Sitting with my Babies….computer challenged….Name that fleece, buy that fleece?

Once again, a rare thing, I find myself with nothing to say. It’s 1:26am Saturday morning and once again I will be going into town for lunch, groceries, feed and a smoothie. It varies so rarely. I really enjoyed sitting with the 4 wayward younguns today. It had just rained and the humidity was so thick that I had to change my clothes when I came inside, cuz I was so wet that I was shivering in the AC. Back to the boys. I haven’t spent much time with them lately and they had been put out to pasture, well, the main one, and I once again was reminded that they are beings. They are intelligent beings, even if they don’t act like it.

Popeye walked over to me, who I never had much connection with even though I complimented him all the time about his deep dark black striking face. Sendai, who I played with often as a baby, walked up to me and wanted to be petted, scratched. Junebug didn’t even want his picture taken. He kept walking behind the other goats to prevent the horrid offense. And Levi, a Beautiful, not a Munchkin, turned out to be in the photo I took of Popeye when he laid down next to me, while I scratched Sendai. Junebug stood 20 feet away. Sendai seemed to be trying to speak to me with his eyes, when I pulled his curls away so that he could see. They missed this. Time with Mama.


Popeye, not as pronounced on this side


Popeye….don’t know how to classify this color fleece


Sendai……a smaller boy, but quite gorgeous


Popeye laid down next to me and Sendai….haha, didn’t realize til I uploaded this, but Levi is sticking his tongue out!



When they were babies, I was there everyday. As they grew it got less and less, until they were put out with the BigBoys and the 1,000 pound horses and cows. I missed it too. And also today, when baby Valey crawled under the stanchion while nearly everyone else was eating, broke my heart. And Opti, eating grass instead of grain because he’d been rammed too many times. Things like this hurt my feelings. Why does it have to be so dang hot? Jeesh, to have spring or fall on a regular basis, wouldn’t that be great? If it wasn’t so hot I could spend more times with my babies. I really like to just sit and hang out. They’re all spread out now though, in different areas and different pens. My herd has grown from 7, four years ago in October. Most farms buy and sell. I’ve just been sitting here. Looking at and playing with my babies. It’s hard to think of it as a business when you think like that….my babies. All the goats I’ve placed on a sell list…that I have NOT posted……..aye yi yi…..they’re my babies. Get a grip. 😀

One thought is…..I like creating my pretties and knowing which goats I’m crocheting or knitting with. I could expand that to the sale of fleece idea. Like, for whatever $$$, people could buy the goats fleece that they like seeing pictures of. I’m liking this idea. Like I said, just an expansion of what I already do. Of course, my memory isn’t so wonderful and I can’t always tell you which baby it is inside that scarf or shawl, but I once did!!! Haha …Yes, I call them all baby….even the dogs and cats. Wow, for someone who didn’t have anything to say, I surely did just type a lot. It’s now 2:04 and I think I’m ready for bed my kind fellows! See ya tomorrow!

102 degrees at the feed store today. While at the grocery store, I mentioned that I needed a greeting card/calendar making software. He said “where’s yours?”. I dunno, that was 10 years ago! He says….if I get it I know what you’ll do, it’ll just sit there. I said, “way to encourage me!” He said, well you do and I said, no, I DID. So he drops me at Staples so I can run in and get it. Get home, install it and it’s a no go. Maybe file too big, maybe firewall? No offers of help from the computer guy sitting in the chair across the room. I will uninstall it and just do typical and see if that helps. What good is it to have a computer expert in your house if he hates to help? Not everything is perfect in my life, obviously.


Ahhhhm poor ValeyGirl, scared and hiding….Still, a day later.


Joy tells Milky…this Mountain is MINE


Joy….claiming the stanchion


Ella, she sure is getting colorful these days….wish she was nicer to the other goats


This guy posed for me…..repeatedly, letting me get very close to him



These wear off so quickly in this 100 plus degree heat…..Had to do it twice this week TBP The Butterfly Project….(People) Mayerli’s favorite color is purple.



I woke up this morning, made my hot tea, walked past the front window and what do I see? Goats in the garden. How in the world I’ve kept them out this long is amazing, like I said, hubby took the panel used as a gate. Not only that, but we have old doors as entrances into the garden and one of them was blown down in a storm, so anyone can just walk right in…if they don’t want to walk another 20 ft to the non existent gate. I park the zen buggy there cuz the goats think the gate is still up and don’t even go down there, so that just leaves the door. No Zen buggy in front of the door. Straight from sleep, I am rounding up goats…..I wasn’t up for the hard way…. I took a peanut, and got Moonee, which then got me Gandhi and then of course, where’d everybody go…..yup, got me Lovey as well.

The Holdout 4, are still holding out. Haha, no idea how to get them out of there. Oh ya, I was gonna try peanuts!! I forgot. Alrighty then, I need a break. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


2 thoughts on “Sitting with my Babies….computer challenged….Name that fleece, buy that fleece?

  1. I think you will find that some people will love buying the fleece off of certain goats they have become attached to. Hopefully not the ones you want to keep. Saw the triplets and I took a few pictures but they are not very clear

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