The girl with TOO MANY NAMES….and a rubber ducky

Fascinating. The kittens claws come out automatically when startled. She/he is sleepin in my lap and I coughed. I noticed the tremendously long claws out, then saw them retract, all while he/she slept. Ye know….this is getting to be a regular thing. At first all I saw was a bum. Now I see two little dots by the bum. Lol, is my love a boy? Well, nothing wrong with a boy named Smooches or Lovey for that matter. My Austin kitty was a boy and I loved him dearly. Googled it. Turns out it’s not an easy thing to know early on with a kitten. I looked at diagrams and photos and none looked right, so I guess Smoochie will be genderless temporarily.

Smooch sleeps under the laptop…..sucking up the warm….that’s where Smoocher is now

It’s a Shoe kitty

Jeesh, so cute

I’ve said this many ways. I just saw on the news, a lady who has lost 40 pounds so far due to seeing a hypnotist who is telling her she has had the weight loss surgery. She is literally thinking herself thin. Now, that’s how ya do it!!! She wanted to be able to wear some rings that had long been too tight to wear, and they showed an update…..she is wearing most of them now.

Well, today hubby took me to a swapmeet. It was so boring that I didn’t take a single picture. Usually there are lots of restored cars there, but this year, I didn’t see any. The guy doing my truck, Terry Deck, was there selling and buying and he located the kind of mirrors he’d been wanting. Haha, one was a tee tiny rearview mirror. Lol, sure hope I can see what’s coming with that!!! That’s IF I ever get to drive it. He says it’s just about to have the hood painted. Yay, it’s getting there. And, there has been some discussion about my ranch name. Again. Seems no matter what I do, I can’t shake the Yeehaw part, so…….I am now back to the original 2nd name. the original name was Yeehaw Ranch. The original 2nd name was Yeehaw Ranch Curly Locks. I thought it was too big of a mouthful, but ha!….so much for thinking!!! So, since I can’t escape it…I’ll go ahead and join them.

I know I know….the girl with too many names. Did I mention that an old diagnosis was BPD? Lol For those who don’t know…that is Borderline Personality Disorder. We tend to have a little bit of all the mental illnesses rolled into one. We are a rather fractured people….kinda like looking into a broken mirror. Doubt that I would be diagnosed with that these days, but….some aspects carry on….like the name thing. Most of the people who called me MamaWillow are out of my life now, so that one can go. I can’t remove the names God gave me, Rose Hope, so they stay. Sheri Lee I have already made poof, go bye bye and am left with Sheri, Miss Sheri and MamaSheri. Not too bad.

Here is a confusing Amazon update for you. The dam was stopped by some judges about a week ago. But today for some reason they were saying Urgent, Urgent…email this Minister dude because he’s deciding the fate of the dam today. So, of course I sent the email. No idea what’s going on. And, can’t believe I never told you about this, but whoever owned a whole bunch of the Black Hills, was about to auction off the land. Uproars went up and people were donating. Rosebud Sioux donated a million dollars, but it was so far off the mark. Just at nearly the last minute, the auction was called off. This land is very sacred to many tribes. The question now is…..why was it called off? Nobody knows. Did they find a buyer and therefore didn’t need an auction? Or, did they cancel it because of pressure from people here as well as throughout the world? I’m sure hoping it’s the latter.

Well, the tooth in curls bandit has struck again. This time it was Yazhi. I am going to be shearing again now after all. Not just because of that, but Lily is starting to blow her coat. That makes it time… least for her. I’m thinking that the sticker burrs are causing the tooth problem. The sticker burrs attach to their neck curls when they have their heads bent down to eat. They then bend their heads down to try to pull them out, and wala, the curls get stuck in the teeth. It seems funny, but it’s not. They cannot eat or drink with their mouths caught in such a way. Their chins are like stuck against the body and they can’t lift their head.

Happy Hap

Haha, sooner or later, no matter what color they are….they all end up red. lol, red clay….thank God it doesn’t stain!

Lily’s coat is starting to blowout

Lila’s coat is still ok

Gracie’s curls

One of my favorite coats….tiny little Shortcake, who used to be Snowflake. She is just small, but her curls are so soft. She’s a friendly. Love my Shortcake.

Milky, so pretty


Haha, I’ve got a photo contest to enter in September and if I win, they put a business card ad in their magazine. Ha, so I better get a move on with getting new cards printed, with the new and officially last friggin name change. I’ve already told Terry, the truck fixer, and he likes it. He will do like a circle….Yeehaw Ranch at the top of the circle…..Curly Locks at the bottom and a rubber ducky in the middle? Haha, not my choice. Hubby named my Yet to drive, 55 Chevy truck…..The Rubber Ducky and he bought a ton of them and even a large one to sit on the dash. I wonder if I’ve explained why. Too hard to find out, so I’ll just explain it here now.


Dimi’s wacky horns….yes very thin. She is a fairly small goat…at 4 yrs

Hubby started a thing where he would hide a rubber ducky and I would find it, usually in my purse at a store when I would go to pay. He thinks its hilarious. So I hide them too, in his briefcase and truck, anywhere I think will get a chuckle out of him. Even under his pillow once. He keeps buying more, different ones, you know, policeman ducky, nurse ducky, etc. So, he thought I wanted a yellow truck and came up with the idea. Only when he surprised me with the truck last October, I no longer wanted yellow. Haha. His plan is or was, to paint Rubber Ducky Farms on the left side of the tailgate, and make it look old, like an old farm name. Then on the right, the new looking farm sign for Yeehaw/Curly. Because he came up with this, and is the one forking out $$$ to create this truck for me, I need to give him at least one thing he wants. Cuz it sure ain’t gonna be yellow, nope…the technical name is Violet. Ok, well, jeesh, time got away from me, it’s nearly 8pm!!! Signing off at Yeehaw Ranch Curly Locks. Oi Ve, sounds funny.

10 thoughts on “The girl with TOO MANY NAMES….and a rubber ducky

  1. Did you see the little fly in Lily’s locks at the top? Yes those are odd looking horns, she looks like she has some odd cow horns. I wonder where they come from. Love how the tips are fiber covered, she must use them well. I want to see your truck when it is done. Poor hubby, but I am glad to hear you all have a ducky game. Hugs

    • haha, yes, I saw the fly. hehe. Not sure where Dimi’s horns came from…her mom is fine…must be the dad, need to look it up. She came here as a baby in the very beginning. When she gets sheared and permethrined, I will remove her stash on the horn Yup, rubber ducky games. Hubby is silly. Huggs

    • Oh awesome!!!! I was afraid they’d made an under the table deal!!! yay for you!!! Kitty is… her, i think its a her…who knows how long before I

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