Photographs and kittens

I just went through all my blogs, not reading, but looking for yarn photos to put on my FB ranch page…and I realized something. I take some pretty cool photos!!! It’s a talent that I rarely tell myself that I have. But jeesh, that trip down photo lane just spelled it out for me. I may not know about shutters and F stops, but I know what makes a good photo. Some of my photos are not that great, but they tell the story and that’s why they are included, even the sometimes blurry ones. If I’m trying to tell you something, a blurry photo is better than no photo. You guys might be shocked to discover the length I will wait for the right photo, holding in position. Not sure why, it’s just something I do. I like it.

Haru…you are without a doubt the greatest ninja of all time……believe it or not, there were times when I doubted this, says Haru. 😀 . From the movie…Beverly Hills Ninja. It’s 7 minutes till 3am and I’m just now writing this, and just now eating my ice cream. My life has escalated into a whirlwind. I can’t help but think again, about that time my beautiful daughter Summer and I read, that in February 2012, time would speed up to a year in a day. I’ve told you this before. When I was walking through the swapmeet hubby wanted to go to, it was all so familiar. When I realized which swapmeet it was, I was flabbergasted. It’s been a year? A year?

Shoot…just getting my dishwasher unloaded and loaded is a huge feat these days. When I’m out of forks…I have no choice! Gosh folks. I’m so excited. So many things happening in my world. And a hurricane. 😦 I Know, not very nice of me to be thinking of my physical muscle pain during a hurricane when people could be losing their houses, their livelihood, or even their lives. Not nice. It is what it is. Oh man…pray for me. Pray that all goes well with my newness’s. Funny, earlier, I felt myself feeling icky, and I prayed, saying… thank you for the joyness in my body, the joyness in my mind and the joyness in my heart. :-D, I fully expected God to know what my “joyness” meant! My intention was to nip that icky in the bud. A lot of my friends are feeling icky right now. They…haha, they say that it’s the new energies. That we are being reprogrammed from our present bodies, to 5D bodies. And the DNA is changing too. Actually, a lot of they’s say that.

Let me rave about the kitty again. Last night I turned her box on it’s side so she could crawl in or out. No more being trapped. When it’s late, and she’s ready, which is easy to tell because she tries to sleep and cries when I move…I place her in the box. She comes out, I put her back. She comes out, I put her back, and night night little one. Back when she was still in the box, I would place her in and sing…to the tune of row row row your boat….smooch smooch smoochie smooch, smoochie smoochie smooch! Lol, you can take it from there. But after 2 nights of this, I realized that it wasn’t so much the song…it was the frustrated maaeow, I made to her. Both times, that’s when she went to sleep. Like I said…when you wanna talk to an animal…talk to them in their language.

Geiser meets Smooches


Playing with Mama’s hair


Meet Liberty….haha, ya right


Also, day 1, she was in my chair…walked to the edge, decided no way, walked to the left and dropped onto the stuff below. Thing is….she remembers that every single time. Never goes near the front edge of the chair…always to the left. One poopey on the floor day 2.…never again. When I leave the room…she goes into her box. I left her here with Blue today and Gypsy….the whole time having to rephrase my thoughts to keep from worrying that…Blue had eaten all of her food and she was hungry, that Blue had tore her to shreds cuz she stepped on one of his toys, or that Gyps attacked her. It was quite a struggle to keep those thoughts away, but I did, and she was in her box when we arrived and her food was intact.

Course, I came home with canned goodies for kittens, so she doesn’t have to eat soggy dog food, but she seems to like having a choice. So far, she has not ventured out of this room. Oh ya, she’s a talker. A lot of my kitties have been talkers….probably cuz I talk to them. She will be on her back, tiny paws waving in play, and will look up at me, stare me in the eye, then open her mouth and say….ehhh…with no sound. I will open my mouth and say…ehhhh, with no sound. We repeat this a few times, then she says…ehhhh. Then I say ehhhh. So darn cute. 3:37am. Oh ya…and tonight, she was using her razor sharp claws to cling to my arm and bite…I said, no claws and I pushed her claws back in…..and she then plays with me, with no claws. 😀 Now, granted, later I had to show her again, and I will have to show her again tomorrow… my point is…cats are way smart!!! I didn’t know how smart till now. Alrighty then folks….have fantastic dreams that boost your awake time and bless you all. 3:41am

Nothin like hearing something on your roof and you look out the window in time to see a huge bird, a peacock, flying down to the ground. And more noise and the second pea wings come fluttering in view. There are many such sights and sounds throughout my day. In fact, I rarely hear vehicles here. The only sounds are the sounds of nature…with the exception of the army games…those sound like someone is trying to start a motorcycle, over and over, when in actuality it is the sound of rapid gunfire. Oh ya, and one of the hurricanes a few years back….we could hear all the cars on the highway. It was standstill traffic and we could even hear the people. Very strange, because we are 7 miles from the highway. But those are occasional sounds. On a normal day, I hear the Help of the Peacocks, the shriek of the guinea, the cluck of the hen, the moo of the cow, the bray of Cathy’s donkey, the bark of the dogs and the eheheh of the goats, with the occasional trill of the squirrels and the whistle of the whistler ducks. Oh, and the meow of the cats and the squeak of the Smooch. 😀

yes….looks good


Well, Lovey did it again. Got his curls stuck in his teeth. I really really need to shear him. Lisa is done shearing her boys so I imagine she will be coming soon to help do the mite goats. Never did I dream that I would be so busy. So many things I need to do, so many things I want to do. I should be able to order the clippers this week, and that calls for a double YeeHaw! YeeHaw! I just sold my drum carder!!! I used it for my coat and my daughter used it a few times, but I hated it and it was too hard on me. Besides, I don’t like the fibers all lined up! I like them going all willy nilly!

Opti has edema on his chest. I wormed him the other day and will worm him again in the morning. It’s been raining off and on all day, I guess maybe rain bands from the Tropical Storm down Florida way. Gypsy has decided she’s curious about the kitten and she and Smooch have been sorta playing…..Smooch sees Gyps….runs toward her and Gypsy runs away. Smooches has been playing hard all day, her first day to play hard all day. Well, due to the rains, I have only been able to upload one photo so far. Sorry. Signing off at Yeehaw Ranch Curly Locks. I will try to add more photos as internet allows.


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