Happy Birthday to ME……..for Real, this time! The Babies are HERE!

My heart is going ninety to nothing……and it’s not about the goats. Lol….I was peeing, and I see this thing on the floor. I stare at it and finally decide it’s a scorpion. My heart starts to race. I decide it’s for sure dead, squished almost. I thought, well, it must have been Gypsy….and maybe I stepped on it and squished it. As I was leaving my room, I decided to make sure it was dead. I grabbed an old pair of moccasin boots, no heel, and slammed it. Oh shoot…it’s alive!!! And big!!! I slam it again and again…can’t let it escape. I need to sleep in a bit in that room. Ah man. So, now I gotta look it up. Wow, ended up going to goat and snake as well. Not on purpose. Anyway, it is fitting that I show you Goat….as mine are arriving sometime tomorrow! Oh ya, Scorpion…

Goat’s Wisdom Includes:
Removing guilty feelings
Understanding nature energies and beings
Seeking new heights

Scorpion…not great…kinda a warning. It said poison. There are several avenues of possibility it could be referring to. I will go with the…it can be handled part I just read, and or…it was to get me to read about Goat. That’s some good stuff there on that list, eh? 😀 I wasn’t planning on writing anything tonight, figuring I’d have plenty to say tomorrow…but no, I just had to write about that scorpion while it had just happened, I wanted fresh words. Wonder if I achieved it? Lemme read it back. Well, not very poetic, but it’ll do.

I’m watching…Babe, Pig in the City. It’s actually made me laugh a few times. I’ve seen it, own it, but tonight it made me chuckle on a nervous night. I love that. I had to ask my husband if he wanted to look at my pen. Then later…an hour or more….I found myself saying…..well, aren’t you gonna say good job for doing that all by yourself!? Aren’t ya gonna say it’s a good looking pen? Lordie. He said… ya, it’s a good looking pen….pretty close to the same size of the others. That’s it…..all he said. Oi ve. Well, as I know and deal with on a regular basis…I can deal. How? I tell myself what a good job I did….how good it looks….how strong it is for a fence with no Tposts…really!!! And let’s not forget that door. I’ve just figured out a way to maybe get it to swing better. I’ll try it in the morning. Oh ya… usually the part in the Babe movies that makes me laugh? It’s the squirrel voices, or whatever they are…inbetween scenes….oh wait, maybe mice. Ya, mice. Oh ya….I’ve figured out a solution to the 2 Wyatt goats. The new boy will be called….Wy. Nice and simple and he will recognize it. Don’t worry, I will say Wyatt at first, then start to sprinkle it in. In the end, he will be Wy.

Been lookin at Lovey,…..So tiny. Gosh. That pretty well cinches it. I will be making the baby formula myself from now on…  instead of powder and, I now know how to milk a goat. Between the two, they should be fatter and healthier than my Love. Signing off so I have room for tomorrow’s news!. 12:42am. Ahhhhhh, light and sweet people, light and sweet.

Ahhh, the gifts of patience. My beautiful gifts. My Birthday gifts. One month exactly from my birthday of Aug 6, my presents have arrived. They are so above and beyond what I expected. A photo is just not the same as …in real life. I, being a connoisseur of soft and gorgeous fibers, have just ….hmmm, what’s the word?????? ……..oh ya…..SCORE!!!!! The bottle baby Georgia is Oh my, luscious. She has curls in so many colors, she’s a veritable earth color rainbow, well, without the green, lol. She is Also, very friendly and loves me already. I have been hugging on her, and scratching her neck, getting kisses, and taking photos in every pose she wants to give me.

They’re here!!! They’re here!!!

How awesome is he? Wyatt…..looks up to the name WyWy, lol

What’s up Doc?

See, they can still see and be near each other

Pretty as a PEARL!

Ahhh, Georgia girl

Pretty girls

Etta on the left….Belle on right…These two play peekaboo….and don’t get very close.

Sweet baby!!!………Georgia

Pearl……………Gorgeous curls, very thin spirals

He’s got a stick stuck to him…..WyWy is most gorgeous

Etta up front..and Belle

Belle on the right…Etta on left

Georgia curls…………black, red, brown, gray, white and silver

Pearl, the other bottle baby, also let’s me pet her but she’s still kinda shy. The other two, Belle and Etta, can’t get near em, unless I have oak leaves or yaupon twigs. I’ll take it. The same for the two boys. Shoot, they don’t even want their photos taken! Might take a minute for them to warm up. Plus, they’re all terrified of the dogs, so I’ve been touching and loving on the dogs too so they see that they are safe. I feel full. Like I’ve just eaten this huge Thanksgiving meal. But all I’ve eaten is…Love. My husband asked me who my favorite goat was. I sent him photos of 3 goats. Now I have one more….well, 2, but he won’t come near me yet, but Lordie, Wy is most awesomely colored. I am blessed, truly blessed. I’m going to make this blog shorter in words, and longer in photographs, cuz I just plain want to, cuz they are just plain gorgeous!!! So, Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME……..for Real, this time! The Babies are HERE!

  1. OMG you hit the jackpot, That was worth the wait, how beautiful. I so wish I had one. And I am even happier that you looked at Georgia and got her too, wow, wow, wow. If you ever need a home for them just ask!!!

  2. wow… how exciting!!! yay beautiful gifts… in so many was i suppose, eh? patience, goats, surrender, self assurance… yes yes… oh how the universe unfolds. so mysterious. I love you!

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