Freewriting….Blue Dog’s owie……Moments….of spirituality

Would you like to see the willow grow…to be entrenched in the glow of growth, of emergence transmortating. Blissed in the freeness of the wholeness of the feeling of the greenling, at once sublime and intrepid. These things each into the vastness of idolatry, to the perversions of man, of man. Oneness can’t isn’t wasn’t, will be uniquely the first to burst. The sky the night, the stars shoot wisdom from their pores, blessingly touching our core, once more. BEauty once risen is, is. BEauty once passioned is sinned, is sinned. Inside goeth they who challengeth the law. Laws of not, spirits of mind decline. Many be maddeningly grunk, intoxicated beyond measuredom. Keep the mist at the hind, the butterfly rind, the new, the now, they deep.

That, is what came out when I attempted a poetic free writing session, otherwise known as automatic writing. I simply hold pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, blank out my mind and what comes out, comes out. Very very quickly done. Kinda cool. I love it when I do this sort of thing. I don’t do it very often lately. I told my daughter tonight the blog was rather boring lately, she may not wanna read. She agreed that it didn’t have my usual spiritual vigor, but enjoys catching up on what’s going on here.  Btw, she is still in the home, but she no longer has a place to call hers. As for my son….couldn’t reach him yesterday and haven’t heard yet, so I have no idea if he went to court or not. I don’t worry, but I hate not knowing.


Precious and beautiful

Certain owies, when I get them, certain, mind you…..I have a firm belief that if I shake it out, it will go away. I’ve told you before, some things I am able to have a mustard seeds worth of belief and some things I haven’t yet achieved that glory. I once reached my hand deep into the cat food bag and a scorpion bit my pinky finger. I shook it out and within 2 minutes, it was as if it never happened. Yes, this is all leading up to something. Tonight, I was playing toy with Blue, while I sat in my chair. We’ve done it since he was a baby and he has around a 100 toys upstairs in a bag that we put away while Lovey was living inside cuz Blue is very possessive over his toys. Anyway, I just haven’t gone up there to get them and he has a few here to play with.

Tonight he was playing with whaley….they all have names. As he went to get it after a miss catch, I instantly saw he had been hurt. He didn’t cry, but I saw the motions of his body. I knew what it was, intuitively, and yes, there was a large scorpion. I killed it of course, because all scorpions know they are not allowed to live in my house, and will be killed on sight. So, I killed the culprit, then played nonchalant. Then I scratched his butt saying shake it off, shake it off…getting him all excited. He wiggled all over the place and I continued for some time. Then I had him grab ropey and we played ropey for a bit, cuz he was too scared to go get whaley. Then I told him to rest…..and I googled scorpion bites dog. Ha! It said keep the dog absolutely still so the medicine doesn’t go through him and rush him to the hospital. Well, we’ve been playing for at least an hour and the shake it off seems to have worked. It’s all in the beliefability. It’s all in the Knowing, and the knowling. The knowling….the tiny seed, emerging and growing forth, reaching for the light it feels but does not yet see.

And see…it all fits with the freewriting I did above. Life is fandillyicious. And yes, I’m in a new word mood tonight. I’m actually sitting here….pondering asking the judge to let me serve my sons time in jail. Might take a few months to pay off all the fines……or longer. Can I expect Cathy to take care of the animals? No. Can anyone know who they are and what’s different and unique, therefore what to watch for? No. Of course it’s a stupid idea….but it’s here. It has entered my brain length. I wonder how long it would take.


I told you I’d been picking up feathers…………got a few!


Wow…..the first Tailfeather!!!


By the way…spirituality doesn’t just ooze from a person…it happens in moments. Moments of inspiration or learning. Moments of such normalcy that you don’t even catch it. Spirituality can be as simple as a cup of tea. To brew it to just the right temperature for your liking, putting in just the exact rightness amount of sugar and that ever generous dollop of milk to sweeten the deal. Stir. And enjoy. Spirituality comes in moments when your dog has been bit by a scorpion and you help him forget that it even happened, because he craves love so intensely that love, to him, was more important in that moment, than being sick and in pain. He chose. I helped him choose. Do you get it now? Sorry, I just had a momentary spurt of ick. It was for a second, like…I know this….why cant you get it? Arrrgh.

If I were a writer, which I am, I would call this blog…a writers blog. Most days, it is just normal stuff. In the beginning I taught a lot….but Summer Girl, I have taught what I know and I continue to ooze it out as needed,….oh, you want more stories……I forgot. Hmmmmm. Well, tonight’s blog was a story…about Bluedog and his scorpion bite. I’ll try to remember that very good advice. I also got the same advice from a How to Grow on Facebook thingie. A story……I am a story. I am an everending story…by the way, I watched the Neverending Story last night. Ha. Fitting and circumspect. And I just changed my name on FB to…..MamaSheri Halliday. Friend me….if you dare, haha! And yes, I might at some point, lose the Halliday part and just be MamaSheri. That is who I am, after all. Here, I’m Mama. When young people come, they call me Mama. All the animals know me as such, and so it seemed ….like it was time. Mamawillow, you were great and I love you, but your time has commenced. Nightie night sweet one…..and goodbye. MamaSheri. I like it. People have been calling me that lately in private messages and emails and it’s so cool. I love it. I guess in a way it’s my brand name. Curly Locks Ranch….MamaSheri’s Babies and Makins. Lol

The che che che of the water fountain outside my window is somewhat calming actually. It’s out of water and wants some more, that’s why it’s making noise. But I hear something else. I hear a rhythm and I don’t usually hear rhythm. I had in the past always been ryhthm challenged. But I hear it…ch che ch. 1:39am


You got up to greet me? ahhhh


Cutiepies…..Donna and Valey


Hi there!


Oprah….the Star


Ahhh, a potential breeding of these two!!! Isn’t Milky gorgeous? Some day


Wishing for grain



It’s so hot that it’s taking a toll on the goats. I’m finally noticing some lethargy. Half of the girls didn’t even bother to come eat, and the Pretties and Moonee still had food left from yesterday. I wonder why it’s ok to wet down the alpacas but not the angora goat? Someone please explain that one to me. I have a friend who uses the garden hose and sprays her alpacas on their bellies and they line up for their squirt….and no, she’s not the only one who does this. It makes no sense. They are both a fiber animal. Ah well, it was an idea…just googled it and no signs of anyone doing it, therefore I won’t.

When I’m outside, the pups want to go through any gate I go through. When I’m done, I yell….Closing the gate, a few times and they usually come. Not always. Today is one of those days where they wanted to stay. But they never want to stay the whole night. They are right now waiting on me….wondering why I’ve left them there for 2 hours. Well, cuz it’s hot folks. But, since I still need to go fix the ch che ch of the water fountain…guess I’ll let em back in. And gosh, I have no clue what’s for dinner. Usually when that happens, I just make pizza but not on a weekend cuz the leftovers don’t get eaten. Hmmm, well, maybe I’ll think of something while I’m outside melting like a cheese pizza.


Yay….fresh cool water

Well, they’re happy now…freed from the L and fresh water from the fountain. Blue dog is showing no signs of having been bit by a scorpion, but the scorpions remains are at the top of the trash bag, so I know it happened. And last night….I tried, and failed….to make S’mores. It seemed simple enough. Only had it once, at my first rainbow gathering, but it was handed to me fait acompli. You can’t make them in the microwave. Who knew? Lol, all out of ice cream…how strange to have a new late night goodie craving now. Ah well, I’ll survive. Well, thought I had dinner figured out but it fell apart, so yay, hubby is bringing home some fast food. I hate to admit it, but I love certain fast foods. Course, hubby and I have Completely different tastes in food, so….who knows what he’ll bring. Anyway, Lovely chattin with ya!!! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


6 thoughts on “Freewriting….Blue Dog’s owie……Moments….of spirituality

  1. No one sprays the goats down because they don’t like it. My goats run so fast when it starts to rain it is comical how they line up to get in the barn and they are like, hurry up, I’m getting wet. I hope you had a good dinner.
    Hugs my friend

  2. I use the water hose to break up buck fights that are getting out of hand. Works like a charm. They really do not like it.

  3. O.K. you made me laugh, trying to cook s’mores in the microwave! You know it’s the FIRE that burns the marshmallows. Natural woman – try prayers or spiritual practice for your son. Man’s judicial system will demand he serve his own time. But, spiritually you may help clear up some of his negative karma. Enjoy the week-end.

    • Lol……Ya, so I’ve been told lately…..need the flame, not the kill box. 😀 As for the boy….have no idea. Haven’t heard from him. Hmmm, how do you heal someone elses karma? Huggs lady!!! ❤

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