COUNTDOWN from WASHINGTON State!!!! The babies have left the building

I’m very tired, sleepy tired. In case you haven’t noticed, I seem to be ….all about goats at the moment. So many things, so many issues, so much on my mind. I don’t tell you guys the half of it. So many things need done right now it’s ridiculous. I mean, most of the time, it’s all perfectly calm and then fall hits and wham, you’ve got weaning, shearing, and breeding to contend with, all at the same time. Add to that the drought and then rains which has caused a wormload. Not complaining, just explaining. Well, that’s about all I can do right now. I’m just plain tired. I got up very early after going to bed really late. I haven’t been talking spiritual stuff or lesson stuff, jeeze. Slacking on the job. Anyway, it is time for bed my fine fellows and ladies. Sweet dreams and Namaste my friends. Oh hello angels. 1:44am. (One of my favorite angel times)

Well, I got up early and Cathy and I sheared Milky. We’d planned to do Lila, but Milky was just standing on the stanchion….what can I say, I petted her then hooked her up. She was very good even thought she let me know she hated it. But she didn’t dance. She is headshy though, but I can deal with that. It’s amazing what you see when you take the curls off. I noticed the striped horns, feet and many tiny extra black spots. She even has 2 stands of black hair next to each other on her face! 😀 She will make a great doe to put with Wyatt next year. Took an hour to shear her and then we got Milly loaded up in the Zen buggy and deposited her in with Moonee and the Pretties and the mating commenced. Well, no, we didn’t stick around to see it, but I knew she was in season or just going out of season, and she let him do what he wanted and he was making the funny face. YeeHaw. That should make some impressive babies.



Ahhh, my beautiful Milky…..I just hate to see their first coats go, I just love looking at them.



Naked Milky…..see that black spot? Yay



Nice colorful striped horns



Milky feet……..striped as well…..and the black spot…..knew about the 2 big ones but not the tiny ones



Yes, indeed I have worked out a plan. I’m going to see about this winter babies are healthier thing. I’ve got the one breeding pen going and will put new baby Wyatt with all the yearlings plus Ella together. Then, I will wait. Wait till March and breed the rest of the girls, for a September, October birth. That way I don’t have to deal with frozen babies and they are in cool weather as babies longer before heat sets in. Sounds like a plan to me…plus, babies twice a year….heaven. I still need to rig a pen for the new baby girls, but I can do it.


I have to run to town now to pick up my car. It’s musical cars here a lot lately. This time it’s cuz he took the RV in to see if they could stop the water leak on the carpet of the passenger floorboard…ya, my spot. Hoping it’s fixed. Anyway he brought that home today and left the car there. So, off to retrieve it, then hoping to shear Lovey by myself this evening. Ok, I’m back. Lol, haven’t fed yet, so need to go do that…jeesh. Back again. Well, Milly and Moonee were still getting friendly and she is wagging her tail now. She came over to me and I told her she can have all the food she wants now, so what does she do? She runs and rams a Pretty….to get to the food. Nutjob. Then I fed the Beautifuls and the newly named Littles pen. Lovey, Gandhi and Opti. And…..Lovey did it again!!!! Dang, boy!!! Hat’s 6 times he got his teeth stuck in his curls. Six!!! What a thirsty baby. So, that settled it. I will shear him before dinner, like it or not. It’s still very very hot, at twenty till six.



Pretty baby……Shortcake….Size, extra Small



OliveOyl yawns




awwe, together again…Donna and ValeyGirl



They played hard to day…even Gypsy joined in



I think she loves me




Ok, and on to the NEWS news. I just found out…..and it has been confirmed……the babies have left Washington state and are headed this way!!! Ha, so when I was walking toward the Beautifuls pen to feed, I grabbed a gate off the flatbed and drug it over. One down, more to go. But….the babies are coming…..the babies are coming!!!!! It takes a few days though, so…more waiting. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Dang, it’s still 95 degrees. I’ll just go ahead and get this blog ready so I can shear in a bit if and when it gets cooler. No, Not if, cuz if it’s still hot, I will still shear him. I don’t eat before I shear cuz I do a lot of bending, so this should be interesting…shearing with a completely empty stomach at 7 something PM. Hmmm. Alrighty then…..shorter blog tonight, and the crowd screams…YAY. But not without a welcome to…..Thailand and Ecuador!!!!! Thank you for reading about my life. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks. P.S. 2 hours later, in the dark, I have finished. And I drew my first hoof blood cuz it was dark. Damn. Not bad, but damn. Totally wiped. See ya.


2 thoughts on “COUNTDOWN from WASHINGTON State!!!! The babies have left the building

  1. You do know that the chances of you being able to breed in March is very slim? It does happen but is the oddity not the norm. Angoras are seasonal breeders, they breed in the fall and kid in the spring. Other goat breeds are year round baby makers but now our sweet little curly goats.
    Love Shortcake, what a cutie is she!! And I love the spots on Milky. It is funny I thought she had a poop on her side and then you sheared her and there is a black spot in about the same place!!! I do love the stripy horns and hooves. I can’t wait for the newbies to arrive what are you calling them the littles?

    • The boys are the Littles. Seems fitting with Gandhi as the Guardian teacher.

      Well, from what I understand they are girls and if I insert a boy, my guess is they will go in season. Besides, I just read on the group that some does got immediately bred back after giving birth by accident. Not what I would want cuz too much stress on the body to be providing milk and fiber and a baby in womb. I think it’ll work. Boys are boys. 😀

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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