Sometimes ya just gotta do it YOURSELF……………..

I’m happy to report that Colleen, one of the grievers I’ve talked about, but also a dear friend and chosen sister, has been given an epiphany. She has been Whammed by God, reminding her that She gave her husband to HIM during a medical crisis and HE gave her 6 more wonderful years with her husband. That wham, that memory, has freed her in a way no words of wisdom from another ever could. Yay Colleen! When she told the world of this revelation, I said…Yay, now go LIVE. Love it. So happy for you my dear. I spoke to her on the phone tonight and she sounds good, really good. She invited me once again to visit, but once again, I had to tell her, no…you come here. Maybe one day she will!!! Huh Colleen?!

So, about the bank. She asked if I wanted checks and since it was only thirty bucks, I said yes. I did NOT ask her to bump the check number up to say, 1100 and up, which I was always told to do. Why? Because it’s a lie. I have no idea where this practice came from but jeesh, it’s just a bald faced lie. I’m starting with 1. Makes sense to me. I sure hope that’s how they come. Then I’d actually know where I was in the scheme of things, wouldn’t I? Oh ya, I got the floral bouquet. The one showing was pale pink roses, my favorite, so why not… I didn’t have all day! 😀

Hubby wants photos of his cow, white Feather….they’re all his cows. And Lovey. His goat. Oh, I get it. Anyway, he asked about Maya, being my favorite goat and I said, no, not my favorite, she doesn’t like me much, but she’s my best born here goat. So he says who’s our favorite? I said, oh man, I have lots of favorites. End of discussion. So today he says…you still haven’t sent me those photos. I said well, I sent Lovey and I took one tonight of White Owl. He says, what about your favorites?… Do you get what’s happening? He is wanting photos of our favorite animals. My guess? He’ll have them airbrushed onto my truck. Frankly, I just wanna drive the durn thing. Yes, cute idea….but 6 months ago maybe. I’m frustrated about that. I gave the guy a photo of Maya, months ago. Besides,….ah crap, I feel crappy just saying. And ungrateful. But I’d rather just have the one. But he loves to surprise me.

Tonight I saw a piece in the Huffington Post that said What if everything you thought you knew about marijuana was Wrong? It was so well written, better than I could say it , so I shared the link, then tagged my mom. We may be at a non speaking mode at the moment, but I still had to take the opportunity to let her know that she doesn’t know the truth about it….therefore about me. Even though she knew it helped my pain, since age 13.….she still thinks of it as the Evil drug that the article implied… but then set straight for the readers.

One can always hope and it just goes to show, that no matter how old you are…you still seek your mothers approval. Don’t get me wrong….it’s not like this is a one sided thing. I look forward to the day when she can once again accept my son, and therefore, once again, accept me. God, the rollercoaster we ride, my mom and me. Been on this ride forever. Ahhh, and of course, the movie to sing me to sleep….Dragonheart. I think I want to laugh now. And so I did. A ha ha. Ha ha. Done laughing. Ha. 😀 Anyway…it’s 1:46am and I just renamed this as the post that will probably never be posted. On that note…nightie night……see y’all tomorrow.

Sometimes ya just got to do it yourself. I woke up early to build the pen and no answer at Cathy’s house. So I go load up the Tposts but can’t find the driver. I looked everywhere. Nope. Build it anyway is what I said, and I did. I anchored it to the Tposts in Gandhi’s pen (the Littles). There are no other Tposts involved at the moment….they can be added later for greater strength. And doesn’t it figure……the pen I build all by myself is the ONLY pen with an actual door. An actual little gate door. Been asking for that forever. The pen is a little on the small side, but was done in a temporary manner, so as to allow for expansion….lol, or another helper!

A REAL gate Door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Standing at the door…looking towards Beautifuls pen

Same spot…looking towards back and side of Littles pen. (Lovey)

After I did that, I came inside the house and cooled off for a bit, then off I went to see if I could shear a goat. Choxie jumped on the stanchion and just stood there. I took her horn, put it through the thing and closed the lock. Easy peasy. And for the first time ever…..she was very good. I did the blanket, then one side. When I went to the other side, after a few minutes, she started jerking angrily towards me every curl I tried to get. It might have been my fault. I turned on the Pandora radio on the Iphone and listened to Adele. Maybe they don’t like music? I know they love it when I sing to them, but this, apparently Choxie at least, didn’t like. I have no other explanation for the turn around from great to bitchy. And Ella walked around seeing how many babies she could ram in the side and send flying till I chased her. I blew. I chased her toward the catch pen, and all the other terrified goats. Silly things…they know darn well who I’m going after, yet they run too. After several misses, and me hollering I will not give up…I did catch her and tied her to a post. Ha. Skipped the hoof trimming for today. I’ll get her another day.

Choxie’s turn

Choxie has ringlets like this everywhere…even on her belly!!

That’s my Hannah……….grinning

Ahhh, the heart is lopsided

Lovey….so tiny without his fleece


Dirtyface………….hubby’s nickname

Well, when you read tomorrow nights blog….there SHOULD be some new faces. Well, not completely new, but new HERE. Tomorrow! The babies will be here tomorrow! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, Curly Locks.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes ya just gotta do it YOURSELF……………..

    • very excited…. so tired, need to sleep. ya, I like the pen too…can add to it and add next to it. And I love my door. The newbies…girls are. the 2 boys are going adjacent…to the Littles pen with gandhi, Lovey and Opti..they will be able to sniff each other and nuzzle thry the fence if needed
      :-)small holes..dont worry……..yay

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