Bad memory…no more Lister Clippers…..and an impossible goat

Well, as usual, it’s 1am and I am just starting this. Not sure why the shift happened, but it did. But then again, another shift happened as well, my Bluedog is actually playing with Smooch. He has found a friend and it is so freakin adorable. He doesn’t even get mad when the baby eats his food. Last night, well, others before too, but last night it was so deliberate…he was offering, playing with one of his toys with the kitty. Sharing his toy, sharing his food….This is not a normal thing for Blue. He has always been possessive of his food and his toys. This is remarkable, like right out of the books or something. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound right even though I know it’s correct. Maybe it should read…it should Go in the books. 😀
Just so you’ll know. I am placing all the extra line spaces because if I don’t, the wordpress gets em all linked together. This is my attempt at trying to combat that. So when you see all my paragraphs all run together…please know…it’s not me. I know better than that. And for that matter… for all the extra space, sorry. But what the hey….. Space is good.
So, I got these big ass clippers, and I’m about to try them out. The instructions were nearly nill. Mostly pictures of where to put the oil and timespans to clean or change the parts. I think I will cut the backline with scissors and go from there…..very carefully. No need to get extremely close. I’m sure I will be doing a lot of the goat with scissors, as that’s what I’m comfortable with. Who knows how long it will take for me to get comfortable with them. Maybe fast, maybe slow. Let’s go for fast, since there are so many who need sheared, eh? Ya. It’s going to go easy and smooth, tranquil and serene.
Wow, I’m watching a movie I never turned to till tonight cuz there was nothing else on…and I see …………………………….nothing. I remember nothing of what I was saying, and the movie ended immediately so I couldn’t get my memory jogged. Such is the norm in my life. Yes, I know, there area all sorts of vitamins or vegetables I could eat more of to improve my memory, but I’m just not that type of gal. I really just do what I do until Spirit leads, which is most of the time. Spirit gave me the ice cream to fix my foot cramps during sleep, and if needed, it will give me the thing I need for my memory….if it’s supposed to be…..
I just whammed a bug. A moth to be precise. They are everywhere, and getting into my food, so every time I see one, I kill it instantly, without thinking. Why are we forced to have to kill things without thinking? Why are there so many? What can I imagine in my brain…that will fix this? That will diminish the insect population? Jeesh, that sounds horrible. But the bugs are out of control, in my opinion. Control. Jeesh, that’s a scary word. Monsanto is controlling the food, the other companies are controlling the prices, the who of who controls us all and we just sit here….typing on our computers while it creeps. Ah jeeze, ok, time to sign off, …no…. Never on a sour note. Here’s something. Smooch is now laying under my spinning wheel pedals and taking a bath….. The very place I want her to avoid. Ain’t that funny? :;-) Okie dok people….nightie night. 1:34am.


Once again, she’s helping me skirt fleeces…, cuz shes asleep




Funny, the girl peacock is fanning her tail like for courtship. I thought it was only the guy pea that did that. Course nothing about our birds is normal. Our guy pea doesn’t flirt with his counterpart….nope, he flirts with the white guinea. Oh and something else weird. Lucy goose was back in her nest spot one night, assuming the pups got the egg, and the next day hubby said she had overtaken the duck nest below his bedroom window, but that the pups had gotten the egg. Don’t know if she’s still trying, but either way, it’s not supposed to be happening now… just in February. Well, at least Bert the pea is fanning to Ernie and not to a car!!!!
Note to self….next time you get a kitten, don’t use your hair as a toy, cuz then it’s really hard to brush it in the morning to get ready for the day with a kitten jumping in it and hanging from it by it’s claws. Lol.
What a day. First off, after holding them, picking them up, laying them down, pretending to shear….it has become evident that the Lister Star is not for me. Way too big and way too heavy. So, we sheared Yoki with scissors, after last spring saying we would need clippers due to her violent moves. Well, she was just as violent with her jerking this time. It’s quite dangerous to have her jerk like that and my hand jerks away and the pointy sharp short fiskars come flying at me. Cathy wasn’t home when we went to get started so I began shearing and she eventually showed up, right about the time she normally enters the cutting part. Eventually we had Jesse try to hold her still but that was hit or miss. We tried every trick in the book and three hours later, we got her sheared. She has a few curls here and there stray and some wispy feet, but we got the important parts. At one point, I was on the stanchion and had her by her knees, up in the air….Lordie. Don’t know what could make the difference…but my born here goats have NEVER acted like this. I mean, there’s all sorts of bad goats at shear time, but this one takes the cake, and the pie, and the cookies. I pray the other 3 of these are better mannered. These are the Pretties, not the new babies. I called them the screamers last year at crutch time,(crutch = back end for birthing)….don’t know what to call this one. Horrible, it was just horrible.



Yoki in fleece






Oh my



felted face…surgical shear with baby scissors



Do you see this????? Unbelievable



she’s nekked!!!! Finally!!!!



Choxie and Lily




Hello Beautiful

After that fiasco, we fed them, then I came in and peeled the potatoes and carrots, got them cut and into the crock pot. Then I left to go to town. First stop….check on someone wanting fiber… a name. Then on to the Tractor Supply where the guy frowned when he saw me walking in with the Listers. He frowned cuz they work so well, but I told him they are just too big for my tiny hands. Folks, my ring finger is 4 ½. Pretty darn small. So, I got them exchanged and he told me to ask the cashier about helping me shear. She said yes. She’s coming in the morning. Yay. She has dairy goats, hopefully she can help. Oh ya….as I was headed to town, I saw a hawk on a post. He let me take 3 photos, then another vehicle came and he flew off. Hello Beautiful. That’s what I always say when I see them. I love hawks.
Ah gee, no pretty photos today…just never got a chance. Ye get what I got. Ok, well, time to get the tv ready in the RV…it’s almost time to juggle The Voice and The X Factor. Good thing I made stew….just dish it up. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


5 thoughts on “Bad memory…no more Lister Clippers…..and an impossible goat

  1. What did you exchange them for? The stars are one of the smaller ones I have ever seen, sorry they didn’t work for you. I have used them and they work pretty better.
    What a naughty goat laying down while you try to shear her, I had one that did that, needless to say I sold her. Life is too short to fight at shearing time, there are just too many to do to put up with that crap. Big hugs, off to Fla in the morn. Oh I love the hawk

    • Please be careful on your trip!!! I will be praying for you. The laying down goat was actually some of the better moments. Least we could sorta cut then. Maybe that’s why they were sold to me. Who knows. Hope the other 3 are better! I know I know but just too heavy. Bigg travel hugs and many deer friends along the way. Seen or unseen. 😀

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

  2. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog.
    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
    Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one today.

    • Hello and welcome! Thank you for the kind words! Can’t tell ya how much that means to me!!!!

      This is a free theme and I just added the stuff on the right that I wanted displayed…by using the widgets.

      You are very kind. 😀

    • Hello and welcome! Thank you for the kind words! Can’t tell ya how much that means to me!!!!

      This is a free theme and I just added the stuff on the right that I wanted displayed…by using the widgets.

      You are very kind. 😀

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