My life is Beautiful………………….Yeah

Wow, ok, so it just took me four hours to skirt the best fleece ever grown on this ranch. It was those little tiny balls that stick to everything. I don’t know what weed it is, but it’s a close 2nd to sticker burrs. Sticker burrs cause owies, but these things….jeesh, they are like mustard seed sized Velcro. But I am now done and am so pleased. Mostly 6 inches….ahhhh, Maya, your 2nd coat is a doozie girl. Knew it would be. That definitely cinches it. Maya is getting shorn tomorrow, not Lily. (Which will be today by the time you read this) My favorite part was getting down in the bag to the part where there were these huge clumps of gorgeous curls. I didn’t want to disturb them to much by picking too much stuff out. So beautiful. Beautiful, yeah. 😀

My best fleece ever. Maya was born here. Yay, I’m getting somewhere!  AND, it’s 6 inches!

Ahhh, my fleece skirting helper

Tiny paws are so cute

Blue dog and the water situation is working out great. He hesitates for a second now, then just goes to get a drink. I wish I could say the same for the pup food issue. I’m frankly at wits end on that one. Ah how funny…as I’m telling someone on FB that it’s 100 degrees, the TV says…..its Hot. Lollll Wow, and then she tells me that some of the fires in Montana are manmade to create jobs. Jeesh and canoles. By the way, I use that word fairly often, canoles, the truth is, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one. 😀

Ok, so the butterfly has just wore off and I need to make another one. Hold on. Ok, there we go. Done. In case you’re new…the butterfly is in support of any who CUT themselves to feel a different kind of pain than the one they are in….or any who are contemplating suicide. I have drawn a butterfly every week since the day I was asked to . Gosh, 2-3 months now probably. You do know that’s why they cut themselves, right? I once carved something into my arm, very lightly….and I’ve also attempted suicide by cutting my wrists…so I sorta know that feeling. I mean, I know what it feels like to have a knife cutting your skin and you being the one cutting. I also know the pain that could cause one to do such a thing. I know it as if it were my sweetheart. We broke up though. 😀

This weeks butterfly for…..The Butterfly Project/People

Pain so deep you slide down walls. So thorough you are sick to your stomach. You contemplate the different ways to die….. Which one is most painless, was mine. I tried many many. And yes, that is grammatically incorrect but I say screw that. I’m me and this is flowing from my fingers. I am what I am. Anyway…about the pain. It occupies your every thought. It sucks up everything around you, around it, and pounds into you that you’re not enough… not worthy, you hold back in conversations cuz you think your words aren’t worthy, Its self esteem. Low self esteem sucks royally. I actually think it occupies more people than let on. I think the bad people, the rich people, the evil people, the dumb people (according to what they were told their whole life), are plum eaten up with it, but this is how they express it because passion of any sort needs, demands, expression,… a volcano. It builds and when the time is right, it blows.
Karen, if you’re reading….I just tell about my day. No expectations dear. I was just so excited. It was my first inquiry about buying my goats. Of course I was excited! Still am. You mentioned today that breeders sell what they don’t want. This is true. Let me think of all the reasons why I am willing to sell Olive Oyl and Sweetpea. First off, we are not closely bonded cuz she is Donna’s baby, who is very protective….even though she loves me. and, The main reason is the father, Aramis.

Aramis is the first main buck I bought and he is larger than I like. Because of that, I switched to Marshall, a goat I chose. Hmmm, that’s about it. Sweetpea is the only baby born in a pasture as opposed to a breeding pen. She was an accident and I woke to see her moments or seconds after she dropped. I ran out there and experienced it from way before the baby even thought about trying to walk. For some reason, the placenta blew in the wind, many colored, …sorta beautiful. I had to then carry the baby later that day to the goat house at near dark. I’ve already written about this, but mom would cry and freak out and every 20 or so ft I would set the baby back down, she would come, greet it, then I would walk. She would stay, and cry…and repeat….across 6 acres, no, 5 cuz we weren’t all the way to the end of the pasture.

Here is the colorful placenta….think I’d already posted it once, but who cares.

Because there was no way to trap them at that time, still isn’t if they are babies cuz they tore down the chicken coop wire I strung up. Anyway, I didn’t bond with Sweetpea either. I do try however, every day to win her over. I get closer and closer all the time. I was able to catch her easily for worming the other day….so cool. The reason I’m talking about this out loud is that I want to be up front about why I’m selling a goat. I think that’s important. I have another goat, Mahada…I have not bonded with her at all. She’s true black with white socks, good for my pinto line, but her curls are loose instead of tight. I don’t want to breed that. She is for sale. $200. People are gonna hate me for saying that, but I think the prices are too high. Like I said, this was a hobby until the feed bill got so high I needed to supplement.

Oh wow, I think for the first time in a long while….I am satisfied with this blog….And I haven’t even done tomorrows yet. It is 3:15am. Sleepiness creeps. Did you send a card to Courtland? 😀 Shoot, I bought one, now I just gotta find it in this hoarding looking mess. Lol. Night night sweet ones,,,,,,dear ones……loved ones. It is with my utmost pleasure that I say….Father, (that’s what he answered that I call him, when I asked), Father, I pray a shield of protection and safety around all of my readers and all of their friends and families and all of their parts. In Jesus name I pray. That’s something I kinda sorta took a vow to say after each prayer once upon a time and I just still do. Jesus was a teacher of ………well, let’s suffice it to say that it’s not what you think. Night night. Again…..

What a long shear. We did Maya, as I said, and yippie yay, we got it in time! Took 3 hours! She was another most excellent goat, 2nd this season!!! She stood absolutely still through the whole thing. I whispered to her and suggested that she come off the stand with an attitude and go straight for someone and head butt them. And she did!!! No bashing Maya this time!!! She was the first one sheared in March and they gave her hell. I think it really is that simple. If they confront the herd…the herd doesn’t confront them.

Ahhh, Beautiful Maya

She’s naked!!!

Ahhhh, the quality rolls………..haha, and if you don’t pull each curl out of the roll, you cut the curl short

While we were shearing, Milly kept hollering. I thought maybe she was sick, so I ran to the house for the new wormer, then decided, no, she’s looking for someone. Hopi was NOT in the weeds, I walked the place and couldn’t find anyone in trouble, came back and resumed shearing. Ha, finally figured it out. She was looking for someone. A boy. She’s in season, otherwise known as estrus. Dang, I need more pens. I want to play.

Mimi is looking good for an 8 year old.

Optiboy…so stinkin cute

Last nights moon….with solarize added. And no, those are not trees……..dunno. Saw 2 shooting stars too after I noticed how brilliant one star was shining.

Ooooohie……I’m talking with my son on the phone right now!!! He didn’t have phone or internet access, and he’s still doing good. Yay! I’m sorry to say I had thought the worst. Thought he’d gotten his first paycheck and just went hogwild, drinking and stuff. But he didn’t…Yay! Ah, what an awesome conversation. Top it off, he’s no longer an atheist. Says that started before he left here!!!! How cool.

Well, in the end, I didn’t do the wormer today. Hopi was out of the weeds, in the house, Milly was looking for a man and Opti was ok too. Lisa will be coming on Sunday to help me with the Mite goats and I’ll get her to look at Opti to see if I’m overreacting. It’s not that he appears sick….it’s just this jiggley area in his chest. Not sure if it’s normal, cuz some others do that too, …kinda goes along with the skin rolls. Skinrolls are supposedly a sign of a high quality goat. Wow, time got away from me again. It’s after 7, gotta go if this is to be posted around 8. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch! Don’t forget that Blue moon tomorrow night folks!!!


4 thoughts on “My life is Beautiful………………….Yeah

    • Thanks hon. Yes, adorable…….thats how I found him when I came back from searching…can you imaging…had to make him move…too cute.

      Bad day,,,,, I’m sorry. 😦 Huggs

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