YELLOW bananas……No God?…..and no more Milk?

For the past 2 or more days, banana has been bouncing before my eyes in many ways and forms, including the actual glancing over at the bananas in the store. Doc says my potassium is too high, no bananas. But they are my favorite fruit. I still get my smoothie every Saturday, regardless. But banana was slamming me. It occurred to me to wonder why. Since it couldn’t be the banana itself, maybe it was the color. After all, in my Wiggles story, there are colored healing rooms. When I had that thought, I looked up. I was watching Tron and they were dressed in these suits with bright yellow lights running through them.

I look on my computer screen and there are only 2 images…both yellow. I look to my left for yellow and see the Indian shirt hanging on the wall in the glass case. I look down and there is a yellow dog toy, Sunny. Looking at myself, I have a yellow T-Shirt and pants with banana peels on them. I look up, and there’s nothing yellow but as my eyes come down, there is a yellow lighted disk on the movie way up high. I laugh. 😀 So, I’m thinking this is too funny, so what’s the point. Oh. The 3rd chakra is yellow. The psychics always said mine was blocked, so I think…I need yellow on my belly…, I grab the yellow handkerchief I just so happened to have folded up yesterday and laid next to my Chair, and I wrap it around my belly. Hopefully I will get more creative. Haha.

Also, As I was typing yesterday afternoons portion of the blog, I almost included a sentence about a friend who kept saying we had a lot in common, but I hadn’t yet spoken to her on the phone. I know, you saw that sentence. Well, The blog was ready at 7 but I waited till 8. I went to post it and the internet wouldn’t go. FB was going fine, as was getting to Google. I thought WordPress was down. I tried again and again. Then I thought…..I should have included that sentence. And wala…..wordpress was once again open for business. Kinda like the TV thing but not. Which btw, have I told you that there are a few times, when the TV even supplies the words….. Usually, I don’’t even realize I need any words given to me, and I almost take offense, but hey, what can I say….I figure the words must be right, so I use them. How do I know? Well, I’ll be typing and thinking and in the middle of a sentence and the TV just finishes it for me. LOL, sounds so funny to me. Now that I’ve reconciled the other part of the TV thing, it really doesn’t matter anymore. Either way, the words get writ. Btw again, the movie I’m on now is very yellow. Tangled. And if you’re wondering about to my right…my pouch….and a bright yellow envelope.

There are a lot of things out there now screaming at me to not believe in God anymore. Some of what they say makes sense, but in the end, whatever is guiding me, if it isn’t God, it is Something. Ha, Something told me….haha, love it. That was a previous post title. It is Something. Something kind, something soothing, something pure, that accompanies me every minute of every day. When it didn’t accompany me, recently, that’s what I’ve been trying to explain to you…when it wasn’t there…it was awful. It was when I realized I had taken a misstep, a wrong turn on the forky road of life…..that it returned. It, God, Something.

The kitten thing is really fun at the moment. I stood her in a paper plate with a bit of kitty litter in it when she woke up this morning. Nothing. Later I got a warm wet paper towel and stimulated her bum. Hours later, she walks onto the paper plate, scratches and pees! Not too long after, I saw her in the same position nearby, so I scooped her up and put her in the plate. Her first poo poo. And Blue Dog. After all these years of him walking towards the water bowl, then looking to me for permission and me telling him, you don’t need my permission, but he stands there still… until I finally say, go ahead, get a drink..….I, in my newness, finally stopped responding period. And he, finally walks toward it, stops, looks at me, realizes I will say nothing…..and he goes to get a drink. Now if I can only figure out how to reverse the Pup food situation. Lol. Been working on that one forever….that’s probably the problem. I never stick to any cuz none work. Here’s the deal. Babygirl is the boss, so she gets to tell them when to eat. I need her to be boss of them. If I dominate her and become the boss….they no longer respect her…seen it, done it…..and she’s the main worker. She’s the best of the best here. And here’s the bottom line. They are all skinny, despite having tons of food available, both in bowls and without bowls. I did have a bit of success when I put it all in a big fat line. Maybe I should try that again.


Dang, now the milk is no good. The photo I just saw was despicable to me. I can’t say it. Oh God, I have to…. Legally there are allowed 135 million pus cells in one glass of milk. How gross is that? And I have to drink some in the morning with my tea. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that cows milk is bad for the human body, but jeesh. Sorry to gross you out. My daughter just loves Soy milk….maybe I’ll try a carton of that this week…I think I shall. 😀 And then I see a post called Interesting Facts…and he just put a few….but here is the last one: More people are allergic to cow’s milk than any other food. Hmmmmm. Lol. Oh ya… my moccasins have been too big since I got them, so when I went to get new ones, I got them small. Too small. The other day I was stuffing them to try to expand them, thinking someone needs t invent a way, and a few days later I see a commercial for shoe expanders. What fun the world is. Stay that way! Night night readers of words…..sleep with the angels…they’re big ye know, just tuck into a crook of a neck or something. Not going to sleep yet but still logging off here. 2:04am.

When I went to feed the Pretties, one was out. I walked the perimeter of the pen and nothing. Can’t figure out where they are getting out, so….I just left their gate open and they can come and go. Until I need them penned again, that is. I came back down later to take photos and they were in their house. Didn’t even realize I’d left it open, so I had to show Moonee. Finally Tika came to check it out too with him. I later looked out the window and they are all out, wandering the L together. Lot’s of tail wagging and sniffing going on…. And a bucky smell. 😀

Moonees out

love is in the air

my pea is getting rainbow feathers!!!

Moonee and his harem

Dezi….looks like an angel


I just went back out and sat down in the L. They wandered away, then after I sat down, a few minutes later, they all came to see me. Yay, getting somewhere with these Pretties finally!!!! Course it’s time for them to be sheared soon and that may change things. Could go either way. Well, nearly dinner time folks. And on an interesting note….I just saw a photo of surgeons and nurses, says it’s in Cordoba? Anyway, they were calling in the reiki before surgery. Very interesting. Curious part is….if they really believed…..there would be no need for surgery. Ah well, one thing at a time Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. P.s. This kitten likes to burrow into the crook of my arm and fall asleep. 😀 OOOOHhhhh, one more P.S. Oh my!! One hundred years ago, the former President of Norway, left a package….to be opened in 2012!!!!!!!! To be opened this Friday!!! Tomorrow!!! How fun, how cool, how curious is that??? Ok, now I’m really done.

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