Driving while nightblind…………….

On a normal day, a normal week, time flies by at warp speed. When you have an event of some kind however, something out of the ordinary, then time slows so that each iota is consumed by the soul. That is my experience at this time in my evolution, in my enlightenment. By the way, if you’re thinking enlightenment comes in a one day do all seminar…nah, it means a journey. A journey of days, of knowledge, of needing knowledge, of understanding knowledge and then of ciphering that knowledge into wisdom. Pretty cool, eh? I keep telling ya, I’m in love with my life. Let me iterate it again….lol, iterate….I usually only see that as…reiterate, but it doesn’t have a red line under it as if it’s misspelled. Hehe. Silly things make me smile. I used to pride myself on knowing the exact perfect word to use in any situation….ha…..now I tell people…..if you hear me say a word that doesn’t fit…just figure it out.

So, what is the event that causes time to slow for me? The arrival of my son. We shall get along like tea, sugar and milk. Smooth. You gotta remember folks, I’m a sorta hermit. Newcomers, whoever they may be… are a huge adjustment for me. Lol, he’s gonna wanna mess with my kitchen! That’s a hard one for me. And the kitten, dang, he’s gotta remember to put the toilet lid down so the kitty doesn’t keep falling in like George caused when she was here with Gypsy. And, stepping on her is a very easy thing to do, much attention must be paid to footsteps now. That’s just three things….you can imagine there are more. Oh shoot ya…. The goats… the gates…. The over play with the pups and potentially the kitten. Remember, he’s a 19 yr old male. Hehe, hard for me to say man.

I was wavering on the clippers, due to the upstream thing and an unsurety of future monies, but I say, screw that. That is not a faith based thought. I will get future monies and even if I don’t we will be ok. But in the meantime…I have some coats that need off, period…end of discussion with myself. I should be able to do at least 2 a day, maybe more, who knows. Probably not at first, cuz I remember when I got the $50 clippers from walmart and used them on one of the pups a few years back….I got too close and left pink skin. Gosh things like that just ache me. When I cut Lovey’s hoof…oh my Lord, he didn’t react at all, as if he didn’t even know…but I knew, I saw the blood oozing, running. He’s perfectly fine, but I as their mama, ache over these things.



How I carry her when she’s asleep




The whole goat worm issue goes round and round in my brain…..the gates not being adequate, the goat house shortage, the shearing… these are all things that occupy my brain on a constant basis. Many things are added to spice up the mix, but these are the heavy bearers…. at the moment at least. Well, that and….. vacation? Uggh, I’m about 50 50. Nah, 60 40. Nah, 70 30. Ya, that’s better. The higher number representing…not going, of course. But I have to go somewhere with him….it’s really a matter of how far and how long.



purdy pearl






Belle….still stand offish



Mama’s here, Yay



ahhh, it’s the boys…and some Muchkins thrown in



haha…group photo..thru the fences





Wow, that was interesting. I just took down my new pouch and my alternate, also new pouch, that I was trying to split the charms between and just now….I said no. I took off all the charms but one of off the alternate and added them to my new, exactly the same as my old, …. Pouch. It is now really really heavy but as I put the last charm on, in my mind, I said…. It is now complete. Interesting, as I said. Ok, well, I gotta drive tomorrow, no shearing due to rain, durnit….and it’s time for bed good people. Once again, I say…..hehe…not really once again…. Close your eyes, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby. Dunno, it’s what came outta my brain right now at 2:12am.


When I stepped outside, so many goats were crying. I walked towards the loudest and not a thing was wrong, just a rainyish day. I almost did a recording, just so you could hear the cuteness of the cries. It melts this old heart. The boys were all hanging out nearby and not under the trees due to the cloud cover, so pretty all spread out like that. So ya, everyone was good, and I went ahead and fed them all early so I could just head out. It’s a 2 hour drive each way. Just about ready to go get the boy. Hope all goes smoothly and we get back before dark. Yay. Ok, well, I just made it home at 8:30pm and yes, I had to drive in the dark. It was bad but I chose the dirt way home from Lexington so there would be no car lights.  It was hard for the entire trip home. Any car headlight coming toward me, or even behind me was like a huge glare, a huge ball of light. Every yellow street sign, every reflector, even headlights behind me. At one point I was hunched up at the wheel like a little old lady. Thank God. Yay, I’m home, the kid is home, and ahhh, time to relax. P.S., he’s just like I thought he would be. Nice. YeeHaw.  😀  Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

4 thoughts on “Driving while nightblind…………….

  1. That cat doesn’t look asleep as your carrying him around. Wow look at all your boy goats, how many do you have, and what long horns they have!!! Look at Doc’s face in your group shot, what a cutie. And who is in the background of the picture where Doc and Wy are up on the fence waiting for you, He looks sad and lonely.
    I am glad you made it home with your boy, I’m next, off to get mine next week, it must be the son coming home time of year. Big hugs, I hope he watches where he puts his feet.

    • Haha, no, she woke up! But I still wanted to get a photo, so I took it anyway!!! And that is Lovey….both he and his brother Opti are sad and lonely. Lovey is cuz he’s so tiny next to all the new people and Opti is cuz first I stole his coat, then I stole his mom. He’s troubled. But….the good news is the edema is pert near gone!!!

      Yes, a boy come home time. Although mine won’t be staying long. You sure do travel alot woman! But is yours coming home? for some reason I have it in my head he’s going to live in Florida. Dunno. ❤

  2. Funny, I was driving home in the dark on Friday night. Have that same problem with headlights and am terrible with turns. After a while I relaxed and enjoyed the star filled sky. But, I do try to avoid night driving too.

    • Ya, I had no idea it was night blindness until I went to the eye doctor for glasses. I described my night driving problem while I was there and he took me to a machine that diagnoses that and sure enough! My glasses are supposed to help. Ha! Glad you got home safe too!!!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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