Smooches……Spiders……and Macaroni and cheese, oh my!

First thing on my mind is the kitten in the box at my feet. Abandoned, found, put outside last night, found this evening. The white one is dead. This one…she… is Smooches. Technically, Sassafras n Smooches, but Smooches. I’ll probably call her something like….sassy smooch. See, I always do this. Too many names!!! Fine. She’s just plain old Smooches and I’ll put Sassafras on my goat name list(done). Yuh. Hehe, Jesse would crack up if he saw that word….yuh…. And then he’d frown cuz I said hehe. Lol, oh ya, and Lol!!!! Ok, the kitty. She arrived in a shallow box. She eventually tried to crawl out. I switched her to a tall box which she tried very hard to jump out of…falling on her face, her back, her butt. When I finished dinner, I put her in my lap. Every time she tried to crawl off me, I pulled her back. You can imagine how this went. Picture a toddler. Finally, she stopped trying, walked over to my arm, stepped up onto it with her front feet…..and laid down. It was the sweetest thing, so of course I grabbed my camera! She finally settled and tried to sleep, gave herself a bath, and couldn’t sleep so I put her in her tall box and she’s been out ever since. Well, she did open her eyes when I tried to take a photo, lol. So I didn’t. Oh ya…, Cathy found the kitten!!!!



So about that spider. Folks, I’m not kidding, he or she is huge HUGE. I couldn’t break the web strand. It was too strong. What’dya make of that? I guess if a person allows spiders, they need to allow the Mother of all spiders…ha, it must be a girl. Think of all the bugs this beauty can catch!!! So, while I have a mammoth spider, I also have discovered another spider. These are so teeny tiny, that I thought they were babies. Well, these babies never grow and they spin webs. Not a normal web, but they use items to spin from….like my pots and pans area. There is one that lives in the ice thing. Where you lean your cup to fill it with ice or water, on the fridge door? Yup, there. I haven’t made any of them move yet, but last night I did have to dislocate that steel thread that mammoth mama made. She was not happy. I explained that she could stay, but she needed to keep her webs high.

I learn every friggin day. Every day. Today I learned how to worm my goats without trauma. That was an awesome learn. Today I also learned to love a short haired kitten when I wanted a long haired kitten. And yes, just to let YOU know….not hubby, lol, I did have a thought that I might want a kitten. 2 days or less later……I have a kitten. Hmmm, power of thought accelerating? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.???? Actually wait…I can calculate it. It was Friday, so I looked in Petsmart when hubby unexpectedly pulled in there with a truckload of groceries on Saturday. Looked at a kitten. Didn’t get it…. Got it. Ok, so 4 days. 😀 Today I also learned that Velveeta changed its recipe. I notice things like this. Well yaaaa, after years of opening up kraft singles for hubby and Velveeta singles for me…I know the frickin difference. Today, there was none. New package….slices tore like a Kraft single. Then top it off…it didn’t work right in the augrautin potatoes that I’ve made for 30 years. It was all different. I notice things like this. The toilet paper. Hmmmm, right ticks me off. I started noticing a difference in the toilet paper and the paper towels, cuz I always bought the same thing. I’m very loyal. I also buy in bulk if I can, so I would buy a pack of 24 before I would buy a pack of 8. Anyway….I started collecting both the tp and the pt’s, you know, just the last little bit. Then one day I compared them. Whoaaaaa. Very few were alike.

Not only that….but I can now only fill up 4 plastic bowls with hubbys cereal when it used to be 5. Same price. And like I said…the meat…oh man, it’s getting bad. These are just examples of what is happening systemically. Yes,, I can use big words….and I say cuz!!!! I’m not sure if we…or you… or others…don’t notice? Or if they, you, we do…..but we just don’t ever bring the subject up? I’m bringing the subject up. Night night sweet ones. 1:50am.

Wow, well, today’s worming went as great as yesterdays!!! Well, one minor exception. I didn’t do the Lovey Gandhi pen as planned cuz when we arrived, Lovey made an unnatural cry. I said, who’s that? Then I notice his head is in an unnatural position. His head is stuck in down position. Seen it before but not quite like this. I rush in, and he makes that odd sound again. It’s usually the hair. Yup, the hair. His neck hair was stuck in his teeth of all things. Really stuck. Took me a few minutes to free him. He was so thirsty that I decided to wait till tomorrow. I even felt so bad for him that I let them out for a few hours.

We get to the pretties pen to do worming and I remember that Moonee is naked, nothing to grab. I’m trying not to grab the horns these days. So, I went back to the house and stuck some peanuts in my pocket. Worked like a charm…for all of them. It was so fast and easy that I’m just amazed. They were all curious about the peanuts, but only Yoki and Moonee took them from me, and it still went well. In this very same pen….all other goats have been caught for whatever reason…by steering them behind the goat house, then they are trapped behind it and someone either catches them on one side or the other. It’s pretty scary for them, but this new attitude of mine is doing wonders here. No more chasing. Yay!!!!


Peanuts!!!!….oooh, better than the medicine!!


Maya…… her


I love the opposite directions of mom and baby


They look like twins…but they’re not. I tell them apart by the horns..Joy and Neida Nida. The’re not even the same age.


Guess who’s Hot?


Lily girl


Donna, so protective………… Posted for you MEA!!!


Ahhh, Sweet Sweetpea and mommy


Wow, I got a phone call today from one of my internet goat friends, who also reads here. Ahh, we laughed for over an hour. Many times we tried to hang up so Cathy and I could do the worming, and we’d say something else and the laughter would begin anew. I love having friends now. It’s new. As an adult, I had one friend that, well, icky story, let’s just say that she ended up in a rubber room and I moved to Dallas. The next one slept with my husband(Bobby), and the third one, well, she’s still sorta in my life but from 5 hours away and we don’t talk often. Now, I have lots of friends. This one in particular….I’m drawn to and we have a special animal totem together, Deer. So special to hear your voice finally Mea!!! There’s one more friend who keeps saying we have a lot in common…and I keep saying…telephone!!! You know who you are!!!

I have a thing. I love macaroni and cheese but I have yet to make it the way I want it to taste. I am constantly experimenting with cheese mixtures. About to go try another!!!! Closest I’ve come so far is….white sauce with 2/3 small round of gouda and 1/3 rectangle of cheddar. Tonight’s will probably be a mix of Mexican cheese and cheddar. Off I go to play with it. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch with the kitten in the box at my feet sleeping, again. 😀


4 thoughts on “Smooches……Spiders……and Macaroni and cheese, oh my!

  1. Big hugs, I love Donna. She does have some funky horns now. I love her color and big face. Lily is really nice looking goat but it looks like you have some nice white ones too. Everytime I look at your pictures I am amazed at how cute they all are. I LOVE the mohair tail on the black one on the right. I loved talking to you today, big hugs, next time you have to call me. I hate phoning people

    • Lol….ya, funky horns….but I got one better than that…Dimi. I’ll get one tomorrow. Donna really likes me and wants petting and attention. But when she has her babies, when I come in, she moves and calls them to her. So odd. they both are bucking broncos in the stanchion…their older brothers were too. firefly and Levi. Ye know…. I have not bonded with the one family. Kachina, her daughter neida nida, and her older daughter mahada. I don’t know what or why that is, but because of that…I never even noticed Neida Nida’s mohair tail. I just today noticed that Joy has a tan topknot! Good catch!!! Wonder what I can do to like them better. I normally don’t have this type situation. Big Huggs!!!!! I hate phoning people too. don’t wanna bother them. Ok, me next…what hours are off limits?

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