A desired state of Mind…..

There’s this page on FB from an Indian reservation and every so often they do WORLD TEMPERATURE REPORT: Where are you from, what is the temperature…..and then they ask a random question. Tonight’s was….what spiritual lesson did you learn this week. Here is my answer. “I learned that to covet what others have, to want to jump, to get there, clouds the consciousness and strains the spirit“ ………..I was in torment. It seemed as if I’d been separated from God in a way. None of my stuff was working, my brain wasn’t working and I kept waking up disturbed.

When I saw that boy video that really got to me…that was after the goat show, where I lost myself. I guess I just left myself behind, back in Junction…back at the showground’s. Well, thank goodness I was able to retrieve myself and my self is functioning at a more desirable state of being. Do you know how frightening it is when you step away from God? From the desired plan? Yikes. Anyway, I am thrilled to be sitting in my chair in my desired state of mind watching a movie as I always do, but with joy in my heart, once again.

I often wonder how you guys feel about me talking about the movies I’m watching. The way I figure it, a movie, stripped down is just a story. Stories bring about emotions and memories in each of us. Nobody has the same memories so noone can go the same places in stories. Even two who experience the same event, as you know, are colored by their own life experiences and emotions and memories,…..therefore not seeing the same event through the same eyes. If only we could remember that each person is acting uniquely from his own perspective, then when we view the whole…of say a group, then we understand that although the mainness is agreed upon, there will always be differences. Simple. Ha. But wouldn’t it be nice?

Hmmm, pretty heavy when I was just talking about stories. As for my stories, my blog….I could be like everyone else and do it essay style. But I’m not essay style. My brain moves and flows. That’s why I have more than one title.  When I first started this blog, I went and found other blogs. The ones I liked, I followed. Problem was only a few came to my inbox which meant that I had to rely on a down and boring day to go catch up in the Reader. I don’t have many of those. The other day, one of my readers said wordpress had eaten all her subscriptions…had I seen her last post? I had to say that I hadn’t seen a post in quite awhile, which made me feel awful because we are friends now, so I clicked her name and went to her page and clicked follow…once again. It said I was already following, which I knew, but then there was the word…..MANAGE. Yeehaw, I was able to tell every single blog I followed…to come to my email. Turned out there were hundreds. 😀 You shoulda seen my inbox!!! Way too many for me to deal with especially the ones that came several times a day….so, I had to weed the garden. I’m in fact, still weeding the garden, as it was friggin huge!!!!

I’m realizing how perfect my choice was to change my FB name to MamaSheri. It gives me great energy. Great great energy, how cool is that? It makes me feel more in my own power. I really feel like I’m finding myself. I didn’t know I was lost, but I guess I’m delving into the core. It must be that time again. Enlightenment isn’t easy. But it is good. And I cherish it. Every pain filled, joy filled, happiness filled, intrepidly filled, step of the way. Back to the name change. It makes me feel more like me. All day long I hear myself say the word mama, to the point of love….haha, I was gonna say to the point of exhaustion, but no, it doesn’t get old, it’s all just Love.

Every now and then…you just need to go loco on an animal. I recently did with Baby Girl. And it worked. She was at the fence, in full on attack mode growling and barking at the cows and horses….completely, once again disregarding my hollers on no, and those are mamas cows. This scene had replayed so many times I wouldn’t even begin to count. This time however, something in me snapped. I marched across the big aSs yard and got in the Zen buggy. I ripped across the way and aimed straight for her and the other pups that she was teaching. I pushed her. Not physically touching her with the buggy, just pushing her with my incessant acceleration towards her. She looked at the cows, then scooted out of the way…started to bark and try to get back to the cows and I went after her even more. I pushed that dog quite a ways until she finally gave up barking at the cows and followed me back to the buggy parking spot. Since then, I only have to say no once. 😀




Some girls












Everybody is falling in line with the animal crackers as treats instead of the china stuff, except Geis. Geis wants the other treats, back but no go bucko! He’s really maturing up and I’m much more relaxed around him. Funny thing is, it was Little Boy who looked different, he is brown and doesn‘t look at all like a Great Pyrenees, so I was scared of him at first. He turned out to be my consoler when I grieve. Little Boy is more mature than Bubba or Geiser and he can also herd when HE thinks it’s necessary. Geiser was my problem child, not Little Boy. But he sure is shaping up nice. He and Little Boy no longer try to escape when let into the L. They used to dig under the fancy new $$$ fence here, and then crawl up Cathy’s fence….about a foot away, and off they went. Now they just follow my call of….Closing the gate. Yes.

Ok so, I’m back to blogging earlier in the evening again, …now it’s just a matter of getting my brain and sleepy cells to gel again so I can finish the night portion of this blog and still go to bed at a reasonable time….like, say, 1:30, 2am, I’ll settle for that. It’s now, 7 minutes till two and I’m still going. I’ll put the computer on the drum now. Maybe that will stop my words. 2:07am.




This is a good sign!!!!!!


Well, I told ya there was weather coming. It came today. Not a ton of rain, but the entire sky filled with rain clouds, which has led to a cool evening. I took advantage of that and disengaged all the float valves that were keeping the troughs full of water at all times…ya, hot hot water. I just got tired of dumping and refilling with cool water, so they are now disengaged until summer is over. I had to do a fancy dance cuz one had fish in it. As I’m dumping the water, some of the fish slid out, so I grabbed em and put them back but I couldn’t get all the dirt out so finally I just dumped the fish out, rinsed the trough, got the water going in it again and then scooped up the fish and threw em back. Now it’s nice and clear. Maybe I’ll take those little guys and transfer them to the girls trough which is not as clear as I like it. That way, the girls water is clearer and I can simply dump, rinse and fill…..on a daily basis for the small troughs that I disengaged. Sounds like a plan.Speaking of a plan…..did ya see Moonee checking out that Pretty? Yeehaw, that’s what we wanna see! Go baby Moonee, go! I think the fireants got me while I was doing the waters cuz my hands are on itchy fire! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


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