Short Blog………….and the people CHEER!!!!

Short blog tonight. My computer locked up last night so all you get is now. Haha, now is all there is. Well, now, it’s really hot. I’m not kidding. I hate to complain, but man, it’s tough to be outside. I’d hate to be an animal, outside in this heat. That makes me feel awful just saying it. Why can’t we have air-conditioned barns? This is ridiculous. But, I did get the coat off of another goat. Lila was the unsuspecting winner this time. I had gone to let the beautifuls out…so the Newbies and the new Littles could see the process, and when I got back….Cathy had already caught Lila, using my new method. Go Cathy! And she even got the right goat!!! Lol, she, as all people, has a hard time knowing who is who….and she sees them nearly every day.


Lila…….good girl


Once again….a very good goat. Headshy, but dang, I’ll take it! And dense, whooeee was this girl dense. Took 2 hours, and gave me 4 ½ pounds of lovely curls. While we were shearing, I had to go check on one of the Newbies. Either Belle or Etta was screaming bloody murder….sounding a lot like Neida Nida…but nothing was wrong. They just want out of the pen. Hopi let me pet her again. This time it was when I first went into the house to close them in. She just stood there. I offered my hand, she started to take a step away and then she stopped and let me pet her. Yay oh yay, it’s only taken 2 years!!! I think the girls are really liking this new shear method, or should I say, catch method.



My weekly butterfly in support of: The Butterfly Project/People….

A lot of the goats are too hot to eat. And baby Georgia is constipated. Doc let me touch his nose through the fence hole. And it turns out Etta is a food bully. Lol, I guess each group gets one of those. Lol, I’ve tried to explain about the Bluedog….if I say No…or gasp….or say eh…to any animal….. He will bark…as in to say, better listen up, mama said No. So, every time I yelled No at Etta for ramming another Newbie, he would bark. Which scared them, especially Etta. Lol, it just might work! Works on the Smooch! Speaking of Smooch, she grew a whole heap last night while she slept. She’s huge! Lol. Oh ya, and Cathy found 3 more kittens but they have a mom, so they will just join the multitude of feral cats that she has over there. She doesn’t have a single cat pet, they are all feral. I don’t think she even knows how many there are living in the woods and under her house. She can’t be a cat hoarder, cuz they all live outside. Hmmm, curious.
So, as I’m about to go in the Newbie pen, I see 2 baby cows standing together, one a little bigger than the other. What? Oh wow. So I holler for Red Feather to see which one he is…he’s the bigger one. I didn’t think that was Fudgy! Looks like Nellie finally had a baby, and apparently a few weeks ago from the size of this new boy, Nike. Lol. Nellie and Nike. Haha, at least this one didn’t take her baby swimming 2 seconds after birth!!!



Surprise surprise….it’s a bull calf!!!

I did make it into the Newbie pen and Georgia is a hoot. At one point she was a bit jealous of me talking to Doc, so she crawls up on my legs as I’m squatting, then proceeds to nuzzle my neck. Cutie pie! The longer I’m in there with them, the less shy they are, and the same with the dogs. Where I am, there are my dogs, therefore, familiarity after awhile. Etta and Belle are hard to get photos of cuz they hide behind the tree, same for the new Littles, they run around the tiny house, as if the camera is a monster. I just sit there and talk to them and kinda scoot around, so I get better views of the hiding ones. One day, they will pose for me. And Wy!!! He has that tilt to his head whenever you point the camera! So cute. But ONLY if he wants you to take it. Silly goats.



Pretty elusive Etta






My Georgia peach



Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Look who came to visit!



There’s that head tilt











Okie dokie then. Got hubby to bring take out for dinner. Hinted toward pizza or burgers. Here’s to hoping. Man, I came across an article today talking about the top ten inventions that have been supressed. One of them was marijuana and a man who put thc oil on a skin cancer and it was gone in a few days. He has been regularly healing people for years. I read a research finding many years ago saying that Pot EATS cancer. If only people knew!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks.


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