Blue Moon curls……..Meds for DaVinci……and Opti’s day out

Oh my oh my. I just skirted the finest fleece I’ve ever had the privilege of handling. And I can’t take any credit. It was Moonee.  Blue Moon. How funny that I was skirting Blue Moon curls on the Blue Moon. Also, today, in a movie, a little girl had a Blue Moon lunchbox, a Blue Moon book and a shirt  as well. Just interesting. Ok, back to the Blue Moon Curls. Six and a half pounds of the softest silkiest longest curls I’ve ever put these tiny hands on. I’m definitely keeping some of this for myself. There’s enough to share. And just think. This is his baby fleece. My favorite is the 3rd fleece. How much bigger and better that will be. Oh my. Hats off to ya Jane Miller. Speaking of Jane…she got married today to a man with goats of his own. What a beautiful adventure they will enjoy as they combine their herds, their knowledge, their joy. Jane had offered Moonee for sale, but when I went to tell her I was interested, she was starting to tell me she’d changed her mind, that she and Moonee were very close… I’m telling her that my husband said I can have him. She graciously let me go ahead and buy him. Thank you Jane….. And have a wonderful new life.



Blue Moon Curlzzzzzzzz



Moonee was lonely today!


I watched the movie….Little women, tonight. The one and only thing that really caught my eye was when they needed money to get their father out of jail, and Jo…..sells her hair. Her sister exclaims….But Jo, it’s your one pretty thing! They even repeated it in the end. Wow, your one pretty thing….your one good thing. Imagine living your life feeling like your hair is you one good thing. Yikesies folks!!! We are each special in many ways. Many many ways.

Oh my, kitty is on a tare. She’s so awesome. Most of the times she’s in my lap. If I can’t find her…she’s in her box. She greeted me the other morning in the kitchen for the first time. Normally she comes running out of the box when I come into the living room and turn on the light. She plays with Blue and so far he’s been good. He can go either way when he’s upset. Blue’s main goal in life is to make Mama happy. He still doesn’t know what that is, for many things, but he thinks he does. I mean, sometimes, his barking is actually useful. It’s the incessant barking outside, the bark when I say…, stop, euhhh, to any animal. That was my attempt at spelling a gasp. I’m having to bop her little face when she bites too hard or claws me too deep. I hate disciplining. But ya gotta.



Just adorable

I’m thinking about Jesse right now. Can a few months in hell really change a person? Yes, I guess it can. That’s what his life was when he left here. Now remember, he was only here because my mother, who stole him when he was 3, kicked him out on his 18th birthday like she promised. He then was hungry and went checking unlocked cars…..homeless. He got caught and ended up in jail, which is how he arrived here. Nine very long months later, he left to begin his life. We thought we’d set him up good, with the DJ machine, the headphones and the laptop. They’re all gone. Of course they are. He was into drugs. Could losing all that….and most of his clothes….really be enough? One can hope so. He seems so different. He feels different. I prayed so much for him to find joy. For so many many years. Just like my daughter, but my daughter knows joy, she just needs a settling place where she can be free to be herself and have her own space. That’s what I pray for you my sweet little hummingbird! No, wait, that represents movement…. My little songbird,……mmmmm, ya, Summer Songbird. Love you baby.

I hear the pitter patter of little feet. I recently wrote those same words, except it said little hooves. This girl is racing across the room, this way and that way, and that’s what I hear….the pitter patter. 😀 It’s 2:21 and I’m just now eating my ice cream. 😀 I was just about to say…and now I hear nothing…where is she…but I look over, and she’s sitting next to Blue. Ha, I’ve had to throw two bath towels over my spinning wheel. If I had yarn going on it right now….oooooh, would I be mad at her. Gypsy is finally, sorta getting used to her. She comes in the room more often, gets near the kitty more often and today, came and smelled the kitties food. Manon calls her the Yellow Banana. Haha. Ok, well, it’s 2:32 and I’m ready to wind down. Sweet, enlightening dreams my friends….. Night night.

What a day. Forgot that Lisa was coming this morning and was still up at 2:45. Then it hit me. Oh Lordie, so I ran thru my night errands and got in bed by 3:05am. Told myself  to wake me up at 8am. It didn’t work this time. First in years. I woke in time though….5 minutes till 9. Two sips of my hot tea and she was here. Lisa wanted them with no hair. So she grabbed one of the ones with the worst case, which meant they had a skirt on of old yuk. We then sheared him quickly. I cut the poor baby and of course I cried as usual. She then poured and scrubbed it in, poured and scrubbed it in. Then flipped him on his back and did the belly. I asked her to teach me the flip technique and she did, of course. He’s out there eating now, as if it never happened.

I told you I was waiting for Lisa to tell me for sure that Opti had edema and not just a waddle. She noticed him right away. I’d already dosed him twice with the normal wormer but was planning to switch if she said so. Yup, so poor baby reacted badly to the nasty stuff in his mouth. He got to come in the house twice today with Lovey…..then they all slept on the porch with the pups. When it came time to put them up, all went very smoothly, even the Beautiful that escaped when we were doing DaVinci’s treatment. Socrates and Gandhi fought half the day, then they chilled and Socrates everything was fine till I realized I had forgotten to close the gate and Opti had got out. So, catch and pull. Oh ya….. Hopi is feeling better and she was just out of reach from inside the girls house and I reached my hand toward her. She stepped away. I said, but Hopi, I really thought we had become friends. I gave you the medicine and I petted you, I thought we became friends. She came over and let me pet her and scratch her neck!!! For as long as I wanted!!! YeeHaw!



Mama’s house goats



Opti and Geiser



Lovey boy







left to right…..Gracie….SweetPea and Valey



Oprah…..sweet face on this girl




Hubby did some weeding today and even took the tractor and cleared away all the tall weeds in front of the Ladies pen, where the Pretties are. I’m going to be adding Milly and maybe Donna. Then I will put Wyatt, depending on his size, with the yearling girls. The rest of the girls will just have a boy added into the girls pasture. That’s the plan as of this second. I know this is all probably pretty boring to you guys. Sorry. And on that note…I will say….Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…….and the Curly Locks are signing off too.

2 thoughts on “Blue Moon curls……..Meds for DaVinci……and Opti’s day out

    • Yup, no diapers. Opti peed and pooped twice! Lovey never does. Yes, those babies will be here soon, gotta get things ready. Yes, sorry the call was so short but I love hearing your voice! ❤

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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