Just a little bit of stress…………and a scorpion

It’s been a crazy day and taking the day off blogging, feels really weird, but good. Oh man. I noticed it yesterday but it wasn’t until I saw it again this morning that I was really concerned. Baby Georgia would squat, but nothing happened. I tried to call Lisa and Tracee, but neither answered, so I drove to town to meet my husband. We went to lunch, as usual per Saturday, but I stressed the whole time and he said…you didn’t barely eat. I said, I did too! We went to the feed store and got a thermometer, drench stuff….not the nutridrench everyone talks about, but the Power Drench stuff, and some more electrolytes. By then, I had posted on face book and had a gazillion responses with suggestions. I ran home, drove…. To take her temp…which was the consensus.

Guess what…..I still have no idea if she has a temperature or not cuz I screwed up. The thermometer I bought is old school. The kind you have to shake down. I didn’t realize that. So, when the 2nd temp said 106.9, I called Texas A&M, spoke to a Dr., and she’s the one that caught the temp thing, but in the end, the baby was probably dehydrated and scared. So, I decided that what she really needed was, to experience something familiar. We let them out of the pen and after a few minutes of wandering and checking out the new yard, I called them and ran…they followed.

We took them in the house and Georgia jumped into my chair at my request. She loved on me and arched her neck around to be even closer to me, many times….so sweet. Then she breathed a deep heavy sigh. And a few minutes later….she breathed another. We snuggled for awhile then I said it’s time to go back. Georgia followed my run, but Pearl didn’t. Oh ya, Pearl was in hubby’s lap for a bit, but then kept trying to get up with us. 😀 Anyway, hubby ended up having to run Pearl! Hahahaha! Yes! And we got em back in. We came out later to take the temp and discovered that someone had drank the electrolytes. I brought more…she eagerly drank it. Yay! So, in the end…I do believe that LOVE was the answer. Yay Georgia!



As you can see, she is doing well. And Pearl here is saying hi to Lovey, haha, with her head



Prettiest foot I’ve ever seen!



I told hubby tonight….I must’ve hurt my thumb. Haha. Hours later, like 5 or 6, I realize……shearing. 😀 That’s the crazy part of this whole thing. I’m this tiny thing. 5 ft 6 now, instead of 6 ½ that I was my whole life. I’m down to 110 lbs or so, multitude of challenges, body wise…among them, emphysema, tendonitis, muscle disease(weather pain, severe), oh ya, the tendonitis…not really diagnosed, but tendons and ligaments torn repeatedly throughout my life, by simple easy actions such as lifting a teacup. And don’t forget the knees. Now…picture this….. Carrying and loading and unloading 50 lb feedsacks….dodging racing dogs in play, lifting hay bales, wrangling goats, shearing goats with scissors, etc, etc. This life has given me more strength, more vitality than I’ve ever had.

I finally got a notification in my email to link my bank account. Guess it will be Monday for the clippers. Don’t forget folks…I still gotta learn to use them. And now? Now? Hubby springs on me that he wants to go to Taos….for the wool festival. What? I have so many goats to shear…a wormy goat, and breeding to be placed…. And watched. Then I told him nobody but me would even realize something was wrong, therefore, help it. He said…so you can never leave the house? I said, basically…ya. But then I could see how let down he was, so I said, give me a week to see if the clippers speed things up.

To be honest….the idea of going on a long trip is not something I would really enjoy right now…at least as far as I know. Trips are a double edged sword for me. On one hand I love some of the experiences and on the other hand…I hate being in vehicles….hate going out in public…hate highways, hills, driving in the dark, etc. I would however, like to go to the Texas state fair. It’s not in the timeframe that he has to take is vacation, but dang. Arrrgh. Can I scream now? Well, that’s 2 pages worth, don’t wanna go too far, so although it’s only 1am exactly, I’m gonna say good night and sweet dreams and productive dreams and passions ignited to give you the one thing that makes your heat sing. 😀 1:00am

Wait…she tucked herself into my body against the chair, on her back, belly up, stretched out her arms, the reached up with her paw and tapped me three times ever so lightly. How fast they age is stunning to me. Like months in a day, these kitties, or at least this kitty. She’s a hoot. When I challenge her and tell her she’s been bad, or say no…she comes back at me…like, hey, don’t! 1:19am






Smooch….tapping on Blue’s head. 😀


Not too far into today, I was bagging up some trash into a bag I’d begun a few weeks ago and……remember that scorpion I killed the other night? Ya, payback is hell. Stung me on the same area of my thumb that was hurting from shearing. Couldn’t happen at a better or worse time. 😀 Too many goats to shear, but my helper, Cathy will be out of town this week and I was stressing catching, getting onto the stanchion, etc, alone. Scorpion fixed that.



These two are always…always at the gate!!! We want out.






Etta Place



Belle Star



Doc’s day out



Cutie Patutie……had to do a double take….it’s SweetPea!!!



and……I just can’t help myself….sorry


Georgia is doing ok again today, Yay. Belle, is looking for a man…yes, she’s only 6 months old, but she’s lookin for a man. And Etta….well, her white curls are now reddish, due to the clay. Today is Sunday, and hubby always let’s Gandhi and Lovey out on Sundays. I went ahead and let the rest of the Littles out of their pen and Gandhi was ever so gallant, and waited for them and showed them where to go….making sure they stayed near him. We ran to town for a few things, I did the feedings, then I sat with the Newbies. They will be some happy campers when they get sheared cuz they have so much fiber that it collects sticks and things in the armpit areas and between the back legs. That’s gotta be uncomfortable…..run into it all the time.

Maybe holding the clippers won’t be painful on the thumb? Haha, this is crazy. So much to do. Well, dinner to cook and a fleece to skirt…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, Curly Locks.


4 thoughts on “Just a little bit of stress…………and a scorpion

  1. OK, what in the world is that last picture? A toad? And how did a dead scorpion sting you? I am so glad Georgia is doing better and even happier to hear that Pearl got up in Andy’s lap, so now you both have a baby from the group. It is so nice that he likes them too. Lisa goes to Taos, I think you would enjoy it, although it is probably very busy. I think you should come up here for the National Goat Expo, and listen to all the great speakers all about goats.

    • Hey, when is the Expo? I’ve been to Taos. Year before last. Had fun but so far away!!! Yes, a dead toad!!! Surprised me! And the scorpion was a different scorpion hon, that first one was squished good!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

      • Cool, thanks for the info. That’s in the same timeframe that he needs to take off….it’s just that I’ve got so many to shear… and will have breeding going on then…jeesh…dunno

        Scorpion….no, he was in the bag when I went to stuff the newly filled smaller bag into. Didn;t see it…just felt it, been stung before. This one hurts worse tho.
        ❤ 😀

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