Playing musical goats……and….about that coat

Someone had a question about the coat so I shall tell you the story, even though I’m pretty sure I did once. My friend Cathy had a pattern for a sweater, which by the way looked nothing, absolutely nothing like my coat. Anyways, I cant read patterns, so Cathy talked me thru it each day until I had a neck and then I had the start of armholes. That was it. I took it from there. The only thing was, I had just learned how to spin and the key thing they said at that time was….to blend the mohair with wool so it would have memory. Nobody said nothing about plying. Jeesh. So, hubby bought me a carder, which I recently sold, and I carded my Choxie and her baby Dimi, along with some wool rovings I bought from the local yarn shop.



Edges and hood



From the side……little blurry


I spun it as I needed it, and it was so funny how Choxie changed colors as I went. The last parts of the coat were the hood and the edging…see how dark they are? Fascinating. I was simply spinning from 2 fleeces, as I said, as needed, and yet…the edgings are identical. And the hood is dark as well. Too cool. So, the coat looks great…but it was not plyed, so sure the yarn has Memory like they wanted, but that memory breaks! So, as a hole appears, I simply grab a string of the same yarn, yes, I still have some…and I tie a knot. Wala, fixed.

Also, it was spun on my fancy charka…in other words, not so well spun. I didn’t completely understand the charka spinning theory, and I was told immediately after I bought it that it was for spinning cotton, not mohair. The man felt bad and made me a special one…which spins both cotton and mohair….but I still wasn’t that great at it. It wasn’t until I got my LadyBug Wheel that I truly learned to spin. And spindles?…………ugggggh, yikes, not for me. I love my LadyBug. And the reason I got my LadyBug is cuz of the weather pain in my arms and legs….I decided to just sit down at the yarn shop and try them all and see…..guess what….yup…one of them was easy to pedal. My face lit up like the 4th of July. I could really spin. I was so in love with the curls at that point and still am…but it was so fresh. So new, so….what can I do with this? Oh, I can do so many things. It’s like the cup running over. It just keeps spilling. I soak up all that I can, and I allow some to travel on, igniting others with the passion of their hearts. Ha.





And……she’s out


Are we alone in the universe? I recently read that it turns out there are planets hiding behind stars, galaxies even. How funny. Many more UFO reports people, ya, in the Us. I only saw the one odd thing. The lighted dome in my pasture that I thought was Summer and George, but they were in a completely different place on the acreage. I don’t know what it was, I only know I saw it. The other incident was the flapping sounds above our heads but we don’t think that was Ufo, but rather, Angels, and the sphere’s of light that accompanied it. What fun. I love my life. Well, it’s 12:44, Page 2. Hello Angels and Goodnight goodnight and sleep in awesomeness of awesomeness of dreamland. Tomorrow then.

Well, the kids are drying out quicker than I’d thought. That’s a big ole yay!!! Today I’ve got a pack of girls hanging out at the fenceline wagging their tails at the boys and causing a big ruckus. The snorts and the moans, the horns cracking together….ahhh, the joys of rut. I thought Maya had squeezed out and I was fighting mad. Nope, just as close to the fence as she can get. Gonna move the ones I want to breed, either tonight or tomorrow. Ah shoot. I told Jesse to leave the friggin alley door open, now that hubby fixed the hole under the gate. Dang, now I gotta round em up in order to move the next set. What was I thinking? Oh ya, I was thinking there’s already one escapee, why not. Ah well, we’ll deal.








Can you say….. RUT? hahaha



Let the Newbie girls out today, haha, too funny that Belle and Etta used to be the bossy ones and now they are getting out of the way of Tika. Taste of their own medicine, I’d guess. It went really well until put up time, and that would have gone well if the girls weren’t so scared of the pups. Guess I need to put at least one pup in their pen for a few hours each day until they are accustomed to it. That should do the deed. Fixing to go move Moonee now. Wonder how the Littles will react to him or vice versa, since he’s been doing buck duty for the past month.


Hey, no fair!!!



My Georgia….who I am sharing vicariously…with Mea






My lovely”s!!!


Wow, that went pretty smooth! Went for Maya, got her cornered and she escaped. Ended up convincing Donna that she was ready for more babies and she let us lead/lightly pull to the Zen buggy. It went so well, we came back around for more. This time we got Lily and Shortcake. Shortcake is small, but I’m gonna try. See, I wasn’t able to play like I wanted, cuz hubby didn’t rig me up a bunch of pens. Oh well. That just means that for the clean up buck, I will use a smaller goat…but Wy gets first dibs. He’s young, a baby, so not sure how the old ladies will feel about him, but I’m sure they’ll like the clean up buck for sure. Probably Angel or Sendai, as both are fairly small. I love that it went so quickly and easily. Poor Lily, she was still mad at me for shearing her!

I have a great sense of accomplishment. Funny how just the successful moving of a few goats can do that. Moonee is now back with his old buds, Lovey and Gandhi….and a few new friends to meet as well. Just went out to try and get the satellite going in the RV and Moonee is crying up a storm. Guess he misses his harem. Poor guy. It’s homemade PIZZA tonight. Haven’t had that in months! Well, it’s that time again. See ya tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, and some Curly Locks to boot!


7 thoughts on “Playing musical goats……and….about that coat

  1. I do love that sweater coat!!! Thanks for the beautiful picture of sweet Georgia peach. I was attacked by my buck today. Scared but OK. Never thought he would have a go at me, I should have known, I have been told never trust a buck in rut. hugs

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