Kool-aid for Australia….skirting fleeces ……and I’m in love

I have to keep a secret. I’m very excited though. I think I’ve made my first actual sale now. The shawl I sold as trade for hubbys Xmas present doesn’t count anymore as a sale. He never went to have the gift put on his truck…so in essence I gave the shawl away. But that is in the past and I do believe this is a real sale. A shy person doesn’t find it easy to put her stuff out there, ye know? I have 2 FB groups…but I don’t have product in either. But I added to my sale album today again(in ThumbsPlus), just haven’t posted it yet. It’s not complete. Or, maybe I should just put the ones I have decent photos of up anyway. Something like this stimulates the creative juices in me.

Also, I have an internet friend from Australia who wants Koolaid. Haha, Koolaid. Not exactly something I’ve slaved over, so the me in me wants to just say, oh, I’ll just give you the koolaid for free, just pay the shipping. Kinda silly. I should just go ahead and charge for the price of the koolaid. 5 packets for a dollar. That’s what I paid. Ya, ok, talked myself into it. I’ve got to get into the business mind somehow. Cuz I need some clippers. Top of my needs list, goat wise. Next would be more shelters and pen sections.

That’s pretty much it. Well, except for the FeltLOOM. I haven’t erased it from my wish list, just kinda threw it to the bottom so I could get these pinto babies. No, I haven’t forgotten my babies. It’s just hard to talk about because it hurts. It hurts that it didn’t happen when they were younger. I don’t know if my chance to bond with them is gone now. Ah crap, it’s making me cry. See why I don’t talk about the babies???? I know with ever thing in me that if I was supposed to have them arrive then, they would have arrived. I’ve been pondering this.

Patience is not one of my virtues…not even close. I have had to come to a place within myself where it would be ok if they didn’t come. And today I heard from the transport people. And that’s ALL I’m saying about it till they get here. Only told you so you could see………..I let them go, and received notice they are ready to come. Sometimes that’s what it takes. A complete…ok, not meant to be, I can deal…. Sometimes that’s what’s required. To be willing to give it up. Not necessarily give it up, but to be willing. And I am. I am also willing to have them, if it’s for the highest good for me and for the planet. Seems it’s been deemed in the highest good. We shall see.

Lordie, this is not in my experience bag. Lol, I am reskirting fleeces. Removing the heavily VM’d stuff, shaking out the 2nd cuts. Oops, sorry….VM is vegetable matter……hay, stickers, fuzzy burrs, sticks, food. A 2nd Cut, is what happens when you are shearing and your scissors also capture a piece of hair that you have just cut. It’s tee tiny pieces of curl. And Kid Mohair is classified by it’s clip. 1st, 2nd and 3rd clip off of the goat. After that it’s adult. I am not used to dealing with raw fiber. Remember, until now, I was the only person using my fleeces. When I need yarn, I choose a fleece and wash it. I put whats in the bag, in the wash. Then later, after it’s dried, I pull the curls apart to make the cloud that I then spin from and throw away any useless pieces.

Mea….this is for you, as promised……my wacky horned goat…Dimi


Milly and Optimus

Happy and BabyGirl pup

on the high mountain


I have a feeling I’m throwing away way too much fleece, not knowing how someone is going to react to it. I’m hyper critical. On the other hand, depending on the fleece, there is way more VM than I would like. For myself, I’ve been willing to remove it as I go, but to try to sell, I am removing mucho fiber and throwing it out. I’ve been going through fleeces saying out loud…I don’t know, I just don’t know. For the first time, I wish I was more experienced with the raw fleeces. My only experience is the shearing of it.

I guarantee….from now on, if it ain’t perfect, it ain’t going in the bag! I dislike this job immensely. Finally found something I hate about having goats. But that can be remedied in the future, easily. It’s just this already sheared stuff I have to go through, which is a large amount. You’ve seen my piles. If it sounds like I’m complaining, maybe I am, I’m not sure. Just mainly wishing I had bagged this stuff up with potential customers in mind and not myself. Oh well, ya live, ya learn. And I hate that I’m throwing out so much fleece because I just don’t know. Lanolin causes the locks to be sticky and I’m finding it difficult to determine what is felted and what is just sticky stuck.

Smooch (Smoochie, Smooches) has found a pile of curls to sleep on right next to my chair, so I can keep working. She is such a good kitten. I’m quite impressed with her. Today she is learning to play. Ouch, I’m the toy. She also ran for a second today. She figured out how to get off my chair. She goes off the side, freefalls onto a bag of something, then rolls to the floor. Then climbs back up the same path. I have fallen in love with her and she’s staying put. She is asleep in my lap as I type. Always I look, and she is staring up at me with huge eyes….even falling asleep while staring tonight. The cuteness factor is nearly intolerable. 😀

Smooches kitty

Things are going well in the L. Still haven’t seen any actual action, but lots of tail wagging and sniffing going on. Oh Well, just now got internet back, so need to end this here. I didn’t think I’d get to post today so I didn’t finish. Obviously, I’m having internet problems, so in the near future, should I not post…this is why. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


7 thoughts on “Kool-aid for Australia….skirting fleeces ……and I’m in love

  1. OK what is up with those horns? they are very odd looking. Can you get a closer picture? And Sweetpea is imitating the German March.. Maya & Mahada can move here. Love those eyes, what a kitty.

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