Sometimes a child at 51….a Thank you….and a FIRE

At 51, there are still times when I’m still a child. I still want a gift. A package to open. Not only did my husband not bring the Chuy’s, but he didn’t bring anything. Not a card, a small gift…not even a candy bar. He did text me the words…..HB. Actually took me awhile to figure out what he meant. I said…hang back? Having brunch? Then I figured it out. It’s just so unexpected, that my disappointment level is high. Honestly, if it weren’t for all my friends….I’d probably be a pretty sad cookie right about now. But I’m not sad because you all have been so kind. Mayerli sent me the most beautiful butterfly photos with her words to me on each one. What a special special gift. Forty one people wished me a happy birthday. 41!!!!! Ooh, wait….44. Hahahahahahaaaa. That’s too funny!

I’ve been reconciling with myself all day. Gratefulness isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. Especially when you suddenly turn into a little girl, who is having a birthday. My goats were supposed to be my present. Did I open that gift? See, I’m just sharing with you the nitty gritty truth of emotions. Raw. I speak to you raw. All the time. I share my heart. My sorrows my joys. It’s not always pretty. I’m not always proud. I am however….very blessed to have so many friends in my life. I received some ecards, and some wonderful words, and lots of positive energy. People I don’t often hear from, came out of the woodworks…just to honor me. Lil ole me. Bless you all.

This is an odd topic, but…..Hey….does anyone in Iceland know of an eco type place for my friend to work? Holler at me if you know of something? She’s a bio engineer, but just wants to work/share in an eco community for awhile at first. She lives in Belgium but wants to spend some time in Iceland. I hope I’ve got that right, Geodelle.

I don’t even want to talk about the baby goat situation right now. Maybe tomorrow. My son called tonight. He didn’t know it was my birthday, but yet, he called. Sweet! Not only that, but he started work today!!!! How quickly things change. And he seems to be maturing in front of my ears. I’m thinking that time in the traphouse did the deed(drugs). I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust that what he’s saying is true. He sounds true. I’m really not hearing or feeling that hint of a lie. My gut isn’t acting funny either, so I’m gonna go with as close to trust, as I can possibly get. Honey, when you’ve been married to a pathological liar….trust is not freely granted… Must be earned. Sorry, but that is a fact that I seem to be unable to change… matter who you are…..blood or not blood. The worst thing you can do….is lie to me. Well, not technically the worst, but you know. I’m just talking. Sometimes I have to juggle the writing…with the knowing of the power of words. Did that ever occur to you? I write freely…but I do delete…and I do change words to benefit me and the world. Speaking of world….I need a better flag counter. I love love to see a new country, but my flag counter only shows 12 countries, when I’ve got 52 flags that have been to my blog. Better flag counter…come find me!!!! And baby goats….get your wings on and fly to Mama!!!!

Ok, well, just ruled out United Airlines. There is one faster way…but I may have to finagle. Remember that deer reference? Alternative paths to a goal? Ok, night y’all!!! 2:24am.

Wow…..not a goat day….a FIRE day. What an adrenaline rush! Cathy called and said her husband had seen black smoke near our place. I went out to look. Yup. So, I called 911 and said I didn’t know if it was a fire or a burn pile. I put the pups up and drove the Zen buggy as far as I dared…it’s not working great, going put put put…. So I turned around. The horses had come screaming at me on the way toward the fire..along with the cows. They were all freaking out. They didn’t follow me toward the fire, but when I turned around…they ran with me. They were very scared. So scared in fact, that they listened to me. I said. Stay there….and to Baby Girl, the same words,(she didn’t go into pen), and to my amazement….I swung open the gate into the yard……and in I drove…all alone. Stunning. Even Baby Girl was on the correct side of the fence!


The beginning




Out at the road….talking with neighbor Jimmy, who drove up on his riding lawnmower to see what was what


Still burning…hours later


Next, the pups are barking and I see 2 fire trucks at my gate. Got cookies and put pups up again…all told, probably 5 times. They are so good. They drove out through the property, then went through a gate into the hunters land and back through the woods. Next thing I know…they are flying along my fenceline with sirens going and honking their horns. Then they changed direction and were headed back to where I was, driving very fast. I got one to stop long enough to tell me it IS a fire. It was a controlled burn that got out of hand. They needed dozers….and flash, they were gone. I got the boys and the cows and horses into the L, all but 5. 3 goats and White Owl and her baby, red feather. They’re still there.


Got most of em into the L


Spirit and Sasha in the L. They are scared…not playing


Cathy helped and once again, I got overheated. She did too. I had done so much running earlier that this was the 2nd or 3rd overheat for me. Well, the fire is out. Finally. Nobody told us anything through the whole thing except when I flagged down that fireman and he told me that it was indeed a fire. There needs to be a better system in place for things like this. I am resting now. Somehow I even got dinner done. It was a casserole that was done in pieces, so I did the pieces and only burned the mushrooms a tad. 🙂


Curious about the human

I just now fed the babies. I didn’t want to feed anyone in case we needed to evacuate, because feed is what they come to. It was murder getting those cows and goats in that L. Cathy is very brave and she took the scoop out to try to lure the animals too scared to go to the L. Baby Redfeather was very curious and kinda followed her, out of curiosity. Cute little thing. Anyway, the fire is out, the fear is gone, so they can eat. And now…for me to eat. Wow, what a day. Just so you’ll know, I woke up this morning with no residual effects from not opening a present. And oh ya…Cathy found 3 tiny peacock feathers, and turned them into a charm for my pouch…there….a present! Haha. Ok, well, before I sign off…….Finland and Argentina….welcome my new friends, to my rather odd blog. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes and messages. I am truly honored and thrilled. You are my blessing. And on that note…..Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes a child at 51….a Thank you….and a FIRE

    • Ohhhhhh, Loved the pic!!! A momma deer and her twins!!!! Yay!! That’s truly rare…in the natural setting anyways. yes, I am thinking and working on it. Dont wanna jinx it again tho. ❤ Deer Hugs

  1. Oh man! I hate fire! I am really lucky in that I have a friend who is a volunteer fireman and she monitors the radio and calls me when anything is in our area. I remember the first year we were here – we had driven about an hour away to watch the grandkids in their Christmas play, so I had turned my phone off. When we got in the car and turned it back on, I had a frantic voice mail message from the lady across the road saying that our pasture was on fire and they were going over to let our animals out. By the time we called back, she reported that it was our next door neighbor’s pasture, that it had been contained before it got to our place (which is not that far – our land is narrow and long), and that everything was ok. Kids playing with matches. Scared the you know what outta me.

    • Oh man, Yes, I do know. I’m so glad your place was spared! We all worry now, after the Bastrop fires last year. That was 15 minutes from me. It was huge and destroyed oh so much. I don’t understand why anyone would be burning right now…with temps in the 100’s and not much rain. But all is well. Yay!!! Nice to hear from you Mary! ❤

    • oh man!!! That’s right….you used to live near here. You know CHUY’SSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh, I wish! LOL wow, that was cruel of me then, eh? But in my defense, I didn’t know!!!! Love ya sis Hugs and ❤

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