This business thing takes awhile to wrap my brain around. I’m doing it though! I have a box to ship in the morning! How cool is that folks? When I’ve been creating in my mind the past few months….I’ve been creating people who want to buy my stuff. Nothing overwhelming, but that I can make enough money to do some things I’d like to do, and decrease the feed cost. That’s what I’ve been saying to myself and out loud even. People want to buy my stuff. (TV, just said stuff around 5 times within 30 seconds) This first package will be really big cuz it’s got the carder in it. You may not all know what a carder is. Picture one of the old fashioned dog brushes with the metal tines. This is big and round though….and the idea is to put all the fibers going in the same direction. There are electric models available but they aren’t cheap, so it’s the hand crank system. Just not something I prefer to do. So I don’t, so I sold it. Yay!!!

I’ve got tee tiny razor slices all up both my hands and arms from little miss thing here. She likes to walk up to my hand, flip over onto her back and wrap her paws around me and ….well, she’s teething….and she swats too. It’s really cute, and I know she’s teething, that part I don’t mind. It’s the razor slices I mind. They sting long after the play.

Hehe, sleepy

haha, do you see how far back Blues ears are?

Facebook strategy says you should have a story, so last night, I told my story on my FB ranch page. Course it would help if I told people I had the durn thing. But nah, not yet. I need to get more ducks in a row first on it. Right now it’s only got 13 likes and that’s fine with me. I have more stuff to do, just gotta find the time. More pictures to add, with more of a hey, this is for sale attitude…heck, what am I saying more of…there’s nothing absolutely nothing on the page as it is right now that suggests that something is for sale. Oh wait…last night I added a photo and above it I wrote….Tiny purses. 😀 I guess that was my way of saying I could make them if anyone wanted them… And that was just last night!!!!!!!!!! Get a grip Sheri. Offer them for sale, people will either ask for one or they won’t. But I have to tell ya….the 3 little girls that have them treat them as their special thing. My daughter told me that one of the girls in particular is very careful with hers. So cute.

Neighbor Cathy and I have a symbiotic relationship. I guess she gets my friendship, away from the house, a challenge, fun, laughter, a place to smoke cigarettes, and gift certificates to Michaels or Hobby Lobby at Christmas. I get… a helper in any situation I need, friendship, fun, laughter, and she sews anything that needs sewed. I’m not a sewer.
I want to thank you all for reading my words and following my life. It really means a lot to me, and it makes my day, actually. I want to emphasize that if you ever have a request for a topic or have a question…I will do my best to try to find an answer if I don’t already have one. Or if you need a favor. I asked for the Cards for Courtland, didn’t I? I’ll mention it again…even though I think she may have given up because I don’t see the group anymore…but either way…here’s the info again. My friend wants to give her husband cards from America and cards from around the world, as her husbands 50th birthday gift. Anyway, deadline is creepin. End of October. I heard from her today and she is still lacking 40 states!!!!!!!! Come on, anyone? Just a birthday card? And here is the address again, should any of you feel led to help out.
Cards for Courtland
P.O. Box1409
Boyd, TX 76023
When I went to the Yellow Rose Fiber Festival this April, I bought some things. When I came home, I had to deal with my favorite of all times baby dying….Kya. Those items I bought are still in the bag. I’ve taken them out twice over the months since. I think it’s time to pull them out of their bag, once and for all. One is a beautiful necklace. Another is a large piece of silky stuff for making scarves. And another is this cobwebby type stuff that I plan on using to make a fiber painting one day. The stars haven’t aligned, lol, for that just yet, but when they do, I will first buy a batt (a prearranged, carded amount of different fibers, oh, wait, I’m describing an art batt, well, either way, I will use this batt from Yorkieslave, on Etsy, as the background of my painting. I will then use the cob webby stuff within the art. I wish I could take her class. Hmmm, interesting that I say I wish, when all it would take is a drive and some money to pay for the class. Interesting.

The Stuff from the Yellow rose Fiber fest, last April…..necklace, white silky stuff and cobwebby stuff

Speaking of the silky stuff for scarves….one of my FB friends does the most gorgeous silk painted scarves I’ve ever seen. I get all excited when she posts them. I’ve asked before if there was a way to do the class online. I asked again today and the answer was….there’s no electricity there. So, I asked if I could pay half and just get instructions. She is sending the instructions. I’m psyched. Cuz I got the cloth and these ducks are lining up. Well folkie olkies……it is 2:50am and I really should go to sleep. Still not really tired but what the heck, it is late. Nightie night.
Crazy day here. Got the box ready…ended up 26 pounds, lol. Asked Lisa about Opti’s neck edema and she said it’s a deadly wormload. Just wormed him last week, and noticed this. Looked it up and general consensus was healthy babies still taking milk from mom. Lisa said deadly. Was too late last night so I went this morning to give him another dose of wormer and I didn’t see him. I thought about what Lisa said and I panicked. I started into the 6 acre field, knowing it could take forever to find him if he was dead out there so I was about to let the pups in to help me look, when Cathy discovered him alive and well under a chair. Thank God. Gave him his dose as well as his mom and Hopi was once again standing in the sun in the milkweed so gave her another dose as well.

Shortcake…and Hannah wanted to say hi

This is an unusual grouping…yet, they are laying together


Gracie….nice fiber

a pile of goats

went out to take photos yesterday and they followed me back…hoping for food

Next, at four o’clock, it was time to feed so Blue and I jump into the Zen buggy and he immediately goes after what I think is a bug. He always goes after flying bugs. But it wasn’t a bug. It was a baby bird that I told you the mom was building in the Zen buggy. It ended up in the grass hopping away and finally it burrowed into the grass to hide, but I saw and snatched it . Stuck it headfirst into the small nest and it’s feet and butt were sticking out and it wasn’t moving. Thought maybe it had died of fright. Took Blue inside and came back and it’s little heart was beating really fast. I started up the loud Zen buggy and started driving. It finally crawled deep inside, very much alive. Oh ya, when it first happened I heard the mom freaking, so I’m sure they are reconnected by now.

On to discover that Lovey has done it Again!!!! Teeth stuck, trying to get at sticker burrs, so…called Cathy and she came to hold him still while I cut the hair away from his chin and upper chest. Too big a deal to go get the stanchion. So, that should be the last of that! He didn’t like it, but then again, Lovey despises being restrained in any way. Ha, wait for the full shear my boy!

Well, it’s about to rain here….hurricane rain bands? Dunno, but I’m signing off so I can try to get this up before I lose internet. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks. Oh ya….Welcome to my blog….. United Arab Emirates, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Jamaica!!! Hey, I’ve been to Jamaica!  Anyway, hope you enjoy my words and photos!

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