Runaway pups….growing a Kitten…..and my own Bank account

Kitty is getting big. Wow, she is stretching across more of my body and she’s not even stretched out. She tries to root under my laptop still and usually only gets her head through. Poor baby is growing up fast. Today, she played with Blue, that was so funny. He didn’t hurt her, his butt was wiggling (we call him Wiggle Butt), and he literally played with the tiny baby. I was very impressed. Cathy said she was getting big, but I didn’t see it.


Awwwe, sweet

Another great conversation with my boy and a good one with my daughter. We had a difference of opinion but we went past it. Sorta, I’m still a bit troubled by it, but I’ll find a way to deal. I always do.

Tonight, I let the pups into the L so they could play while I sheared Lovey instead of being underfoot. They escaped. Hubby got BabyGirl in, but the others are still gone. I’ve taught them how to come home and Blue and I have been making the calls to them, with his bark and my high shrill whistle. While doing that a bit ago, I looked up at the stars. They were beautiful and really shiny. I said, ahh, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to look at you much lately,….. and there came a shooting star!!! I’d just heard about a shooting star today or yesterday that you’re supposed to make a wish, oh ya, with Jesse, on the phone…..I said, be careful what you wish for, cuz I asked for enlightenment and got my Winter Solstice Experience, 2006.

So tonight I had something on my mind and I asked for that. And no, I’m not going to tell. Hours later, it occurred to me that what I wished for was a purely selfish thing. A selfish wish. I could’ve wished for any number of things to help humanity, but no, I ask for something for me. The way I made myself ok with it, because it brought a tear to my eye, was that if I am happier, then my consciousness is happier and therefore so is the world…, the global consciousness…. The human consciousness. In this way, when one benefits, all benefit.

Wow, I just had to cut Smooches nails….claws I should say. They were slicing into me on such a regular basis, just in play that it became necessary. I didn’t do every single nail, but enough that it’s tolerable now. She doesn’t do it on purpose, but sometimes she’s more aggressive than she realizes. And yes, if I need to, I will cut the rest. As I was cutting them I thought of Lovey. I’m so upset I cut is hoof. I think I know when I did it. I remember thinking that it might be too close, but I decided it wasn’t and finished the cut. It was getting dark. I was tired….well, exhausted is a better word. Thank God for Jesse. He talked to me nearly the entire time I was shearing, which helped me. I told him I sure did need his help shearing and he’s gonna see if he can get his brother to meet us halfway on Friday and again on Sunday. We hung up as I cut the last curl. Then I did 2 feet. I didn’t do the other two.



Not a happy camper



So tomorrow, I go to get a bank account. My back is in shreds, so I may or may not shear in the morning before I go. I need to. I go to open a bank account with money I myself have earned. It will be the first….well, the first that I can remember, lol. I’ve been alive awhile. Then, since I don’t urgently need any panels now….I’ll be using the gates, which will then empty the flatbed, which will then allow us to get panels when I need more. Lol. Anyway, I’ve decided to go with the Lister Star clippers. They have them at the Tractor Supply now. I wonder who I’ll shear first with them. Probably someone big and tough. 😀 My Wyatt, needs shorn badly, probably him.

Yes, as of the end of the week, I will have two Wyatt’s. One is Wyatt Earp though…I’ll make it work. My Wyatt is a very big boy, born from Aramis. Now you see why I want to sell Aramis? He’s large, therefore he makes large babies. Almost all of them. The exception would be Shortcake, my Xsmall gal. Oh, and Tposts, I need Tposts. I think I’ve got enough for both, clippers and posts. Oh boy, can’t wait to slam them into the ground. Not. But ya do what ya gotta do. Have you ever done that? It reverberates through your body. Not a lot of fun. Cathy and I take turns though. 😀 Or, I’ve been known to do things completely on my own, almost saying….screw you…everybody….I am strong, I can do this. Anyway…. Tposts. I’m gonna try and get some views for you tomorrow, to show you how things are. Not necessarily pretty pictures. If I don’t, how are you gonna watch me change and grow? They can’t all be pretty pictures. So let’s see, what’s on my list for tomorrow? Shear, if my back is up to it……..Tractor supply for clippers and Tposts….building pen, or at least pulling more gates over. Skirt a fleece hopefully as well.  (Did get another gate pulled over…these are very heavy and it’s just me)



Oprah’s turn



Joy….standing over…just like a dog dominating…lol



Looked like a big circle to me



These two get in the sweetest cuddle puddles







Miyagi!!!! Haven’t seen him up close in awhile



Look how BIG Miyagi is!!! Good grief, twice the size of Sendai



Marshall……had to add lighting effect



Ok, It’s not bedtime yet, but I’ve already written 3 pages. Gotta shut it down now so the blog isn’t too too big. Nightie night sweet ones!!! Be well, and if you’re not……picture light, bright bright light surrounding and encompassing your ailing whatever, and BELIEVE. 😀 ❤

Well, sorry…..didn’t read this this morning and forgot about the yard photos…..maybe tomorrow if I have time. Very pressed right now. We sheared Oprah today, once again because she was the one on the stanchion. Once again….a very very good girl. Oh, and the pups. I whistled and whistled at bedtime and I heard Bubba. I whistled him in. Then I shone the flashlight at the L gate and saw the baby pups. Then I shone it at the other gate and there was the Bubba. He has an owie on his leg though. Don’t know from what.

Ok, bank let me open the account with no money but can’t access the paypal till the two somehow sync up. 2-3 days. So, hubby is getting the Tposts and Tractor Supply is holding the clippers for me. I even asked if they could trust me. They said they did, but the corporation didn’t, they had no choice, but they could hold em without any money for me. Yay. In the meantime I got a set of the Fiskars, which give me blisters….it’d been so long since I used them…4 years….I used a pair of Lisa’s full ones and they cut like Butter. So, that should speed things up plus Jesse is still planning to come for the weekend. And on that note……………waiting for the babies……and Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, Curly Locks.


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