Owies and worms……and selling a goat?……oh my

Crazy day. I’ve got owies everywhere. One of my internet friends, Grace has been having a stream of yukky things happening to her and I have so empathized. Then today, I discovered I can’t even lock my knee back as I have for my whole life, and it hurts and feels like it could come unglued with a misstep which are everywhere. Tiny dips in the ground, or even big ones. But mostly the tiny dips that you don’t see, that can so easily twist an ankle. Or a knee. I have the burr splinter in my finger…I ran into the doorway while hurrying to get the phone yesterday and hurt my left forearm, and tonight I jabbed my elbow into the barb of the barb wire fence. There’s a hurricane out there, but yay oh yay, the pains not so bad. The 2 pups just changed pecking order. Geiser is now the bottom of the barrel. Poor Geis. But ya, he is way too playful to get a top honor. I’m thinking that Little boy may try to take over the pack. He is mighty and soft at the same time. Definitely leader of the pack material….but my BabyGirl would lose her place. I would hate that.

Get that monster that’s moving on the computer screen!

Gosh, I really need a shearer to come. I’ve only done 4 and already I’ve got shearers forearm, like I told you. It’s no fun. Wait…I’m getting clippers with the money I just made….that’s right. 😀 All I have to do now is figure out how to access the money. LofrigginLLL. As you know…I’m new to this. That’s why it’s so awesome. So awesomely huge. Holy Toledo!!!! Life has shifted gears for me, and it’s shifted into 5th. Well, not entirely, if I was truly into 5th, I would have no disease or pain in my body….I would be in another layer of life, without the pain. I have been avoiding meditation forever. Don’t know why. Kinda felt like I was supposed to, was agreed upon before I came here. Can’t I reach full enlightenment without it? Yes. The answer has to be an unequivocal yes….. Because I’ve been doing only what I do for all this time with a miniscule amount of actual meditating. My art is meditation I guess,,,, my paintings, and the pulling of the curls, or the spinning of the yarn, takes hours…lost in the flow of the curls, the flow of the yarn waking up and becoming. …… It’s 2:44, Hello Angels…..night night peoples. Be well.

Yoki, very dense…complete coverage…stepping on her curls. And yes, mohair tail

Happy’s fleece

Yazhi fleece

Maya’s fleece……These top 4 photos are for a friend to help me evaluate some fleeces.. Today’s blog is triple duty.

Well, I can’t believe I did this, but I called the old shearer. I just have too many things to do in not enough time. Even if I got the clippers tomorrow, it wouldn’t be soon enough to save all the fleeces. If this guy calls me back and agrees to come, I will just have plenty of superglue and purple spray on hand. If he doesn’t call, I have one more name I can call. It was seeing Maya today that relayed the urgency to me. She’s a heavy lanolin gal and those can felt some if not taken off in time. She will be done probably tomorrow, either her or Lily who is blowing her coat. Going to worm everybody with a new wormer tomorrow as well. I don’t think this one is working anymore. Four years, same wormer…finally they are immune to it. A lot of people worm their goats so often that they have to constantly change up wormers.

Had a Pretty stuck today. Not the normal stuck. I once tried to describe what my husband did with the fence that made me so mad. Let’s try again. In my backyard, there is a long stretch of fence. Directly behind my house, on the other side of that fence, is the original pens. There are 2 pens with a 10 ft alley between them. There used to be a gate between the two pens to get into the alley. When the fence guys came…..they took down my gate…..left the portion of old fence that was part of the pens……and just ran new fence about 2 ft from the old fence….then when they got past those pens, it’s just a regular fence. So…..I can no longer walk down and open the gate to get in. There are now 2 fences in my way, 2 ft apart. So, that’s where the goat was stuck. Between the two fences. Luckily, at the part where the good fence continues on…..we were able to push her that way and she squeezed thru. Jeesh.

Hey!!!! I had an inquiry today…someone considering buying 2 goats!!! This is too cool. I was so busy today that I didn’t get a chance to eat. I haven’t read a single blog either. Cathy said I need a computer download, so I can store all this stuff somewhere other than my brain…like an external hard drive. Lol. I think she’s right. Folks, if this blog today is a little more disjointed than usual, my apologies. I wish my son would call, so I could tell him what’s happening in my life. Tell him that miraculously, my business has taken off and I actually have money…in my name. Wowza. Course it’s in Paypal and I have to figure out how to get it, other than buying something online. But it’s there!!! Soon, I’ll explain it soon. Actually had written about it last night…but I have removed and saved it for a later blog. Just wasn’t quite ready. Just want to make sure first.

Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl in the sun

Olive Oyl’s curls…..very soft….good condition. I would eagerly spin it.

SweetPea, Olive Oyl’s daughter…….and her shadow……

Smile for Karen!!!!…. and she did………………………..For your viewing pleasure Karen, these photos are for you

Well, Hopi is still in the weeds….and Lovey was not tooth stuck today. Now Yoki is acting weird, so that’s why I’m changing the wormer. Also Opti. That’s 3 goats….it’s definitely the wormer not working anymore. Also, when I went to tighten the chain on the main L gate, to keep the Pretties from getting out, like one did the other day…..only it turns out, it wasn’t the chain. It’s under the gate…..they are going under the gate. Hubby says that means the pups have dug. Didn’t look like dug, but he swears it was at 6 inches clearance and now it’s like 2 ft. Not something I can fix. So have to keep them completely penned till hubby can. Oh boy, it’s 8 o’clock. Gotta wrap this up. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks.

4 thoughts on “Owies and worms……and selling a goat?……oh my

  1. Dear One – be careful I know how this type of a day can bring so much more then just the scraps, twists, pokes and such. I send good vibes your way and hope your’s get better quick… Good luck on the possible sales.

  2. Yes density or it could be a bug issue. It will be interesting once you get the fleeces off them to see what they are like. Maya looks the densest but it is hard to tell
    Olive Oyl is a cutie, in the one picture SweetPea looks brown. I like her darker neck, and the little white splash under her chin. In the sun picture isn’t that SweetPea in the back too? She has very long legs, what a cutie

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