Insect Invasion….Sorting goatly Passions….and Bashing babies

Old brain and new brain are really warring right now. It’s the bugs. There are so many flies in the house and now moths. Moths are not good for a house full of wool type products, but I have been very adamant about what is allowed in my house. There are so many, that I am considering doing an insect house spray thingie. But if I do that, it will kill the spiders. They too are accumulating, and growing webs in undesirable places. But I don’t want to kill them. What a dilemma. I bought some more stickie things, but I can’t find them. And when I put them up and the flies get caught, I feel horrible. It just plain sucks all the way around. 😀 Ah gee, now I’m laughing. I could always clothespin my nose and put up one of those dome things with the liquid, at night while we sleep. That would get em all probably just overnight. And no spiders. Ha, I may try it, stinky as they are, cuz it will spare us both on the misery front. UPDATE: Cathy did the insect fogger yesterday and the bugs lived through it. Holy canoles.

I tried to watch The Last of the Mohicans tonight, but alas, I just didn’t care for it. I ended up watching Dog of Flanders. I got a kick when I realized that the dog, had fur similar to the original angora goats, loose and wavy. Add some horns and they could be a goat. 😀 This movie is also about an artist. There is paint involved and it makes me want to paint again. Time speeds by through the day and I know not how to accomplish all that I want to create. I’ve been analyzing and pondering again. Rethinkin and retesting…. Again. I need to create a business. I need to create monies coming to me. To offset the feed costs. This time however, I am asking myself a different question. This time I’m asking…..what makes me happy. What parts of this angora goat farm make me tickled to the core of me….or at least gives me great joy. Here’s what I can identify for you now. I love to spin. I love making my creations, from the curls that I have dealt with with my own hands from every step of the way. But I only have two hands and I also have many other loves and things to do.

Another thing I love, is to have people over. To show off my babies and to educate them about what is involved in this field of artwork. I refuse to use the I word here. As in Indus…! Hmmm, how to make a profit from that? I also love photographing my babies, and that ones not too hard to see potential. Did I say I love spinning? Oh gosh, in the beginning, it was a chore. To get the yarn to make what I wanted to make. Now? Now, it’s creating. Creating the look I want and even dying the curls to make more colors. Not sure why I’m doing the koolaid, it’s not necessary. The natural colors are so beautiful themselves and the variations in color throughout the fleece are astounding. It’s just a new thing, but gosh is it fun. I love natural colors and I love pastels And brights, guess I just need to deal with that!!!

I had to ask my husband for money for my daughter. I have to do the same for my son on a regular basis. I want my own money. So I don’t have to ask anymore. I’m so tired of the dance, the money dance in my home. I have to hint and hint and hint and I only get it…if he wants me to have it. Clippers, fly to me NOW. New panels and sheds….fly to me now. V- feeder troughs…come to me my darlins! Ok….time for this lil gal to go to sleep. Goodnight sweet people. 2:05am.

And since I don’t have clippers yet,…..only been asking for about a year…..but since I don’t have them, I shall trudge on and use the scissors today on little Miss Valey. I’m not sure why it took so long to shear Opti yesterday. We can usually do a baby in half an hour, not 2 hours. I think maybe it was the simple fact of the coat. I’ve never had a coat this nice before. My breeding is improving things and his coat was one that I didn’t want to take a chance on. I was so careful on the cutting that it just went very slow. Now that that’s out of the way, may it go faster and faster and smoother and smoother.


I forgot to get the Before photo!!! She still has curls here though!!! ValeyGirl


I want out!


A tender moment…..OliveOyl and Sweetpea


Opti found comfort in sleeping next to me while I sheared his friend




When we shear, the girls gather very closely to the stanchion and lay down in a mass crush of curls……and some, like Lila, ….sleep.



I’ve been thinking about this breeding situation. As I’ve told you, I usually just use one buck, which makes things really simple. This year, I want to do some goat designing, so today I had the thought that if I can close off the garden somehow, I could just put each group in my yard for a few days. Just leave them there…goats herd up (especially at night) and while they’re herded….sparks may fly!!!

Oh gosh, well I caught little Valey by surprise and she screamed bloody murder as we hauled her tiny sticker burred body up on the stanchion. Once there, she tried to wiggle out so I tied a rope around the closure and that fixed that. She was actually a little angel for her first shear. Opti jumped up and just wanted to stand there. I let him, which made for more difficult shearing but what the heck. It took an hour this time and once again, we removed the burrs as we went. Not too much loss. I ran my hands all over her and scratched her and even showed her an under the chin scratch. No clue if all that will help her be friends with me finally. We shall see. When I let her go, she knew what was coming and ran to the door to escape, which she couldn’t do with the gate closed. That’s when I saw how tiny she really was. I think the other goats saw it too and they didn’t ram her. Yay!!! They are still ramming poor Opti, which I think is why he wanted to stay so close to me. He’s as friendly as a bottle baby, but he doesn’t follow you around. Guess I pinched a nerve in my back during the shear, but didn’t notice till walking away…. Lordie it hurts…..hoping it’s that. And…’s raining. Yes! It’s raining!!! Oooh, coming down now! We need it badly.


All done……….see the Opti?


Run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After running, she then ran to mommy to nurse. Mom let her get one suck, then stepped away.


Oh well, she tried to get that drink from Mom



After the rain, I went out to feed. Still couldn’t get the munchkins to budge. They did however, come and visit with me, the lonely little ones! Sendai wanted just to be near me and Popeye laid down 1 ft from me with Beautiful Levi right behind. JuneBug of course stayed as far away as possible. Well, I was wrong, they are bashing tiny Valey. And poor Opti still. Valey ran and hid under the stanchion of doom so she couldn’t get beaten up. Opti couldn’t get any food, it all shifted for him in one day. One day he was a baby goat next to his mommy and the next day he’s persona non grata.

The humidity was so thick after the rain that my clothes were wet, all the way. Had to change in order to survive in the AC of the house. Wow, it’s Friday again. I blinked again, didn’t I? Not sure this is a pinched nerve. Come on…help me liquidate any stones that may still be inside me. I have such a high tolerance for pain, well, wouldn’t you if it lived with you your whole life? Alrighty then, Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. P.S. Took a tee tiny nap…ya, again(2nd 5 min nap in a year!!!) , and the pain has eased a bit. Surely hope it’s a pulled muscle but am doubtful.


2 thoughts on “Insect Invasion….Sorting goatly Passions….and Bashing babies

    • Haha, it would seem so!!! No, twice a year. What you saw was adults. these are babies, born in March, due for a shear in September but due to sticker burrs, I’m shearing them a month early. I normally shear March and September…..but when you are doing it by hand and it takes 1-4 hours per goat, it stretches out when you have this many goats. I either need clippers or a Shearer to come!!!!

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