YeeHaw Ranch…is now in business

Wow, I got two compliments on my photos yesterday. Each time, I went to look again to see what was special about them. Ha, I’m still not sure. But I’ll take it! Last nights moon and then the shiny shiny star, followed by two shooting stars…..was special. Tonight’s moon is interesting as well. Can’t wait to see it before bed. I hate this TV. I hate it I hate it, I hate it. It’s like people in front of a fake background. Obviously, my husband didn’t take it back. It’s still here in all it’s non glory. Well, at least I’m happy about Smooch. She has graduated to wanting time and play away from mama. At the moment, she is still in my chair, but is happily playing with something in the back corner. She sometimes will lay in a kitty bed, and sometimes on the pillow I have placed next to my chair for her to climb up on. It’s my old bed pillow that has been redelegated to behind the back for spinning….status.

I’m nervous. There’s no way to hedge around it. It is 2:36am and I am just now typing. I had nothing to say because I’m nervous. All I can think of is that my fleeces arrive at the buyers house tomorrow. Will she like them? Are they good enough? Is there too much VM? Are they too dirty? Or……are they perfect? Are they just what she wanted? Just what she needed? And it made her smile? Ahhh, the suspense is intense. I sent Gracie and Joy. And threw in a VM’y Picasso for good measure…and to see how much VM is too much Vm. Picasso is one of my favorite goats to spin. He’s brilliant. He’s also for sale. So strange, the changes going on. So…… different than the norm…the expected…..the rote. Ok, well,………it’s 2:45am. Hello angels flying by. I’m finally feeling the hurricane and it’s time to go softly to sleep. Be sweet people and go softly. ❤

We got Lily’s curls off of her and threw very little away, so …… success!! She was a very good girl as well, but then again she was last shear, as was Maya. I write these things down. Hopi is obviously feeling better now and she is Maya’s guardian now that she’s sheared and everyone wants to bash her. Maya rared up on Lily when she came of the stand all sheared up. Maya….sweet, bother no one Maya. She’s so darn cute too. Never really get to see her face cuz it’s usually all covered up and I hadn’t seen her eyes in ages! Lily’s fleece is a non lanolin fleece. It came off in one hour….whereas Maya’s came off in 3 hours. Such a joy to shear…..comes off more like butter than hair. And would you believe….her own mom bashed her. Right before she got down I whispered to her the same as yesterday…..go ram someone, like Ella maybe, as soon as you get down. Nope. She ran to her twin, Lila, who was sleeping. So there’s sleeping Lila with Lily standing nearly over her and all the girls that want to see who this stranger is. Lila slept through it all.


Awwe, aren’t they sweet….Check out Donna and Valey.



Now Lily is naked!



Mother and daughter……too darn sweet….guess they were bonding cuz she was losing her baby Lily to sheardom.



Save me Sis!!!!! Nope….staying out of it.



Maya and Lily……horn locked.



Lily Curls…..neck



Lila slept through everything



I realized this morning that I have money available. I’m going to buy panels and Tposts. I’m going to redo the lambie pen, which already has Tposts, and then fence in the other tiny house next to it for another pen. YeeHaw, that’s 2 more pens!!! This has never happened before. I have a need. I can just go get it, without having to ask over and over and over. I haven’t heard from the shearer yet but if it works out that I have to do them all, I’ll still have money for the clippers. I also have an idea that will help a lot. If I put a fence, not necessary for it to be fancy, but put it at the end of the L which meets with the main pasture, and also a gate….I can let the boys in to be fed without the cows and horses and can even section it off into temp pens…lol, breeding pens. Told you I wanted to play.

The person who bought my fleeces has left for the post office an hour and a half ago. She’s going to love them, right? Right. As you can tell, I’m still preoccupied about this. But there’s something else. Something I didn’t even realize I’d have on my mind. When I woke up, Facebook reminded me it was my niece’s birthday. August 31. As I was typing her a birthday wish, I just broke down. I haven’t cried about this for twenty some years. I had a baby that was due on August 31. Can you imagine? I, who wanted a baby so so badly, lost mine and my sister who didn’t necessarily want a baby right then, had a baby on the date that my dead one was due. It was hard. He was the longest I carried any of my miscarriages. We had clothes for him. I say him. We didn’t know for sure, but were going to name him Ryan Alan, if he was a boy. Had no girl name picked out. 3 months is all the time I got with Ryan….and I had to go to the hospital. It was a horrendous toilet scene and a horrendous hospital stay. And it was actually worse than delivering a full term baby. Happy 27th Birthday Ryan. Mama loves you baby.

Ok…..alright……..ohhhhhh……me oh my. I am so happy right now. I know….two seconds ago I was crying. Now I am again, but for a different reason. She loved the fleeces!!! Even the vm one. Folks, you have no idea what I put myself through these past, what…one week…2 weeks? Probably only one but felt like forever. You should see my bathroom. No longer the neat stacked pile of fiber bags in the shower….oh no, they are all over the bathroom. Every fleece bag I opened, I would toss to the side and say…not good enough. Not good enough. Shoot, I’ll take a picture for you. I guess this means I can tell you my news now. I am joining up with the company known as……Beautiful, yeah. This fantastic woman sells fiber and yarns worldwide. I am also going to be finding Suri alpaca fleeces for her, so if you have RAW Suri blankets available…hit me up. I will also be finding whatever mohair she needs that I can’t supply myself. Like say should she need a bunch of white and I have no more white left till next shear….I will be calling on my goat friends to help fill the need. Sorta kinda like a broker….or maybe actually like a broker.



Fleeces everywhere……..and around the bend and in the livingroom

Wow. I told ya something good ad happened! It wasn’t a done deal until she received the first fleeces. And she did, and she loved them!!! Oh my gosh, I’m over the Blue Moon!!! Haha, and I was skirting Blue Moon’s fleece when she left for the post office! Ya, I’m talking about Moonee. Moonee is just his nickname. Manon, you are gonna love this one. That’s her name, Manon. We hit it off like we’d been friends forever. We really laugh…..and sometimes talk for hours. Once, she called me from Walmart. We talked for an hour and a half and I said…are you actually shopping while we talk? She said,….oh, no, I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot. Hahaha. Hilarious.






Guess I just took it out of both our hands, cuz I just told the world!!! Hello world!!! And, I just got the sweetest, and unexpected package from my daughter. It had seeds and dried flowers, beautiful pendants for my pouch…one being a butterfly, some natural aroma smudge type stuff, yum, and a very special card. It’s a whale print that her friend Laurelsong painted. Laurelsong is no longer with us on this plane, so I consider that quite an honor. Thank you beautiful girl. Oh, what a day. Very full, very emotional. I love my life. Signing off at Yeehaw Ranch. 😀


6 thoughts on “YeeHaw Ranch…is now in business

  1. Oh I LOVE Lila, and her Mom, plus I see funky horns in the picture with Donna. Oh how sweet is that picture, Big hugs, It’s my son’t birthday today, he is 24 today. I hope this year to come is better then his year past

    • Ahhh, Happy Birthday Christian. Yes, I hope this year is really really good to him. Ya, lol, those were both really sweet photos. I had fun taking them…catching them. I was shearing and when I would see something cute…grabbed the camera….then back to shearing.

    • Thank you!!!! It’s exciting!!! Yes, a Blue Moon blessing indeed. Ya, kitty likes to pose….my husband just told me….lol You have a great weekend too hon. Take care.

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