Spiders……a gift……and Newbies day out!

Ok. I like spiders. Well, it’s not so much that I like them, as I respect them. As I’ve told you, I pretty much have a live and let live attitude with the spiders and there are many webs. Many webs even from when we first moved in. I’ve seen the mammoth spider, recently, remember? And then I told you about the new tee tiny spiders. Well, tonight I was standing in front of the refrigerator door and my eyes were once again drawn up to the huge elaborate, some parts pretty, some parts ugly, some parts strange….WEB, that has recently exploded just out of head reach in one section of my kitchen. Anyway, there’s this huge weird web and I’m looking at it.

I’m wondering why I never see any bugs in it…and I’m watching a moth fly by. And I see it. One of those tee tiny spiders! I keep looking, but that’s all I see, is this one tee tiny spider, and I’m talking…..mustard seed size here folks. Or less! This then causes me to look at the web with new eyes and wow, I’m very impressed. Then…..I see it. What? The huge mother spider? Nope…… another tee tiny spider, spinning away. I’m telling ya, it’s a new species here. I really don’t think it’s babies, I think it’s just very small spiders. And while I didn’t see any captives wrapped up to be used as dinner, I did see a baby cocoon. Not sure the correct name, but it’s obviously a nest of eggs. Speaking of spiders, I saw a bright Red one today while feeding the girls. Tried for a photo but they were blurry. Hmmm, red spiders and scorpions.

And oi ve, the pain. I got weather pain. I’m looking on my iphone to see the forecast, when I realize…it’s a 30 degree drop in temperature…of course there’s gonna be a huge pressure drop as well….or rise…jeesh, I never now which way, just movement and this is extreme pain, so extreme movement, pressure wise. I also have the scorpion bite. It only hurts if I touch it, or use the hand in the wrong way. Daggum…this is extreme. Ahh, gotta stop talking now. Nightie night nights peoples of the world. See ya tomorrow. 1:50am

When I signed off last night I was near tears with the weather pain, but God is good and He found me a surprise teeny bit of very special marijuana that I didn’t know I had…..and it took the pain away. After 40 yrs of smoking to dull the pain, to change the channel on the pain…..I was gifted with the REMOVAL of the pain. I’m truly in awe. 40 yrs is a long time people. I wonder why I was allowed to remove the pain this time….very curious. And while that pain was removed, the scorpion sting is stinging as we speak. The gate chain lightly banged it when I was closing the gate after feeding.

Well, today was the Newbie girls first day out. I knew it wouldn’t be a usual outing due to the fear factor, and I was right. The bottle babies came right out, of course. It became evident that they were going to follow me. I was the leader. So, I led them around a bit, which got the other two to raising a ruckus until they finally got brave and stepped out. That’s when I led back over to them to round up the rest of my herd. Then I too them around the yard, showing them all the sweet spots and the shady spots, culminating back at their pen where I swished the water to remind them where it was. After a few minutes, when their backs were turned, I was able to tiptoe thru the leaves and get back to the house.

An hour and a half later, feeding time, I went back out. They were all either in their pen or near it…..and it was a stampede to get to me when they saw me. Haha. I wanted to hike myself up on a feed can to get out of the way of the stampede but Georgia beat me to it!!! Gosh I love these new babies. I took them over to show them the Pretties and Moonee wanted to meet them really bad. Belle was funny, she’s the one I said wanted a boy, well, she sees Moonee, realizes he’s a boy, then turns toward where the boy herd usually stands and lets out a cry. I think she was saying she had a preference, but your guess is as good as mine as to which way it went. Moonee or the boy herd. 😀

Wow, Homeland Security today issued a Zombie Alert. Seriously? They think that talking about disaster preparation should be disguised as a zombie outbreak? Their funny way to get attention? I guess they don’t realize that they are the GOVERNMENT, and that saying there is a zombie outbreak…that people just might believe them? I’d have to call this a gross case of……….what were they thinking?. The CDC did the same thing last year…with bad results….zombie fears. Now this. Jeesh.

she’s praying

I was skirting a fleece and felt some heaviness on my foot. I lean forward to look and this is what I see

Well, time got away from me, due to some dinner issues which have finally been resolved. I will see y’all on the flip side. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, Curly Locks.


4 thoughts on “Spiders……a gift……and Newbies day out!

  1. Cute cute cute, I can see the BB’s following you around. How cute thinking of you showing them around and introducing them to everyone. Love the praying Cat, she is so cute. did you figure out if she is a he or if he is a she yet? I’m sure you told me but???

    • definitely a she. And she certainly does have a personality. Doesn’t like to be crossed. lol. Ya, me and the girls had fun. There was nobody from here to go with them and show them, All the other newcomers had Gandhi. Pearl got a few sticks in her but she’s finally letting me pull them out now. 🙂 ❤ Huggs

  2. Know you’ve been dealing with those various pains a long time – but you can let them go. Even though I am a nurse, I’ve been to doctors twice in over 20 years – self-healing is a reality. For body/joint pain, rubbing and putting pressure on points of pain, hot soaks (epsom salt, lavender, peppermint essential oils), visualization. Occasionally, I do indulge in an ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Of course your herb is good for you too. Finally, sometimes it works to actually examine the pain (this is a Buddhist approach) – and on occasion you can move it away. Good luck.

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