Refuse to be a Hoarder….my red Solo cup….and an unexpected realization

Ok, check me. Unbelievable. Every day, I fill my red solo cup with ice, Simply Lemon and Welch’s grape juice. Then I sit down and take two paper towels, still connected, fold them in half, then fold them over. I then take a strip of my blue painters tape and secure the towels to my red solo cup, lol. This prevents moisture buildup which I despise. The next day, I toss them over to the side on a counter, to dry, and periodically I undo the blue tape and lay them out in a drawer. Recycling. To be used to clean my kitchen. Well, apparently I haven’t cleaned a whole lot lately and they filled the drawer. I found myself stuffing them in cracks and I still had about 8 left, when I saw what I was doing….had a vision of the hoarders show, cracked up laughing and scooped the remainder up and threw them in the trash. There is still hope for me. 😀


Haha…..combo photo….My red solo cup with paper towel and blue tape huggie…..and the yarn I’ve just spun, thrown in….why not

Tonight’s movie is this God in your face movie and I can’t stop watching it. It’s also got the cops catching people , which always scares me, yet I keep watching. He’s fixing to dance…with his dead daughter, oh my oh oh. That’s the song, oh oh oh…oh how beautiful, he’s dancing, alone…to all who could see….which was what prevented him from dancing with her when she asked while she was still alive. Ohhhhh, now he asked God to tell her that he did his side of the dance. Oh, my cup runneth over. This goofy movie, on this crazy yukky TV, and my cup runneth over. What was it Scarlet said…my sponge runneth over. Yes. That’s it. My sponge runneth over. I learn, every minute, and even every second.

And now….the fathers in the movie are making a formal ceremony commitment, resolution to take responsibility for myself my wife and my children, I will love protect and serve them…and will teach them to love God…will be faithful to my wife and be willing to lay down my life for her, I will teach my son to lay down his life for God……kindness, respect, work diligently, will forgive, reconcile, walk in integrity, seek to honor God, Wow. That was some fast typing! Lollllllllll No, I obviously didn’t get it all, but I surely did try!!! Now they are all admiring the plaques on the wall, of their Resolution. Seems sweet to me. And now they are reading letters they’ve written to Their fathers. These were all men who didn’t have the best fathers, growing up. I can overlook the oooovert God stuff. But jeesh, I hate this TV.

Here’s an update. The foot cramps I was having every single morning? Gone. I thank my body for telling me to get the ice cream. I still eat it every night. Honestly….I used to eat it like, maybe, once a year!!! I now have a ritual, to warm me up when I’m done. It works very quickly. So I figure there must be a reason for knowing this. So, if you ever find yourself violently cold and no human is around to share body warmth…here’s what ya do. You rub your hands together very fast, creating friction almost. Then you move to the forearms and run your hands briskly and quickly for about 10 strokes up both sides, then switch back to the hands. I might have to repeat that one more time, but it takes less than 2 minutes, and wala, not shivering anymore.

Good Lord, what a movie……wowowow. Like I said…overflowing and too Godly for my taste,, but gee, the message was powerful. Ok, I guess you wanna know what it’s called…..Courageous….2011, Alex Kendrick…Kevin Downes and Ben Davies, Showing now on Starz. Lemme tell ya, it had it’s moments. Here they go, talking about fatherless children. All through this, I’ve been thinking of Jesse…when it was ME. It was me that waited for my father to show up as a white knight, to rescue me from the hell I was living. I was oh, probably 7 or 8. …..and on up. I did get a new father, and I loved him, but he wasn’t….My father. I later found out that my father lived his own life, with his new wife and his new child, but that his new child had died and later, after requesting money from this father…to get Bobby out of jail, ……he wrote me a letter telling me how much he loved me. That he had stepped out of my life to help me to embrace my new life and my new family with my new dad and new sisters. Holy cow. This is soul repair. Haha, good movie!!! How funny!!!

Smurf time!!! The surfs are blue, like the mushroom, like the blue Gods, the blue men. Oh ya, remember I told ya how things fall off me at the right time? Well, something fell off that I knew was not time, therefore, I also knew…’s time to replace my pouch. My first pouch. I have 2 now. My old one and my new one. Well, my old one is so old that the leather is disintegrating. I’ve been looking for an exact replacement for years….only to find one, just in time to need one. Love how that works!!! Blue Moon. Blue Moon is the new goat. It’s also what I told my husband before we married. Would he still want to marry me if he only got to have sex with me once in a blue moon…or even if it meant never…would he still want to marry me. He said yes. Well, there’s a blue moon this month……it ain’t a happenin. I’m extremely happy in my chastity. MY own crone self. Haha, I didn’t capitalize the Y. lol. Ok, well peoples…’s 1:53am. Nighty night.


Sweetly sharing…Murphy and Emmett


Yoki is being silly


Sticker burr Valey, looking all windswept


Valey was the star today….she even came within inches of my hand. Skittish babies, yikes.


Donna and Valey


My Lily is always so pretty and loving to boot


Cute together, eh? Valey and Milky


Donna and Valey


A very rare photo…..4 generations……..Donna in the center….left to right youngest to oldest daughters….ValeyGirl, Joy, OliveOyl 




Ahhhh, Mimi loves nuzzling with her friends…..Hopi is IT today



Well, slight movement on the goat front. We shall see. Good grief is it hot. Moving animals is a slow process and in this heat, is unbearable. I have moved all but a few goats back out of the L, after yesterdays fire scare. Would you believe….after what happened yesterday, they are burning piles again today? Why isn’t it against the law? Where is the burn ban? I’m confused. Some of the young boys, Munchkins, refused to leave the L. Remember, it was their home for a few months. I imagine that sooner or later, they will ask to get out! I’m not gonna rush them. What I did was open the gate and let them walk out as they chose. Later, I fed them, thinking the lingerers would come. Nope. They seem to still be scared. And I’m not even sure the numbers are right. When it cools off a teeny tad, I’ll go count heads.

Ok, heads counted….they were just in separate groups, which is unusual. All accounted for! Yay! Had me worried there for a second. Was hollering for Miyagi, when I see this pile of curls behind a tree, laying down. I said, Miyagi, is that you? He said… eh eh!!! I just love my goats. Even though they are loaded, all of em……with burrs. Dang drought. Oh ya….one of my readers is considering getting her own angora goats, in Scotland!!!! Cool beans!!! Ok, well, signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


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