Spinning in the Rain……. soggy goats….and BeautifulYeah is selling my curls tonight!!!

The purge today has been a freeing experience. All these years, I’ve just kept collecting and collecting, and today, a lot of it is gone. Some of it was probably perfectly good, but the time required to find out, was too much to ask. It really didn’t make that big of a dent in things, cuz I only threw out 10-15, when I have probably 20 or more, with new shears a comin. And new shears coming in March….lol Fiber fiber everywhere!

I have to say, I am so proud of my Bluedog. Every other baby that’s been introduced here, we’ve had to remove his food and his toys because he’s so possessive. He tries to like the little things, but in the end, he’s just trying. This here? This here is so special, so cute, so fun. I mean,, the dog opens his mouth wide and plays with the baby in his mouth. It sounds scary, that’s cuz I’m not saying it right…cuz it is so cute. And when I didn’t stop her and Smooch comes near him when he’s eating? He simply growls softly…. Which alerts me and I go grab her up. I know, I probably should just let it play out, right? Arrgh, scary.

Her new bed….she chose

Kitty now has a choice between……dry cat food, wet cat food in a can and soggy cat food that I do for her. She is right now choosing the dry. She’s so big. I feel it in my hands when I hold her, I feel it in my shirt when I sling it up over her and carry her that way when she’s asleep and she swings as I walk. I see it as her body gets longer and longer and her weight gets heavier and heavier. So many changes in a body happening so dang fast, is this normal? And Gypsy, who’s been hiding since day one of Smooch’s arrival….she actually played with her today. And over the weekend, but this time I saw it myself and Gypsy really did play. Ahhh, what a relief. I love my Gypsy kitty and she’s been so elusive since we got the baby. She’s even back to running in when I call out…Mama’s room! That means I’m going into my room for a few minutes and I say it every night, so it’s really nice to have her presence again.

Caught em playin!!!

Ok, so Jesse’s coming. I’m anticipating his arrival and I’m a bit scared as well. I know. Change my thoughts. I am I am. He sounds so different. But then again, Bobby used to do that too. I try so hard not to compare him to his daddy. When he was here, we had some good times, but we had some horrific times to boot. He says he misses me and the animals and I know he does. He says he thinks of me all the time and I’m the good point of his day…pretty sad that. Poor kid. I’ve been praying for him for so long. I just want him to find happiness, joy actually.

Oh Lordie… I need to tell you what happened tonight. But since I’m not clear on which parts I’ve already told, I shall wait… and read. I need to spin some yarn, while this kitty is young, so I can teach her not to interfere. Right now, as I’ve told you, I’ve got my wheel covered with towels to discourage her from playing on it. I better hurry up and do this while I still have time. What shall I make? See, that determines my spinning. What do I want to make and how do I want the yarn to look? Big fat and fuffy? Lean and mean or discombobbled. And no, that’s no typo…fuffy. Ah, I hate it when the Pups go nuts. They’ve been going nuts for awhile. I wasn’t up to finding out why. So I sit here still. What does that tell you? Maybe I do need a vacation after all. But so close to December….scary for me. Where’s my damn truck? Jeesh oh petes.
Ok, I checked….here‘s the rest of the story. When I went to look one time, I couldn’t see Tika under the implement so I walked closer. I see two white bucks, inside the implement but I don’t see Tika so I go grab the crook once again. The pups are gone so I don’t need to worry about them and by the time I get there, the 2nd white buck, Wyatt, is gone, leaving only Miyagi. I get over there and he’s inside. He seems stuck. So I grab his horns and pull him toward me, up and to the left. He rolls his eyes and I think he’s hurt. I keep pulling anyways. Then I see it. Tika is completely underneath him, invisible till I lifted him. He is acting limp and strange. Hubby calls in the midst of this and I toss the phone down and he hears me screaming get up, get up.

Finally I crawl inside the implement myself, amongst the big blades and I pull him backwards. And back and back, until he ends up on his butt, which then sends him down on his back. As he is getting up, I hop out and she is not moving. I grab and pull, she comes alive and I continue to pull until I get her in the yard. As hubby is pulling in, I’m walking back out there with my crook to catch her once and for all and it wasn’t easy, but we got her and we put her in with the Newbies….just as dark was setting. I was completely out of breath and have no idea the outcome of placing her there. I was too pooped. And then it was dark. They are very quiet animals when dark sets in. Unless of course, they are a bottle baby waiting for their bottle. 😀 And they too will eventually be taught by another goat, to….. BE QUIET!!! After dark…. that is. And that is the end of the story and it is also 1:38am and I have just started page 3 so, the end for now. Good and sweet dreams and peaceful and wonderful nights.

Well, it’s been raining pretty much all day and it is nothing but sog here. Soggy goats, and soggy pups, but no soggy socks cuz I’m smarter than that…I wear rubber boots after a rain. Unfortunately, my decision to erect the pen where they could be near each other….has some drawbacks. No tiny house. When I got out there to feed, the Littles came out of their house, mostly dry and happy. Doc let me pet him again and Wy climbed on the fence too and let me touch his nose. I tried to do the chin but he backed away. But it’s an improvement and I’m excited by it.

Still no rainbow for me here, but hubby got one and sent it to me.

not very wet, are they?

hard to see, but she is soaked to the bone! Well, not really, the mohair keeps the goat dry.

very wet

Tika….fine but wet

Then I make it over to the Newbie pen. Oh boy. Sopping sopping wet and looking like oversized drowned rats with horns, were my new babies. Georgia was crying, as was Pearl and maybe even the other two, it was an orchestra. I didn’t see any fighting, course I wasn’t there long due to the rain. Tika was just standing there by herself and all was well. Yay. There were all very happy to get their food….for some reason, it makes the being wet…ok? Sillies. Then on to the Pretty pen. When I tossed their feed into the v-troughs, they stayed at the one….even though I put some in both. 2 scoops in the 2nd trough and still, they stayed at the one…eating peacefully side by side. It worked. I have successfully merged a Lady, with the Pretties, which will bode well for when they all go to the Girls pen. And eventually, they will all go to the Girls pen.

See? Friends!

The only downer about the rain is I had planned to start shearing the Newbies…starting tomorrow morning. Can’t now, cuz they are soaked! Well, got some more fleeces skirted, feels good. And today, I even got to spin. I spun old fashioned un-dyed gorgeous shiny taupe….my Duchesse, who passed on this spring. Can you believe I kept a baby fleece from October 11, 2008? For some reason, I considered it special….. It was my first fleece ever, besides Dimi, and they had both been washed at the mill and were given to me when I bought my starter package of goats. I kept it all this time. And what special thing will I make with this special yarn I’m now spinning? HA. A seatbelt cushion. Yes, I know….grandiose and fabulous!!! Haha, I am truly silly. Oh, and kitty did just great. She did crawl onto the wheel a few times while I was spinning, so I just spun faster and she jumped off. Then she came onto my lap and just laid down. Didn’t even try to play with the yarn that was being spun in my hands. Sweet.

Checkin things out

Such a good baby

Still cloudy out, so lighting is bad and doesn’t look shiny, but this is the first part of the yarn, the fat part. The small yarn to ply it with is still being spun.

Ok, well, tomorrow is pickup Jesse day. My friend Don is going to bring him further than halfway so I can make it home in time before dark….cuz I’m nightblind. Got the Ac on for him upstairs and it should be cool by then. It’s a disaster, cuz I haven’t gone up since he left. I do that. When the kids leave, I leave it. It’s up to the next visitors to clean it. Haha, not you Colleen, if you ever come, I will clean it for you. Alright…page 4 and that’s too many so…….. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch,…Curly Locks.  Oh, I have a P.S.   YeeHaw and goat droppings folks…………..my Gracie’s fleece has been washed and dyed up beautifully and is now for sale at Beautiful Yeah…..    http://www.etsy.com/listing/109416232/locks-tangerine-tango-orange-tint-mohair    and her Etsy shop is….  http://www.etsy.com/shop/beautifulyeah?ref=seller_info This is so exciting!  And her website is…. http://www.beautifulyeah.com/  Oh my, 3 colors posted so far….good thing I have a strong heart!!!

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