so Proud of Myself…..hmm, what was I gonna say?……..and an almost kitten.

By the time it took me to grab the laptop, sit it on my lap and open my word processor, I forgot what I was going to write about. Even though I was chanting, or maybe because I was chanting the words themselves….not the story that needed told. I’m figuring it out as I type. Love it when that happens. So the lesson here is to repeat to yourself the ‘gist’ of what you want to say, not the exact version. I am one of those who forgets why they went into the kitchen. Thank God, I still remember the important stuff. Like, how to drive a car and how to wrangle a goat. Speaking of that….Cathy was retelling the story of the grabbing of the 3 baby goats we recently sheared. Opti, who loves me…jumped right up on the stanchion. Then she relived me catching Sweetpea and Valey, the 2 most elusive of the babies, who never ever come near me. She said you didn’t let go and I’ve done this with you a bunch of times and I know how hard it is when they are bucking like that and I always let go but you didn’t. I said are you saying you’re impressed? She said, yes, very much so. So, see, I did get a few good things from going to the goat show. Probably more than I realize.

Last night I had to find a teeny tiny bottle for Cathy who found what she thinks is an abandoned kitten. The phone rang as I was squatted down grabbing a pan for dinner and it kinda knocked me off my kilter and the pan banged very hard into my knee. I had told Mike that I didn’t have a tee tiny bottle, just a normal regular bottle but then called them back to find out if it was long haired or short. Hahahaha. As I’m going thru my stuff finding out it’s short haired, L I find a teeny tiny bottle after all. Cathy brings two kittens, one white, one liver colored. She had them in a big plant container, the kind from a nursery. The pups were going nuts cuz they smelled em and the kittens were crying and the white one kept it’s back to me the whole time while the liver one stared at me. I can’t tell if it’s long haired or short. I don’t need a cat, but if got one, I’d want long haired, but this dang thing stared me in the eye. Jeesh. Who knows. (P.S., she put them outside last night in case the mom was still around. One was dead and the other 2, yes 2, were gone. No idea.)

The Butterfly Project….aka The Butterfly People

Oh my gosh, they are inside of a painting. Seen this movie a million times……Beverly Hills Ninja…..but I never noticed that when Sensei calls for him in the clouds….it’s a painting of clouds. How interesting that my brain just expected clouds and it got clouds. I must be looser energy tonight. Yeehaw. Oh gosh again…the sounds the music is making sounds like ….yeehaw! No, I’m no longer astounded by this phenomenon, even though Cathy and I just talked about this today. The explanation of it all, that I was still seeking. The not making sense of it all that I was seeking an understanding of. One of my readers said I was attuned to the grid, basically, or the universe. But my mind still says……and to Cathy it said…why would there be a need for my unspoken thoughts to be repeated on the TV? She said…….so that you would be aware that you are connected. Keep in mind that this woman is a preachers wife, immersed in the bible but also able to relate to me, who seeks……..seeks alternate information than is provided to me in the “real’ world. I am more than that. I create myself every instant, I evolve every instant. Do you hear “normal’ people saying that? NOT. It’s time for bed here, it’s 1:57am and I will not drink any more beer, I am at my quota therefore, bedtime. Goodnight people of places………goodnight.

This is what you call……RUT…………see the boys sniffing each other?

So sweet

fish in the water trough…getting pretty big!!!

Is Mimi smiling????


Ok, after reading this back for Cathy this morning…she tried one more time when my exact wording of my confusion sparked a memory for her. She then told the story of her husband trying to give away some loaves of bread. The guy didn’t need any bread and didn’t know of anyone who needed bread. So Mike went to leave but the car wouldn’t start. So he went back to the guy and says are you sure you don’t know of anyone who needs this bread. The guy finally took it, so that Mike would leave. He stuck it in his truck and drove home. In the meantime, his daughter had lost her job and was in dire straits, sitting in the dirt sobbing when he arrived. As he pulled up, he heard his daughter hollering at God saying He was supposed to provide her daily bread! So her father got out of the truck and handed her the bread. Hahaha, lol. Then Cathy says……that girl didn’t know that her father was getting a loaf of bread when she hollered it out…but God did.

Finally, an explanation that I can fully understand. Although the logistics of it still stymie me, I responded…..Dang, He’s Good!!!!! I mean seriously, to know which channel, which movie I will choose? Hmmm, unless this has all happened before, then of course he would know which movies I would choose. Not always movies either. The other day I woke up and remembered I had put a ten dollar bill in a box to be mailed to Summer. As I’m thinking of this ten dollar bill, the TV but a commercial, is saying…ten dollars, ten dollars!!! Haha, what are the odds? The majority of commercials have prices like 9.99 or 19.99 or 29.99. 😀 Gosh, I love it. Don’t know if it’s supposed to, but it makes me feel special. Can’t help it.

Ok…, understanding that stuff made today good, but here’s what made it great……It was worming day. I went down, closed the door to their house so they couldn’t escape and waited for Cathy. Optii was first cuz he was at my side. Then his mom. Then whoever was behind me or close to me. Then I squatted down and got some that way, those who came close. Then I finally sat cuz my knee was killing me after bonking it last night. Haha, one tried to get away while I was sitting, but I hung on and flipped my body till I was able to get her still. When we got all the ones who were standing near me, I would single one out in my mind, draw up the meds in the syringe, then take a step and grab. Eventually we had to push a few (very easily) into the catch pen. We did this until we were down to 2. Valey and Sweetpea. Cathy said she was concerned about catching them, I said…nah…..I’ll get em….and indeed I did. Remember, these had just been sheared so there was nothing to grab onto….except their little bodies, and YES, I did it.

Always…the 3 laying together. No heart today though

Took me too long, Oprah lifted her head off Ella, but still cute

See, the alley has plenty of greenies

And the best of all….Hopi. Halfway through, Cathy calls the wrong goat Hopi, which then makes me look around…no Hopi… I was, oh no, she’s dead. So I start hollering. Then I called the pups in and told them to find her. They did….standing in the weeds. I approached and explained what I needed to do. She ran away. I followed slowly. I told her again. The pups gathered round and as I approached, she thought she was surrounded and she sorta was….and she let me get her. Didn’t even have to hold on. Just held her face to get her to open her mouth…….then…………….I petted her. She let me. I was not holding her in any way…just petting her head, neck and sides. I am very grateful. Haha, oh ya, after I did Joy, I petted her, she ran, I kept following her with my hands (petting her more) saying…mama petted you, mama petted you. Her running slowed. 😀

I’d call that a banner day folks!!! Well, got everyone fed just in time….looks like rain, yay!!! Man, I can’t tell ya how thrilled I am with my new skills and the realization that I no longer have to scare them all half to death catching them now. I must say, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. Not only that, but I’ve been working with the pups….and when Cathy was coming through the gate to help worm, the pups were swarming her and she was saying no and squeezing herself through the slightest opening, whereas from my vantage point, I could see…they weren’t trying…I said NO, then told Cathy not to worry, just come in. Nobody tried to push past her and she was astounded. Ahhhhhhh, big sigh of relief. Ok, cutting this off at 3 pages. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. Wait….Taiwan? Is that a new flag? I need a better flag counter. Hello out there Taiwan!!!! Welcome to my world. I know I’m forgetting something…..but oh well. Down below is another photo. Don’t look if you don’t like spiders. 😀  P.S. One more photo before the spider.


Wow. I had seen the web out the door so yesterday I wacked it with my hand as I walked by to bring it down. It was strong like wire!!! which took me off guard so I looked and this is what I found. He is easily 3 inches.


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