At least I got a smoothie………………

I just finished watching the movie…World Trade Center and now I’m watching Soul Surfer again, the girl who had her arm bit off by the shark…and I just noticed that she decided against doing a volunteer for the church thing, in favor of training. Surf training. So, some would think of that as….she disobeyed God, she rejected the volunteer thing so that she could advance herself. And therefore she got bit. So then the shark bite is a consequence? A penalty? Then how do you explain the ending, where she says that if that hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t be sharing with so many people. I’ve said that a million gazillion times myself so I know how she feels. Thing is.. there isn’t a puppeteer up above somewhere dealing revenge for past misdeeds….least that’s what I NOW believe.  Just as I believe that 9/11 was an event that needed to happen to open some eyes, and not as a punishment for anything, even if that was the goal of the humans.

Jesse is coming on Friday. It keeps changing, as usual, but I still think he’s changed…on the other hand we have the scorpion thing but that could still mean several other things. So I called my friend Don, who is always available in a pinch and he is gonna pick him up and bring him halfway for me…and that way, he gets his….half a hug. Inside joke. Don has been in my life awhile. When I first met him, I hated him…time happened and he grew on me. He’s been there for me more than anyone else ever has, truth be told. So, he is meeting me, and bringing Jesse. Jesse says it’s only for a week or so to help me shear goats, then he will move to Austin. Gosh, hope it goes better than last time.

I watched….. Tammy tell me True tonight. Sandra Dee. Wow, I surely did need that. And I realized those movies might have had an influence on me, cuz she, Tammy, made up her own words too….like, discombobbled. That’s a Sheri word if I ever heard one. Okie dokie folks…. It’s 1:28am. Nighty night night night. Love ya! Oh wait…the spiders are getting quadrupled. What’s going on? Not liking this. Night.

Arrgh, jeesh. I got a notice from Paypal that they had deposited two small amounts into my bank account. Once I confirmed what those small amounts were, the account link would be confirmed. I drove to town and did this today. The small amounts were….12 cents and 5 cents. Lol. So, congratulations, I am now confirmed. So, to go get the clippers. NOT. Transfer the amount you want out of Paypal, into the bank account. Only takes a minute? NOT….3-5 days. To me, this is swimming against the current. Am I not supposed to use clippers? I mean, I’ve been asking hubby for them for 2 years. And now this. Maybe it’s not meant to be. Maybe I will slice one to death if I get them and throw my hands in the air and crawl in bed and never come out. Hey, ye never know why things happen, till ye do. Or maybe, I should just use them in the circumstances that warrant it. I do have some goats that would be best sheared with a clipper. Oi ve. So, I did get schlotzsky’s for lunch and a smoothie for the drive home. That’s something.


So, today at feeding, I sat in the Littles pen. It worked. Doc came to me twice and let me put my hands on him, sinking my hands deep into the depth of the curls, as I admired their shine and blackness. Twice! Wy looked on with interest, but still no approach from him. Moonee and Milly found a way out of their pen…of course they did, they walked through that dang double fence area and right on out into the L. The only reason I have them penned in with only the alley to eat greenies is cuz hubby still hasn’t added more dirt up at the big gate, where they were crawling under.

Milky and Mimi

yesterday at the pond

Opti taking his power back!



My new friend…Doc

So unusual….love Wy

This is something I usually only see right after shearing….it’s Shortcake’e eye!!!

thick nice grass in the shade

Belle’s curls

Georgia just wanted some together time and of course the two peek a boo-ers stayed far away. Until I was in the adjacent Littles pen, then Etta came so close I almost reached out to touch her. Ahhh, shearing day, that might seal the bond. We shall see.

Ye know, I was so looking forward to the cooler weather of fall, but I forgot what fall does to me. Apparently we are heading into it, even with the still hot days, cuz when it’s fall and there’s coolness in the morning air…I get a pang. A pang of feeling from childhood. It’s not a good feeling and I’ve had it three days in a row now, with today lasting throughout the day. Dang….and a spider was just crawling on me. Gosh. I’ve seen more spiders, either inside or outside, in the past few days than I have probably my whole life tallied up. Between the two, it’s been a fairly creepy day. Hehe, a creepy crawler day. Oh ya….the Sioux won the bid on their sacred land…now they just need to come up with about 7 million more dollars. My Blog friend has finally made it to Iceland and is now living her dream… and today the butterfly dropped off of my butterfly bracelet.

As for it being Sept. 11th. I have been blowing right past it all day. Last night I watched the movie, World Trade Center…. didn’t even choke up. Not sure why I’m disengaging from it this year. Not sure why I’m so sleepy these days either. Maybe it’s cuz I’m constantly forgetting to take the thyroid pills. Ah well. Tonight the show…The Voice, is on….missed so much last night. Don’t know why I like it…or American Idol…or Nashville Star, lol, but I do. Ok….gotta get dinner ready and keep fighting with this kitten. I say no, put her down…2 seconds later she’s back…I say no…round and round. AND round. See ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, Curly Locks. And the Pretties are out again. Dagnabit.


8 thoughts on “At least I got a smoothie………………

    • Where are you located? I’m sure there are some beauties near you?! Or, as I just proved, they can be shipped via transport. I wouldn’t want to trade this life, I love my goats so much! Thanks for commenting!!!

  1. I love your pictures. Look at those cute little babies. They get cuter with each day, I love Docs little face. So glad he loves you too. My son is coming back from London tomorrow to Fla, then I am going down there to bring him back here for at least a month. That should be interesting.

    OK spiders, and large numbers mean a hard winter. Here is a bit from the Farmers almanac for you:
    Years ago animals and families prepared for winter. Humans watched for signs, which we call weather lore. Here are the best known signs:

    • Fogs – frequent fogs in August mean lots of snow. This August in Maine, we saw many fogs. What about you??

    • Woolly Bear Caterpillars – Consider if it has a heavy coat (fat and furry) and the brown band in the middle is thin (according to lore, the less brown there is, the worse the winter will be)

    • Squirrels gathering nuts early to fortify against a hard winter.

    • Unusual abundance of acorns – so far it has been normal in my area … nothing like 2010.

    • Spiders spinning larger than usual webs and entering the house in great numbers.

    • Persimmon seeds – cut a seed open and the shape determines the winter conditions. Knife means bitter cold, fork is mild and a spoon indicates lots of snow to shovel.

    • You can’t fool me. No boy that age needs an escort… You are going so you can dip your toes in the ocean and the sands!!! Ya, I feel like I’m sharing my goats with everyone, it’s really cool! Gotta get these coats off!!!! <3. Huggs

  2. I am arriving there on Thurs, the 20th, packing the truck on Fri and leaving on Sat, and getting back here on Sunday. I do have a great friend in Tampa, where my son’s bed is, that I can’t wait to see. We were very naughty together when we were much younger. She is part of the reason I moved to London, she was just a little too wild for my parents. She is a neat person, we met because we both had heart surgery. Mind you she has a pacemaker and I don’t. I think that is why she was so crazy, and she hasn’t changed, I have, not into bars and drinking, she owns a bar. I will be getting some Fla herbs while I am there, as I am out and know no one here with any. He may not need an escort, but he needs my debit card to pay for the gas. haha, more then you really needed to know

    • Ahhhh but I love hearing backstory! Ya you are right, if going that fast, no vacation involved! Lol, your debit card, boy I hear ya!!!!! So don’t go young on us and go on a tear with your friend! Hope you find the herbs. The sun has been Harsh here. ❤ more huggs!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

      • I am sure the herbs will be there, my friend has never been without!!!, Keep cool, we have a cool front coming through today. You should here more of the back story!!! LOL hug a Georgia for me, tell her I said she is the cutest. well Belle is cute too, but…

      • I hear ya…that Georgia is something else!!! She just wants to nuzzle. And she really loves sitting in laps! Cool front here right now, plus a misty rain all day. Putting a blanket on my bed tonight. AND, 😀 Huggs

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