You…..are my best birthday present this year……..and a tree.

I feel like a yo yo right now. Between the goats and the Jesse thing. Well, he called back while we were still thinking….and he says they worked it out and he can stay. He also said he starts work in the morning. Hmmm, yo yo. I really dislike yo yo’s. Well, I’ve had a really nice start to my birthday…several friends have posted and I chatted with a few. Pain is surging again. It comes and goes these days, spurts. The surges and spurts are strong though. Wonder if my mom’s gonna say happy Birthday. Shoot, birthdays only happen once a year.

Here is a 2 paragraph story of my life. My family lived in Florida, but mom went to Pennsylvania to give birth to me. 4 years later we left Florida for Pittsburgh. We lived in apartments near my Grammy and PapPap. Gosh I loved those two. Mom married Fred and wala…new family…2 more sisters…we did have our times though. Playing lift with 2 fingers, saying ‘light as a feather‘…or making Cream puffs, or sitting on each others shoulders and hiding inside a large coat…to act as one…as a gift to our parents.

Within this timeframe….I wanted to die. As much as I’d like to divorce myself from this…it is my life…my history…or should I say…her story. I spent the remaining teenage years experimenting with drugs. We moved to Texas in 79, my senior year. I graduated….married the motorcycle mechanic working for my parents and ….uggh. Ten years of I want a baby and I either need more pot or we need to quit…which led to ….I’ll quit on Monday. Years and years of Mondays, until I went to an AA type thing and that marriage was over. Next was Bobby, the abuser. The pee on yourself drunk, abuser. Five years altogether. My new husband is a fan from my stripping/modeling days. We have an arrangement and I’m very satisfied with it.

Well, there you have it…my life in a nutshell. Somewhere in between…. I miscarried a lot of babies and birthed two living ones. My greatest gift to the world. But see, here‘s the rub…. In the end…or the middle, at 51,…I’m still a little girl, waiting for her mother to love her. Aren’t we all? Well, it’s 2:24am….and I’m goin to bed. Pet the pups first and say my goodnights to the critters. Night night awesome people!!!

Wow, birthday wishes upon waking. Many wishes. Never had so many friends as I do at this point in my life. Truly amazing. Drove to town with Cathy for the burr detangler, and had Schlotzsky’s for lunch, one of my favorite fast foods. Mayerli, in Columbia, made me something, I’m assuming a drawing or a card, but I’m downloading a powerpoint update so I can see it. Got a call from my sweet daughter who lives in a community home. The community sang me Happy Birthday and then another song about the light and the fireflies. So sweet.

When I went to feed the kids… I have the Pretties in one of the original pens, with the bad fencing…and even though I gave them access to some grass, lol, it wasn’t enough. Yoki was stuck in the fence. Usually I have to cut it or get my husband to free them, but I got er done myself this time with no cutting involved. Yay! Little sweetheart.

Well, after spending most of the day on the phone, American Airlines has been ruled out. They can only fit 2 crates on the small plane that flies at night. So, we are still in the air….so to speak. And the price goes up, up, up. It started with $1100 to fly Delta, then went up with AA, and now, is in the $2000 range with a transporter. Or, we may drive halfway to meet Tracee. It is in flux.


Freed from the fence….Yoki is happily munching out


The anniversary of the BASTROP FIRE is nearly here…..they are still fixing things.


My husband decided that since I had Schlotzky’s for lunch, I wouldn’t want dinner, so he didn’t bring my Chuy’s. Chuy’s is my favorite Mexican food restaurant and he usually either takes me there or brings it home. Gosh, don’t know how long it’s been since I didn’t have Chuy’s on my birthday. 10 years maybe. Oh yes, everything is going smoothly. Pretty much the only part of my birthday that is going well, is all the sweethearts messaging me and posting and calling. Thank you all so very much. Well, I guess I better figure something out for dinner. Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch.


8 thoughts on “You…..are my best birthday present this year……..and a tree.

  1. Mamasheri thank you for following my blog – I just love your angora goats! I don’t suppose they can live in damp, cool Scotland? I love knitting and their fleeces look soft as can be. Thanks for pics. x

    • I don’t see why they couldn’t live there!!! 🙂 The cool is not a problem, but how damp? Rains can affect the coat some. Not a ton, but some. Mine get wet all the time and as you said, look soft as can be. I too love knitting, but I actually like spinning the best. As for reading your blog…you are very welcome. I wish all the blogs I followed notified me in email, then I could read them more often. Ok…looked it up. I see the wet ground can cause hoof problems, but apparently not enough. I found this for you.

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