha, lol……….any of you who know what a shorn goat is supposed to look like will get a kick out of this……for those who don’t…it’s supposed to be shorn way closer to the skin



Ha! This is your nekked shot of Yahzi!!!



My Maya



lol, Gracie



My Milky has grown so big in the 2 days since we took her mom to a new pen!



right after this shot…..she walked up and smelled my hand…Twice!!!




Moonee moon



Keep scratching mama!



So, we are on our way to town for a 2nd set of clippers and we’re going down our country road, 7 miles worth to get to the highway. A cop car pulls in a drive ahead of us….we go past it, the I see lights in my rearview. He pulled us over. I said, I didn’t think I did anything wrong and he said I was 6 miles over. I told him there used to never be any signs until those dang trucks years ago came roaring down the road till people got scared and put up speed signs. I told him I usually go 50-55. We ended up having a conversation for 45 minutes. I learned about his 4 dogs and his wife and I even asked…do you need any angora goats? After he told me what he wanted a goat for, I told him what kind to get to clear his property. It was the first fun stop by police…ever. Ha, another cop drove up, as he’s telling me they only have 5 cops on duty for the whole county. He then told that cop that we had 4 lbs of pot under our seats. Like I said…what a day. I cannot tell you how happy I am. I kept telling Cathy, it’s your birthday but I’m so happy!



Beautiful Colleen sent me this gorgeous painting she did!!! Yay Colleen, thanks sweetie!!!

Oh, and last night, I received a gorgeous painting in the mail…from my friend Colleen. Every time I look up and to the left…there it is…and the water is turquoise, my favorite. It makes me happy to look at it. O Happy Day! And….I’m going to have mashed potatoes for dinner?!!!! What? Banner day. Did anyone see that curvaceous black lady on X Factor last night? I’m being polite by calling her curvaceous…but let me tell you…that woman had some SOUL in her!!! Awesome singing this year….it’s even beating out The Voice. I gave Georgia and Pearl some extra lovin today since Vie been so busy the past few days. They were very appreciative…..and apparently in need. Love my babies. I feel bad for Yoki, too bad we didn’t get to do her like this yesterday and she might have good memories, like Yahzi…getting scratched and rubbed all over. Getting to feel scratching of the chin. Even Kachina wanted her chin scratched today…and I think a picture to prove it. Ok, well, as excited as I am…it’s page 4, so I’m done. Oh ya….Etta came to smell my hand!!! YeeHaw and yippee!!! Signing Happily off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.


2 thoughts on “Mama’s doin the Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Did you tell him you actually only had 2 pounds under your seat but there was about 10 in the trunk? So you like the clippers? Your picture of Gracie made me smile, you could do a caption contest for it:) Hugs and love, So glad I am home. I thought it was yellow first and then white?

    • You are full of good ideas lady!!! I just may do a caption contest! Yes, love the clippers. In the end I will probably rebuy the listers to have available if needed. Lol didn’t tease the cop!!! About the yellow. I’ll look it up cuz I wrote the story long ago. Huggs!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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