Save the Arts, dump the Math……. and Sugar Cows

I said last night that each story comes with the perspective of the emotions and memories of the person listening, or watching, as in the TV, with movies. But there’s another….there is the perspective of seeing something again. I am watching Mr. Holland’s Opus again and the last time, I talked about the Opus. Tonight, I’m getting a different message from the story. The choosing of the school board to shut down all the arts programs….and the irony of the Governor at his farewell party being the very student that started it all. The student who felt worthless in her family of talented achievers. He, the teacher, gave her his time and caring and was able to help her connect the music with her spirit and then she sang….ooops, I mean played the clarinet. That student not only can play in an orchestra, but she’s the Governor for goodness sakes. That is what the arts class did for her. The arts are nearly the closest to real life skills needed…with the exception of things like cooking and home ec, mechanics, you know….job getting stuff…..On the other hand.

On the other hand….if this were a new society, a new consciousness, then it would be more like apprenticeship. The children should be able to choose the skill they’d like to learn. And choose more as it suits them. For that to happen, there would have to be a marketplace of skills. Granaries, leather crafters, horse people, iron workers, medicine people, art in it’s many forms, farmers, yarn spinners and clothiers, you get the point. A place for the little ones to see and touch and experience before they choose. I can’t think of a place like that, can you? We’ll have to create one.

Oh Gosh, somehow time got away from me and I’m rushing like a madwoman to get a package of goodies together for my daughters birthday. I just experienced a non present birthday and I have to tell ya, it hurt. I so thank you guys for being there for me. Anyway, I don’t want her to go thru that, but I have to hurry. She’s asked for a money gift to help her do an event she wants, and hubby hasn’t said yes, but he hasn’t said no. Either way, I don’t want her to experience what I just experienced. So, I am gathering goodies. Fiber goodies…hey, that’s the kind of goodies I have. I have to get it there by Thursday!!!!!!!

Well, I haven’t heard from my son, but I saw a post that he was visiting and meeting his two half sisters…. And they were laughing about the fact that he was passed out. Oh how funny. My best guess is that he did not go to court and now has a warrant out on him and now he is getting wasted to the point of passed outness and they think it’s funny. Yeehaw, let’s jump for the moon! So much for the maturing part.

An example of how my new brain works. It’s very late, I’m choosing something to watch in the last few minutes before I go to bed and my choices are a love story or the War of the Worlds, new version. I’m on the love story channel and they say…well, it’s not like it’s the end of the world….thus…..I change the channel, to the end of the world movie….which isn’t an end of the world movie after all cuz many many people live. But see? That’s how I follow. That’s how I get what I get and do what I do.

Ye know…they say that when you see the numbers counting down it’s not good. I see 123…234 on a regular basis and every time I see it, I say…GO!
Guess that’s good news for me at the moment, eh? And yes, it’s 2:34am and time for bed. Enlightening dreams to you all my fine folk….and lest I forget….I got another flag…Armenia!!!! Where on earth, on this planet is that? Oh my….it’s a small country surrounded. Surrrounded by Iran, Turkey, Georgia, and a few de facto places. The only thing I can think of to say is…I love you Armenia. Anyway, goodnight. Awwwe, 2:44am. Hello Angels!!!!!!

It stormed last night and now the internet is down. Thank goodness for Iphones! 😀 And thank you God for the rain!!!!! I’m gonna have to do some fancy dancing to get this post up. I’m hoping I can just email this, then cut and paste it into the mobile wordpress app. Well, I may get lucky, the internet is on at the moment.

Lovey scored a leaf


these two do everything together….wonder if they miss Moonee?


Best Buds



Nellie is cleaning her baby, Fudgy………, and she’s around 2.


mommy and son


And when the boys come…’s always Wyatt front and center….hmmm, come to think of it, he was that way as a baby too! 😀


hubby loves these two


Baby Girl in a favorite getaway spot….they goats lay here too when they are out





Hubby said the Pretties were making lots of noise. I said, any tail wagging? Hmmm, so I go check, and yes they are all hollering,…two reasons….Yoki has escaped and can’t get back in…..and Happy is stuck in the fence. Oh the joys of goats. I still don’t know how she got out though. Course, like I said, that particular fencing has been cut umpteen times. I covered it with blue tarp last year so the babies didn’t get out and time, weather and inquisitive babies have pretty much tore it to shreds and I guess they’re seeing the holes that I’m not seeing. Anyway, Yoki is back in and Happy is unstuck. Yay.


Yoki…the escape artist


Stuck stuck stuck



Lovey and Gandhi got out for a bit today and are both such sweeties. When I came out for the first time this morning, they both came to say hi, along with all the pups of course. They go everywhere together, it’s so cute. What Gandhi eats, Lovey eats.

Speaking of eating….it’s supposed to be steak Sunday, but the steaks were so gross I couldn’t buy any. Maybe these were the cows being fed the chicken do do. I saw recently a farmer who couldn’t afford to feed his cows corn anymore cuz the price is so high so he is now feeding them candy. Yup, bulk cheap candy and he says it is fattening the cows up really well. 😀 Does that mean it would be High Sugar steak? And they’ll call it…Sweet steak!!! Lol, ya, I’m nutty. It’s actually not funny, this is happening more and more when I go to the store and walk down the meat aisle. I make faces and whisper yuk and I get nods and ya’s from the other passers by….cuz we do pass it by. Guess it’s Spaghetti Sunday today. Well, don’t want to type a book here, so….Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


Gandhi is smiling


2 thoughts on “Save the Arts, dump the Math……. and Sugar Cows

    • He is stunning. More so when he was younger. I’m guessing that I was wrong, year before last, in thinking that he had fathered Joy and Junebug…..maybe she just had them early. Cuz none of the 3 i put with him this year worked. Also, he’s been with the pretties for months now. But I love him so…his fiber is still my favorite, although its harder work..lanolin.Well, besides baby hair…love baby hair. 🙂

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