Rainbow Warriors…I Was Lost, now I’m Found….and YeeHaw, I’m Back!!!

Many people are searching lately for information about rainbow warriors. Just this week alone, 4 people have found my blog by typing those words into a search engine. So, since there is such a need, I will try to explain it. A rainbow warrior is a human being of any color, creed, nationality, sex and age. What this means to me, is anyone who is willing to fight in any way he can, for the planet earth. People fight in many ways. My usual way of fighting is with this here blog and also with what I choose to “LIKE” on Facebook, the things I “SHARE” and the Posts I make. The Amazon tribes are fighting face to face now and they are counting on the people of the earth to stand up to the injury to the planet.

There are many ways to represent the earth. Represent, hmmm, sounds like a law term just now. Like who stands up for the earth? The countries and the cities and the continents…they all want to do what they want to do. How do you represent the earth in that manner? You don’t. What you do have though, are select individuals who feel called in whatever way they feel called. No two people are alike, no two callings are alike. Do you want to help the natives? Do you want to bring a lawsuit against the countries participating in Ecocide? Do you want to march? How about write articles or blogs or take photos to unite others? Do you have oodles of money?……donate it to a tribe…pick a tribe, any tribe. But also, give some to the Amazon, the Zingu people…to fight that damn dam.

The rainbow people have been prophesized nearly as many times as the shift of 2012, that most people call the end times. There is a group, called the rainbow family, who gather in the woods once a year in a mystery state and also hold regionals all over the world as well as an international gathering once a year as well. These are people from all walks of life who go deep into the woods, at risk of jail, to experience what it is like to live in a non governmental society. To simply live as one, helping each other, feeding each other, caring for each other and creating what they need, with what they have. When you are that deep in the woods, believe me, you get creative. No monies are allowed but trade is welcome. You are told you are loved more times in an hour than you can possibly count. Decisions are made through a council which has no leader. There are no rules. Well, with the exception of alcohol, as it is segregated. I guess you could call it Utopian. A Utopian society…for 30 days or so, and some only for the week of July 4th. Doctors, lawyers, rich, poor, looney, need to be nakeds, pot smokers,…… literally all walks of life, go to contribute and experience.

Are these the famed rainbow warriors? Yes, most likely some of them are. But I believe the rainbow warriors will come from the tribes, from Europe, from Canada, Mexico, The Islands, Russia, China….Tibet, from everywhere, even Timbuktu. The rainbow gatherings are simply an avenue to see it in action. The question then is, is it what we/they have been doing all along and will continue to do? Or is it something more specific that hasn’t happened yet. I’m leaning towards the latter.

There is a fast moving fire 18 miles south of my baby goats in Washington and I am listening to the police scanner there, to help Tracee know what is going on. Scary scary!!! The good news is that the fire is moving north. What was interesting was when the report came that a fire was within 200 yards of a firehouse. One after another called in saying they were headed to station 12. One dispatcher even questioned a guy….am I to assume that the fire line at present position is in position? Affirmative. Oh dear, they are doing a burnout trying to save it. It’s late, I need to sleep. 2:59am But wait…

A friend said tonight….go with your intuition. The only things I have to sell…are the things I do. Period. I can’t bank a business on what I think people want to buy. What I do now is what I do. This is a very important revelation, that has always been here, but just got recognized for its true value. Why did I waver, where did I take that misstep? I think it was when I entered the goat group, and realized that I did things so very differently than them, thought so very differently than them, and then I tried to be like them. That’s the greatest mistake a person can make. I need to be me. I AM ME. I fell into the human trap. If I start to sink again….please remind me of this. The human spirit,… my spirit, is the goal,… not the money.

I’m watching Phenomenon and it’s the Chair scene…“did ya ever figure out what her chairs were and buy em?” Do you have people who buy your chairs? It is my deepest wish that you do. That you are encouraged to follow your bliss. My neighbor would buy my chairs if she had the money and my husband, well, he buys them in the sense of paying for them, buy he never ever pays a compliment or says good job or good work. So, it’s like…half a chair? Encouragement is a KEY thing in life. It Inspires people. Spire = sprout, shoot or stalk of grass. GROW babies GROW. 3:31am Night night again.

Guess what? I’m the guilty one. I am the one who stopped buying my chairs. Who wants to get in line and bonk me on the head with some really soft fiber? I had an epiphany last night. It was the show. Yes, the group showed me how different I am, but the show, the show hooked me like a fish and ripped me from my familiar pool of water. It also hooked my husband. I was lost on an unknown unchosen path. Of course I was treading water, trying to keep my head up, I was in over my head! I am thrilled to find myself again…and glad you got to come along for the ride. Disregard all the confusion and low self esteem references please, cuz MamaSheri is back in the building.

I didn’t understand…I kept asking God…what happened? I knew I was different. I knew I was sad. I knew there had been a change….I just couldn’t pinpoint it until last night. Folks, I am an unordinary person and I have no desire to be ordinary, or to do what is expected of me. I am the only one who needs to expect something from me. Everything I believed and planned, BEFORE the show…..is back in place. In order to get back on track, I am still in need of one thing. A human being to model my pretties, my art form, my creations. Or a mannequin. I’m not that fussy, just something to display properly. From there, I can sell what I have and take orders for new ones. I also love to spin, so I may….MAY, sell some yarn. The goats I think are sell worthy, I will sell. The ones I don’t, well, some may go to auction, or they can go free to a good home. Haha, sounds like a puppy. I really did want to donate to a tribe, but jeesh, that’s a lot easier said than done. Gosh, I’m so happy I’m back!!! I remember one of my readers…ha, in fact the very same one who spurred my epiphany last night……soon after the show, she said something was different. I didn’t understand. I do now.

It flowed over into other aspects. I panicked about the sticker burrs and sheared 3 babies a month early. Gosh, that was dumb. If I can pull the burrs out one at a time as I shear at 5 months of age….I can pull the burrs out one at a time as I shear at 6 months of age……So, when we got down to the girls house to shear today, I said…nobody is ready. See, I got my brain back on!!! We are waiting until their coat is at full length. So, you’ll have to wait awhile for more shear photos!!! YeeHaw, I’m back!!! Did ya notice any difference? Did ya wonder where I’d gone and who had taken my place? Her name is Sheri Lee. Sheri Lee has no self esteem….. Only one person ever called me that and he was a pro at making me feel worthless. I used that name on face book cuz I didn’t want to use my last name. Didn’t realize by using it, I could get swept away in the deluge of fiberdom. And I just remedied that. I just changed my name on Facebook! And I may as well tell you too. My name is Sheri Halliday. The only place you will see Sheri Lee, is on my art, the SL is my art signature.






Sweetpea…….very wary




Freedom!!!! To eat more greenies to make the butt even poopier!!!!


Awwe……..not hurting her


At feeding, since I got those boys out of there, I reopened the gate for the Pretties, so now they have access to the L greenies. Tika was ready ready and didn’t even eat any grain. Ha, so funny cuz they actually had plenty of greenies that had grown up in the pen while it was being unused. But they can wander now, probably at least an acre. I walk around outdoors these days, going from pen to pen, with my head down. Nope, not cuz I’m sad….cuz my eyes are scanning for blue and green. Peacock feathers!!! All sizes from itty bitty to humungous. No plans yet, just potential on a stick! I’m baaaaaack!!!


Shortcakes fleece……when washed it will be silver. (still on the goat)


Opti, Milly and Maya


Awwe….mom still loves her


Lila’s fleece


While I was deciding earlier who to shear, or more accurately, who Not to shear, we really enjoyed just hanging out. I had my head covered and we had the shearing basket, yet they didn’t run and we just walked around and evaluated and petted. So I guess I did get Something from the show, besides Moonee, that was good…….I got more confidence in goat handling, therefore, no more chasing and causing fear. Thank you goat show…now that, I’ll take.

Holy Cow…I was read last night by someone in Nepal!!!!! Nepal!!!! Wow, oh cool beans wow. Alrighty then folks……Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. So happy I’m back.


8 thoughts on “Rainbow Warriors…I Was Lost, now I’m Found….and YeeHaw, I’m Back!!!

  1. I consider myself a Rainbow Warrior, but I have never been part of The Rainbow People. I don’t believe there are any prereqs other than to want to stand up for Our Mother Earth. Here is a poem Kin sent me that, to me, epitomizes what a Rainbow Warrior is…


    I stand with the grandmothers,
    the mothers,
    the sisters of Earth

    I stand for the birds, the animals, the fish
    I stand for the trees, the plants, the rocks
    I stand for sparkling clean water
    I stand for bright clean air
    I stand for a healthy green Earth
    I stand for truth
    I stand for love
    I stand for hope

    I stand for the children so one day
    when my children’s children ask,
    “What did you do?” I can say,
    I stood with women of all nations,
    all races, all religions
    for a better future
    for the seventh generation

    I stood so every child has nourishment,
    every child has love,
    every child has a home

    I am a Grandmother,
    I stand now and forever
    for the Earth, our home

    Heart to Heart
    our message goes out
    across the Earth

    Will you stand with me?

    – J. B. Prince

    (Kin Says “This is a poem by a friend of mine. She simply gathers a group of people and “stands”. It is very powerful. She does it every year on Mother’s Day.)

    If the fire is 18 miles south of your babies and it is moving North….? You and your babies are in my prayers sister Sheri as always ❤

    • No hon, the goats are 18 miles south of the fire…and the fire is moving north. I have no idea what is happening now. Tracee isn’t responding to message.

      That is a beautiful poem. Thank you for posting it dearie. As for prerequisites….hmmm, thought I was pretty clear on that. In fact I know I was. Maybe you are distracted tonight? Love you. Miss our talks. ❤ Huggs

  2. Did you get my last blog in the e-mail? WordPress did something and deleted all the blogs I follow, so I’ve had to sign up again! I had noticed I hadn’t received a blog in a few days.

      • I just blog once a week. Check in your Admin page under “Blogs I follow” if I’m not listed you need to go back to my blog and sign up again. I just finished. This is the second time WordPress has removed my subscriptions! But, they have a Reader page now.

      • Well, I am set up to receive them….i have it set to instantly…maybe i should change it to weekly???? To be honest…I didn’t know I could do what I just did…set all my Follows to email…and even though I did have you set to Instant…I never received any. I have a whole bunch of catching up to do.

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