Helping a friend…(maybe)….didn’t follow my GUT…and an early shearing season :-(

Well, I’ve just dismantled my pouch. The charms were so long tied that I had to cut each one off. It was rather sad. What was even sadder was the realization of just how bad a shape it was in, therefore I lost some really cool charms, and very recently. I should have done the exchange…. Oops……no should haves in ……if it happened it was meant to be. I am however, going to look in between the seats in both the car and the truck. I haven’t transferred the contents over yet though. Not sure what I’m waiting for. I guess it bothered me that some things were missing. New things, pretty things, significant things, expensive things. Yes, I believe that things drop off me when it’s time, but this was ignorance. I had the new pouch here for a couple of weeks….and I didn’t do it. I knew it was breaking up and I didn’t do it.

So, about the goats. I find myself Finally, going with my gut. When I found them….halfway across the continent, I simply went with Delta’s word that they could send my animal safely and relatively cheaply. No gut there. You know what has transpired, and now I have several options. Five, actually. I’m going with my gut. I almost wavered tonight, but in the end….I’m going …ya, you know the rest of the sentence. Let’s just leave it there for now please. How bout this….when they are part way here….I’ll tell ya!!! How’s that?!!! Yup, thought so, sounds good. The yimmy yammying is driving me nuts, to me honest. All this back and forth, and getting nowhere, is like a dull knife. Speaking of dull knives, or sharp ones….I read today from a cutter person… that they should be proud of the scars because it meant they had made it through and were still alive. I have difficulties with that. To me, that sounds too accepting and encouraging of an attitude. I dunno, what do y’all think? Well, I just finished drawing my new butterfly.

It’s amazing to me how many times in the search records of my wordpress account…I see the words…butterfly on wrist or…don’t kill the butterfly. People use those words in a search, like Google, and wala, they find me. Actually, the things in the search bar are pretty interesting. My favorite is the…women wearing rubber boots. There have been a few more perverted ones, but usually, they are rainbow prophecy, rainbow warrior type things. Human spine and barometer; Yesterdays were…you’re my birthday present and tiniest goat. I’m thinking some of these are people that read something here once and they remembered those words and tried…and found me again that way. Pretty cool. I remember one once was something like….cute little colored boy likes cute little colored girl. No, I found it, it is: black boy protecting black cute little girl from harm. Ooh, this one is Special….Girl I adore you.

I started to keep a chart of the interesting ones, but it has evaporated from my word processor. 🙂 Man, I need to learn more smiley face keystrokes. I tried the colon dash capital D on yesterdays blog and it worked. Normally when I do a smiley face in my processor, I have to put like 6 parentheses after it, so I will recognize that I need to alter it. If I don’t, what I put as a smiley face, when put into wordpress, becomes…J. So, I do that so you don’t see the J. But : – D worked, without all the darn parentheses, so I shall learn. YeeHaw. Let’s try one now. Ha, couldn’t find the one I found the other day, so here I am, finding what I Was looking for the other day…..and downloading it now. Have no idea if it will help me here, but yay, I found what I was searching for! Well, no…..turns out it’s only good in a Yahoo chat. Bummer. And the search is still on.

My newest butterfly for THE BUTTERFLY PEOPLE….oops, Project

Well, due to the sticker burr situation, I have started shearing a month early. I took my best coat off today, and it took us an extra half hour just from pulling out the ouchy burrs as we came across them. In the end, I’ll bet we missed some and my fingers will find them in the wash. It went so smooth, I almost feel guilty, well, I actually do feel guilty. As I drug the shearing stand into the girls house, a couple babies jumped on it, the last being the target goat….Opti. I simply scooted him forward and locked him in. It was his first shear. He’s seen it done many times, but before this…he was always safe when he jumped up on the stanchion. I took his childhood away today. First by locking him onto what had previously been a toy, and then by removing his curls, which meant he had to defend himself in the challenges that came afterward. I feel just horrible. I really have no business doing this farm, when I am such a softie. I’ll go back down in a bit and make sure he’s doing ok. I thought they would leave him alone since he’s a baby. I really didn’t remember them bashing babies.

Opti……still a baby…well, for the next 2 hours

Opti baby…..awwe, he’s a naked teenager now

After I sheared Opti, I let Gandhi, Lovey and Moonee out. They roamed the yard till 5pm when it was feeding time. Actually, I let them graze till 5, but I’ve recently switched back to 3pm feeding…..I just wanted them to have a little bit more grazing time. When I put them up, I had the bottle of Show Sheen with me. It’s a detangler. I got Lovey pretty good with it, boy is he loaded under the chin. Today’s outing ruined his coat further. Now it seems I’m in a mad dash to sheer to save coats. I’ve also offered myself to help my friend Lisa, who fell of her shearing stand last week and got a mild concussion and 2 broken ribs. She said she would probably let me help and we would just both shear together. She shears fast…been doing it 25 years, I shear slow, been doing it 4 years.




Ahhh, Picasso…..wild horns, but ohhhh, the fleece he creates….from Kai Mohair….he was supposed to be a wether, but I never had the heart

Wow, well, those younguns really really don’t wanna leave the L. Must not be fun for them out in the main yonder. I bribed them with food, but it was a no go. It won’t harm anything though. In fact, it will help the Pretties to go in season, ha, but they will not get to do the deed. Although, that Popeye sure is looking good. I’ll get them out eventually. Poor things, must really hate it in the main yonder.

Well, the hubby has just walked in the door and dinner is ready. Yes, every night, dinner is ready when he walks in the door. Then I also make him a lunch of the leftovers, as well as carrots, cereal, breakfast bar, and 2 fruits. I hate that I had to shear that baby early, but better shorter, than ruined. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


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