Ahhh, the wondrous season of…….RUT

My cat has grown up on me. Already. She went from being a kitty that slept in my lap, to a kitty who wants to bathe in my lap and oooohie I hate that….the movement of the licking, the sound of the licking…everything about it has always bothered me and I used to toss Willow down every time she did it. She knew…she’s a cat….she wants to do it BECAUSE you don’t want her to. That is cat mentality. This kitty, now big and huge, now wants to sit on the edge of my chair and let me pet her. Almost as if they go from newborn to toddler then teen to adult in just a few months. It’s just so weird, so fast, so strange. I’m not used to this. New. The new…. Scary.


Self explanatory

I skirted a fleece tonight that because it is so high in lanolin content, it doesn’t look so great right out of the bag, but when washed, will be brilliant silver. God love the Sendai, who takes after his dad, Marshall. The other boys have silver in them, but Sendai is silver, just like his dad. And when I say silver…I mean, shiny silver, no kidding. This fleece is so high in lanolin, lie my favorite, Gandhi, that I am really curious to see it washed. This is so fun! Well, night night and sweetness to you all. 2:01am.
Just got my exercise for the week! Two of the Pretties, told ya they escaped the pen and were in the L. Well, 2 of em crawled under. When I found them, one started crying…like save me, save me. I rushed and got her. She was easy. Tika however was hiding under a tractor implement to escape the pack of goats trying to get her. It’s RUT. I ran to the house for my crook, then threw some feed out to attract the majority of the goats. Then I went in. Very brave of me, I’ll have you know. Cows, horses, rutting goats, home alone and I go in with nothing but a crook. Two goats were trying to get her when I got to her and hooked her. I pulled her along with the crook as big ole Wyatt, the old one, is having his way.









Murphy taking a dust bath

I get to the gate with a string of bucks behind her and throw open the gate to let the pups out, to help. They ran off to do pup stuff, mark territory, and Aramis got into the yard, as well as Tika. I finally got Aramis back out, then recaught Tika and loaded her in the Zen buggy. Got her to the L, she saw Moonee and ran right back to the main gate with him chasing behind. So, instead of one goat trying to get her….she crawls under and now there are 14. I gave up. She’s back under the farm implement. Like I said, I’m home alone…. Not even a neighbor to call. I have to tell ya, it’s really frustrating, running and heaving and pulling and running and heaving and pulling, in this intense heat, and it’s all for naught. I’m cooling off now.
On the plus side, Doc decided to let me scratch his chin. And then his neck. What a cutie. There is something so endearing about Doc’s face. He’s drawing me in! Wy was curious and got as close as my fingertip! Progress folks! And a bit more progress. Today, I emptied out the shower of all the fleece bags. Anything that was even remotely questionable, with the exception of a few fleeces my daughter likes, got thrown out. And I do mean thrown out. Loaded onto the Zen buggy then thrown into the huge dumpster that is still here. Probably about 10-15 bags. Probably threw some money away, but shoot, it’s out of my hair now and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s something I stressed about….the extra vm fleeces…..but now, they’re gone. Gone gone gone. Ahhh, the feeling of fleece weight off of my shoulders! Lol.



Proof!!! haha!!!



See…an endearing face



He wanted more chin scratchin!



pretty Pearl



Awwe, it’s Wywy







Georgia………she wants out

The pups are still out, well, in the main pasture, which gives them 100 acres to roam, and I left my crook down with the Pretties….who are Now completely penned, no more alley….well, all except Tika that is. I gotta get that crook before I forget and it becomes puppy fodder. Looks like we could get some rain too…..like the earth wouldn’t just suck it up as if it was a straw! Ok, well, I’ve cooled off a bit…off I go to at least get my crook, with the hopes of also getting Tika and the pups. Well, I came back only with the crook. Eventually I will get them all. Hmmm, and now the clouds are gone. Bummer, big bummer on that one.

Just picked some onions from the garden again. Jeesh, I’m really liking this. Now, if only we can also get some of the other items going that we use on a regular basis, and not the stuff we don’t use. Hopefully we have a nice fall so I can get some more things growing, after it’s not so dang hot. One of my readers suggested that the vast amount of spiders could indicate a cold winter ahead. Gosh, I hate cold worse than I hate 100 degree weather…. Sure hope not!!!! Although, last year I never even had to get into my hunter overalls….not once! That was weird.
I’m making the blogs a bit shorter for y’all. Can you tell? Alrighty then, hubby is on his way home and I gotta get dinner ready and go call the pups again. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, Curly Locks. Still no Tika. She is still hiding under the implement. Goofy girl, how’s she gonna get water?


2 thoughts on “Ahhh, the wondrous season of…….RUT

  1. Love Love Love the cute little goat faces, and the curled up kitty. You do know you could have made dog and cat beds and used the mohair as stuffing?
    Just a thought, now if I had a sewing machine I would make some too

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