Weaning baby Opti…..and remembering the Bastrop Fire, 1 year later

Wow, an unusual blog. No nighttime words. I was on the phone late taking business and life and had to hang up because I just couldn’t stay awake. Guess it all just got to me…..or caught up to me might be better phrasing. I’ve never hit it off with someone as fast as I have with Manon. That’s probably gonna become a familiar name here. At least she was home safe this time, lol, not in the Walmart parking lot! It was decided that I’m skirting too heavily. Throwing away money!!! Ah well, I’ll get the hang of it.

Last nights Blue Moon. I don’t see any blue…but I do see a face!

This weekend is the anniversary of the Bastrop Fire. One year later and they are still repairing. Still removing burned trees and cleaning debris. I really don’t remember how we found out about the fire. All I know is, I couldn’t get enough information and I needed to know. We have one horse trailer and I was thinking that I’d have to leave the horses, cows and birds behind. I couldn’t take it anymore, no knowing, so I drove to the convenience store 7 miles away. When I arrived, there were many policemen there, getting ice and water. I asked them where the fire was….cuz all I knew was that 21 was closed. The fire was 10 miles from the house. I went home and prayed for my wind friends to help me out. They did. It took days to contain the fire and 21 and many other roads were closed for days, making for very long trips to town, going way out of the way. After the fire was out, they kept the roads closed to remove the animals. The dead ones. From what I hear, there were a lot.

People were very kind. People from all over offered pastures, boarding, trailers and anything that anyone needed really. So many homes went up in smoke. People were displaced for months. Lots of the Hurricane Katrina shelters were set up and then the building began. The rebuilding I mean. Right next to the tiny white boxes(homes), they built their new houses. Every week as we drove to town for our Saturday chores, we would notice the changes. We watched one place in particular….as it was so close to the road. That house is complete now, very different from the original, but a new home regardless. We still see changes every Saturday. We saw some today. It was the kindness shown that I’ll remember most…well, that and the fear. The fear for my babies. So grateful for the firemen who worked tirelessly to keep the fire from spreading. Thank you.

Today, I was supposed to get some panels. Nope, no panels accompanied me home. It didn’t even occur to me until we pulled into tractor Supply, that we didn’t bring the flatbed. And then it occurred to me that the flatbed was loaded with friggin gates, unused gates. I dunno, I’ve complained enough about it for the past few hours that hubby just might help me out. We shall see. This weekend isn’t over yet. I have to get up early to do the permethrin on the mite goats. Yikes, to have to saturate them with a chemical is very hard for me. I’ve done it many times before for them, but apparently not saturated enough. I’m always afraid it’s going to kill them, but I’ve recently been assured that they won’t die. I sure hope not. Sweet babies have very beautiful new curls coming in on their top half that was sheared. I always did love their fleeces, until I could no longer use them. I think I’ll get a few pounds off each next shearing though…like I said, from the top half.

Well now, that was very interesting and oh so easy. I went to deliver the feed bags to their containers at the pens and as I arrive at the girls gate, Opti is standing there. I go in and try to talk him into coming over to me, by the gate. Nope. Then Lily shows up and the two of them go at it…raring up, head locks, the works. I let them play a few minutes then I carefully grabbed his horn base and moved him along. Put him outside the gate and went back in to take photos. When I came out, I drove up to the house to put Blue inside so he wouldn’t interfere and since 3 of the 4 pups had gone into the girls pen, I had it made. I steered Opti into the Zen buggy and off we went. I poured feed to preoccupy Lovey and Gandhi, then I put Opti in. Gave him a scoop of feed and then I changed out the waters. Don’t know how this particular set of fish are still alive. They have been dumped onto the hay more times than I can count….in order to clean the tub. I dump em, rinse the tub, then scoop em up one at a time, rinse them with the hose and throw em back in. Week after week after week. Sturdy little suckers. Plain ole goldfish. The 29 cent kind.

Mimi consoling Milly…her baby just got taken away….ya, to the other end of the yard, lol


Oprah baby

Oprah curls

Mahada and Sugarbee

Joy…so hard to get a good photo of her…but I did….finally. Now for one like this…but in the sun….One day.


one of the Pretties…pulling burrs

After all my rounds, I went back to Opti cuz he was crying. Went in and petted them all and made introductions. Tried to explain to Optimus that his mommy was right over there and she could hear him and he might even be able to see her sometime. I then walked into the tiny house and they all followed me in, including Opti. Yay. So, even though he’s crying, he’s going to be ok. No bashing of any kind, not that I thought there would be. My Gandhi is a star. He’s my guardian extraordinaire. He’s also my favorite fleece, when it hasn’t felted on him. Heavy heavy lanolin. Speaking of curls, Lovey’s coat is bad, just plain bad. You know those little Velcro balls I told you about…the tiny weed balls that stick to everything? Well, Lovey’s coat is much like that Velcro ball. Everything that can stick to his coat…will. He’s a disaster. Today, while I was trying to show love to them all, for Opti’s sake, I lifted Lovey’s curls. Oh my gosh…..beautifulllll. Wide ringlets!!! And silver??? Wow. Not for sure, it was dark in the tiny house, but it sure looked silver to me. From red to silver? Hmmmm. Is that normal? Ha, normal. Hmmm, how to vm proof a place for Lovey. Lovey the Velcro goat. Cuz Lovey belongs to hubby. I gave him to hubby as a way to get him involved with the goats….therefore, the goats needs. And I KNOW, he’s gonna want a hat. Haha.

Blurry cuz he didn’t want me doing it….but, looks silver to me!!!

Well, things to do and fleeces to skirt. One thing marked off my list. Wean Opti. Opti is now weaned. Sure, he’s still crying, but he has been removed. Probably just in time, cuz if Milly’s in season, others will soon follow. Later beautiful people!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks!!!  Welcome Uraguay!!!!


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