A very ODD day……………….

Ahhhh, memory lane. Not such a good road if you’ve lived the life I’ve lived. Not quite sure how the conversation went this way, but it did and I’m fine. Awhile back…a conversation reliving the abuse of my dead Ex, Bobby, would send me into a bout , be it a small one, but a bout of depression. Not!!! Lol. Love my life. Even with the rush of time…where does it go? it’s 2am and I haven’t unloaded and loaded the dishwasher yet.

I don’t remember where I heard this tonight but it said the Eskimos knew they would be cold in building this thing, whatever it was, and so, they endured. The Texans it said, were so cold they could only work a few hours so the project took a very long time. They knew they would be cold. What a concept! The body was adjusted to that knowledge, therefore, they could work long hours. Fascinating. Maybe my body has been adjusting to the knowledge that it is strong. It has endured much. Rape, beatings, muscle disease, broken bones, miscarriages and births….lol

Ahhh, memory lane, find a way to adjust my knee to healed. That bang with the skillet really did a number. After I danced as an exotic, the doctor told me I had disintegrating kneecaps. Had a fancy name…femoral temporal syndrome or something like that. Ahh…..I banged it with a skillet, that’s all. As a dancer, I gyrated down and back up as my only skill…. I can’t dance. Dancing hurt my knee and now a skillet hurt my knee. I prefer too look at it like that instead of as a disease or syndrome. Ahhh, memory lane again. How wonderful.

I had another discussion tonight that I’m not going to talk about. It was troublesome, and the only reason I’m mentioning it is because I tell you about my day. Boyo…. It sure takes a lot of my day reading all the blogs I follow, now that I’ve got them coming to my email. Wow….I try though. I enjoy it. I’m watching a love saga play out and it is drama at loves deep depths. Poor girl. I’ve also got the young lady planning to go to Iceland…still hoping for a couch and a job and to stay for a year, so she can decide if she wants to live there. I find that fascinating. I’ve seen 2 UFO sightings on the blogs I follow…in 2 days. Hello?????!!!!! I honestly think we should prepare ourselves for a visitation. It seems to be pointing that way with all the news reports. I dunno.

I would really like to promote the angora goat….but for Gods sakes, why isn’t it the Mohair goat??????? Anyway, if more people knew about them, knew how easy they were to keep …well, with a few…. Then more people would be bringing back the old arts and more people would be buying the goats, besides the big/little goat circle already in existence. Lisa asked me at the show….what were my goals…I said building a pinto herd to the quality of whites. I was overwhelmed with the beauty I was seeing and it jumbled my brain. What I want…is to expand awareness about this awesome critter. I just need to get brave and do it. There are so many ways… 4H, school talks, livestock shows, farmers markets. As for the farmers markets, I would take Lovey, or another bottle baby with me and my wheel, to demonstrate spinning. Whenever a baby goat gets in public eyes, it raises awareness. I’ve seen it in action.

The way my husband wants me to rebuild the old lambie pen, now that they are gone as well as the panels….is difficult. I just had the idea that I can use all the old gates…the Tposts are already in place. I think I’d rather put the new girls in there when they arrive. I still haven’t seen any action with Mooney and the Pretties, and it could be that maybe they had just gone out of estrus and I have to wait for the next cycle. I think I’ll try to jerryrig the new pen. Added bonus? It’s out the window next to my chair. Speaking of My Chair….. I should tell you it is 13 years old. It is still going strong even if it’s dirty and the arm is ripping. The duct tape works wonders. I took a photo of Smooches…to show how tiny she is…and I didn’t post it because the chair looked so bad. What the heck…if I remember, I will post it anyway. And with that hurricane in the gulf, the weather may be cooler, instead of thick with humidity, and it would be a good time to set that pen up. I sure hope so. Well peoples, it is 2:58am……….. Goodness, guess I better go to bed. Got a sticker burr splinter. Hate that. May you pay heed to that …still small voice…

Went to town to mail the Koolaid and to pick up prescriptions. While pumping gas, I had an icky feeling, so I said an extra prayer for the way home, it wasn’t the drive. It was the getting out of the car. Haven’t a clue what caused it but when Cathy went to get her stuff out of the car on the passenger side, the two baby pups started growling. What? She was able to get her stuff out and get out of the way. She stopped me from interfering…..but dang…this has never happened before. They really got into it and it ended with Little Boy standing over Geiser. When I went to feed, they were still going at it, so I put Blue back inside and I took my crook with me. Didn’t need it, but jeesh! What’s that all about? It was scary. I get very uncomfortable when dogs fight….and these are MY dogs!!! I wonder what caused this change of pecking order after all this time. Why now?

And Lovey!!! Lovey did it again. I cut all that hair off and he still gets stuck. So many things to do…so little doable weather and so little time. I’m having to ease the bond with Smooches a bit already. So hard to get things done with a kitten in your lap….or type with someone gnawing on your hand as you type.

Here it is…my 13 year old chair…and the tiny kitten

Action shots aren’t easy…usually blurry..lol

Hi there

My lil helper…………..Not

Ok, one other thing. This is weird. Was befriended on FB by what is represented as a young man from The Gambia, in west Africa. He wrote a long Private message about his life, and the sadness of it all and the lack of money. I was busy over the weekend so I didn’t respond yet. Monday morning he repeated the whole long message, exactly. So, I told him I was a little busy at the moment….best if he went to my blog to read my story, which he was interested in. So I sent him a link. I wake up this morning and there are 80 views to my blog since midnight. One from The Gambia…and the rest from the US. It appears as if someone read every single blog. I received another Private message this morning saying he’d read all of my blog, can he call me Mum? Can I be his surrogate mum? Thing is….besides all of the obvious…..only one view was from Gambia. See folks, on a normal day, there may be 10-15 views from midnight till I wake up. Not 80. All I can say is…..it’s kinda creepin me out.

Apparently I didn’t cut enough off last night cuz he was caught again.

Hopi hiding in the weeds.

Tika…..man these Pretties sue are dirty!!!


She’s got herself all tucked in and ready to sleep

Hopi is still in the weeds. It’s very strange. I finally found her, right up front, by the fence….pulled the weeds aside and reached in and petted her head. She let me. Oh my….this can’t be good. Maybe I need a different wormer. Looks like I’ll be going to town again tomorrow. Not used to this…that will make every day so far this week. I mean, I don’t know what else to do….. It’s just not normal behavior. She’s old but she’s not that old! And I still don’t understand the pup thing. Why now? Why change the pecking order now? Very odd. I’ll just call this an odd day. Alright….signing off at HeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks…. Yes, I did that on purpose….since it’s an odd day. HeeHaw! Oh, and as tradition goes…. Welcome Gambia!!!


2 thoughts on “A very ODD day……………….

  1. Odd day, yes indeed it was. Gambia, Welcome, a great look into part of America, pretty real. To touch people all over and show we all have our burdens. Love you and that tiny tiny little kitty

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