A mystery…….a pea……and Lister Star Clippers!!!

It’s back to the RV again to watch my shows. It’s not bad, it’s just not my chair. I really love my chair. Ye know, for the first year after I got my chair, there was something uncomfortable, a lump in just the wrong spot. It became like the princess and the pea. I really don’t know how it went away, maybe just the years of erosion, or wait, if I remember right, it got better when we moved into the house here. That’s right, it appeared in Austin at the apartment for the year while we searched for our place. I love realizations like this. That means, once again, more confirmation that this was the right house to choose.
I already knew that by many counts, but it doesn’t hurt for validation every now and then. Anyway, the RV is pretty nice. It’s one of those C class, squarish things that we bought used. Works just fine unless you break some ribs and have to get into and then sleep in the upper bunk….a very painful thing. I learned to do a tight fetus roll from one side to the other and maneuver from there. We’ve never been brave enough to try the oven even though it’s been tested. But we do pretty much have all out meals. Ya, I cook. He does the dishes cuz I waste water. Anyway, it’s perfectly fine to watch tv in except in winter when it’s really cold. Makes no sense for short tv visits to turn the heat on, so I just wrap up in many layers of mohair….scarves and hats and shawls, that is.

My friend Mea got attacked by one of her bucks today. She really had to wrestle with him and get him off her. She said she flipped him over…that’s adrenaline for ya….I did it the other day, remember? It’s rut season and everybody says never trust a buck in rut but you forget…they are your babies. They are safe 99% of the time. Picasso rared up at me once. He got moved and is now a Boy…..which means not in the yard, and way less interaction. Ya, and that’s where I had to put my Munchkins, although it has been evidenced that they are all out boys now….well, some of them. I’d still like to put Sendai and Angel somewhere closer to me, but I don’t have enough pasture separations to do that and I don’t want to pen them up after they’ve been free for this long.

I am still in blissfulness with my sons arrival. I dreamed of this Jesse. I do believe he has arrived. I’m not gonna jinx his plans by telling you, as I’ve jinxed mine by speaking about them before they arrived. All I’ll say is that I’m so proud and so happy and so thrilled and so enthusiastic and so prayerful and so loving to his new life, as it begins and as it proceeds and blazes. Blazes a trail so vivid with color and imagination that it turns the head and ignites the soul. Love you Jesse. Gift from God is the defination I went by in choosing his name. Wow, defination. No, its definition. My brain kinks sometimes.

Man, this kitty is a strawberry ice cream fiend. I just fed her the remains, about a half hour after my eating…and she’s going nuts trying to get to the container. I keep telling her it’s all gone…..she’s not even enjoying what she just had… in the wanting of more. I could say the same for us human beings. Just what are we BEING?


total hard play









In the wanting of more. That could stand repeating. In the wanting of more. More, faster, better, smoother, quieter, safer…..more more more. The more scares me a bit. So. Here’s a mind bender. I told you I took the charms from my new and different pouch and added them to my new but just like my old pouch… well, I also told you that my cross was gone. My cross is now back and my turquoise butterfly is what is now gone. There is no explanation for this. Pretty cool, eh? I wasn’t worried about my cross being gone cuz when I was at the yellow rose fiber festival, I ordered one that wouldn’t be ready until June. Hmmm, think it’s time to call. But still, now the cross is back and the butterfly is gone. But then again, I added two new butterflies to the pouch just last week. The fairy cross and the butterfly from my daughter and the butterfly from my bracelet fell off so I added it to my pouch. That means I added two butterflies and lost one…but gained a cross….hmmm…..after I added a fairy cross…..hmmmm


Pg. 2 and time to end this rambling. Sleep sweet and pure my folksies. It is 1:56am.


We have just got back from town where we went to get……are ya ready….the Clippers!!!! Yes, I am now the proud owner of Lister Star clippers, earned with money from my goats. YeeHaw does that feel good! The plan is to go feed in a few minutes and grab some more girls for breeding. It’s difficult with some because they have been sheared and there’s nothing to hold onto. So, we’ll hopefully move some goats around today and grab the stanchion as well and move it to the Pretties pen. They are probably the driest goats cuz they have a large shed structure. So, shearing is on the agenda for tomorrow. Pray for me tomorrow, that I learn to use the clippers safely and the goats come away from the experience healthy and whole and happy. Haha, I had to re-word that like 4 times to get it……word worthy….manifest worthy…. Oh, and the happy part is….cuz the Pretties were screamers when we tried to shear their butts to see if they were pregnant.



Lister Star…..just now opened the box at 7:15 and said, holy cow, they are HUGE


My Belle



Some of my Boys…or Munchkins






Ahh, come back Mama



Blue and company…..Belle and Etta are checking out the chickens






Ahhh, Wy…get ready boy, you’re in for a treat!


Wow, once again I’m saying wow, that went well. Jesse and I got, let’s see….Choxie, Lila, Oprah, Mimi, Joy and Maya!!! Joy and Maya are don’t touch me goats, so wow. One or two more tomorrow and I’ll save the rest for my spring experiment. Awesome. Now, just need another hose, to hook to the water trough in the old Girls pen, and I will split the new group in two…..young vs. old. The young will get Wyatt and the old will get either Angel or Sendai, Jesse says Angel…haha, he’s partial. Marshall, I love ya hon, but let’s give some of your prodigy a chance. As smooth as that musical goats was, it still took an hour. The only one we doubled up was Choxie and her Lila. The rest we took individually in the Zen buggy. Now tonight, after dinner, I’ll be looking at the clippers and reading the instructions. While I watch THE VOICE, of course.

Well, my word limit is about to be reached. Time to peel potatoes. Later folkie olkies. More fleeces to skirt and things to do. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, Curly Locks.

4 thoughts on “A mystery…….a pea……and Lister Star Clippers!!!

  1. I often wonder when I look at your pictures, if your kitten knew you posted all those pictures of her sleeping if she wouldn’t hide and sleep somewhere you couldn’t find her 🙂 Hugs, Off to Fla tomorrow

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