Rain rain go away….come back after shearing season!!!

I’m not gonna complain, just gonna explain. Things are going great with Jesse, but I am now losing more of my TV time. Hubby is forcing me to watch these dang car shows and food shows, and now Jesse is here and wanting to see things he likes too. Oi ve. It’s 11:00pm and while I’m normally watching a good movie and giving you a lesson to learn from it….I am now watching Goodfellas. Hahahaha….. Right up my alley, eh? God is good, or…consciousness is smart….. And surely I’ll get something from it. Right? Surely. Hmmm, got sucked into a fb goat conversation, jeesh, gotta try to get into this movie. Well, we’re a ways into it and so far all I got is the fur coat. She had on a fur coat. If people knew more about angora goats…. They would not need to kill any animals to make a fur coat. No animals need die. Yes! See, a positive from the movie….Goodfellas! Told ya there would be one!

See? My fur coat

He’s gone to bed and now I’m watching a Christmas movie… more my style. I saw recently that the wind would be affecting me now. It is. Probably not what they had in mind with their horoscope type forecast, but what the hey, it is wind, after all. I am blowing on the kitty when she bites or scratches or whatever she does that I don’t like. Big wind. She hates it. No harm, no foul. Big wind.

She keeps on praying!!!

A facebook friend got the hiccups…and I told him my best cure….ask them what they ate for lunch yesterday. Then I got the hiccups. It didn’t work. So here I am…just finally, after like 20 minutes, got them to go away by……holding my breath with my chin down and thinking I am breathing clearly, I am breathing clearly. That my friends, was a combination of three of my best hiccup cures, all rolled into one. YeeHaw! Oh ya…movie….Christmas Story, 2006.…about Santa as a child and on up.

So, the kid is here. What’s different so far? We watch TV together after hubby goes to bed… I’m not alone…. kinda cool! He WANTS to eat my food….. That’s always great. He helps me. He loaded the feed sacks onto the Zen buggy and then unloaded them into their cans. Yes. Yes. Yes. I get to talk to someone about my goats….Yes! He likes my goats… Yes! His favorites are Angel, a yearling about to be 2, and Lily and Lila, also the same age. They were babies when he was here last…..and Angel was a bottle baby, which, as you know…loves people! Mea said today that Lovey looked sad. He is. So is Opti. Opti was special, he was my special goat in the Girls pen…and he has been taken away…and removed from his mom, and he had his coat stolen to boot. Poor baby. And Lovey was special, then all of a sudden, here comes Opti…. Then here comes Wy and Doc! Poor babies. They don’t even remember each other that I can tell, even though they shared the same birth sack!

The TWINS are in the house!

Everybody is still wet. It misted all day today. Jeesh I intend to catch a break with this shearing thing. I intend it now. I need to have all these goats sheared now. Danny….. If you go slower, please come and shear my goats. Dang. Nah, let’s see what happens with Jesse being here and with the clippers. After I buy the clippers, I’m pretty much out of money again. Hmmm, wealth….come to me my dear….so I can buy my goats the panels they need to be safe, or to be housed correctly……come to me, more panels to seal up the holes in the original pens…and the fixing of the gate that the pretties go under…and the fixing of the same gate to be reversed…to open on the opposite side. Ohh jeesh, let the darn goat farmer have some say in the building and creation of the goat stuff!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. Soapbox time. Yikes. Ok…well, it’s 1:41am…time to end this. Ahhh, people…dream big, watch your thoughts and rise up and be noticed. Why not? Love you. Night night.

Wy……..gosh he’s so handsome

Doc, lookin for leaves…all he finds is my rope…tied to the tree for when I need it

MooneeMoon and his harem…well, all but one.

Opti is getting so BIG

Pearl…so pretty


It has been raining here since I walked out of my room this morning. Hubby said the goats were out, the Littles, so I went to make sure they were staying out of the rain. Well, Lovey and Opti were in their house, staying dry while the other three were teasing the boys on the other side of the fence. They wouldn’t come into the house so I just went back to my house. As I got to the porch, I realized Lovey and Opti had followed me. In the house they came and Jesse just grinned. We never had goats in the house when he was here before. There’s something fun about it….sorta like it’s forbidden, or taboo. Opti poo’ed his little brown beans and Blue barked at him. 😀 Hubby came home from somewhere and walks in with Lovey. I asked him to fix the gate, so he ended up putting the Littles back in their pen so he could get the tractor out and move some decomposed granite over to the gate. He did all this in the rain so I haven’t seen it yet, but that stuff packs down pretty good. It should work, but goats intentions are pretty much the determining factor.

So, I haven’t really said anything cuz we need the rain so badly, but folks….it’s been raining here for like 4 days. My goats are wet. At this point I would have to say…all of them are wet. I have an extra helper to shear and……….I can’t shear anyone!!!!! Time is squeaking away…but I will not stress. All is as it should be. I am so grateful for that knowledge, that wisdom. Before I knew that, I was lost in a sea of, life is happening to me and it is so cruel.

Well peeps, it’s about to go to page 4, so the end for today. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


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