I’ll say it, I was Wrong….Moonee’s day out….and, Yippee, babies when I wake!

Ok, so I will watch my language. Guess it wasn’t appropriate, even in it’s simplicity. I know how to concede and say I was wrong. These are professional people, maybe they just don’t like that word used when they are doing their thing. The point still remains……I chart whether a goat was good on the stand or whether it is a sitter, a dancer, headshy, legshy, buttshy or stands excellent. I also chart whether the fleece came off easy or hard. Since I am shearing with Wal-Mart scissors….it makes a difference. I did yearling Oprah this spring by myself and oh my, the entire coat was as if it was felted at the skin. I had to use my special surgical scissors for the entire goat. Anyway…I was wrong. Ok, from now on, I’ll still use the B, but it now stands for….bad. Bad and Excellent.

These are my surgical scissors. No, not the big pink ones…the baby shears. Either one works great and the yellow ones are easier to find, but the blue ones are way cheaper.

My babies go on the airplane tomorrow. I’ve got it all worked out, penwise now. It’ll be just like I said yesterday, but just in case the …gosh, I’m nuts…they are the Pretties…dang…Ok, so that just means I need a new name for the Pretty pen. Let’s see, well, it will be all boys….hmmmm….all baby boys….and elder Gandhi……  The 4 new baby girls coming will still be the Littles…ONLY if the Pretties are mean and I have to separate them.  Got it. So, if the Pretties are nice, they will all be Pretties….and the little boys will become the Littles.  I’m hoping the Pretties accept them…then I’ll just have 2 sets of girls…like I used to with the Ladies and the Girls…and as a full herd, each was able to join up and get along…but as just 4, no, my Pretties didn’t really stand a chance…they were young, all 4, with no protector. If I need to make them join the others, they will be able to do so as a herd of their own. I know, I know, make up my mind already. Never had this problem before….figures, I am, the girl with too many names, of course my pens and groups would too! I know, I know…I’m Looney!

The protector thing is why Gandhi was removed from the Beautiful pen…for Lovey. Now he will be the guardian of the two new ones plus Moonee. That’s why he had to battle yesterday. It went on for at least half an hour. Pretty sure Gandhi won, but I wasn’t there…I was shearin. None of these babies have a mom either. Well, I’m the mom…aren’t I? What I do now, is I try to mimic each ones cry. Each ones eheheh. I’m getting pretty good at it.

Well, I’ve been hurting pretty much most of today and some yesterday. It’s getting more intense, so I looked to see if there was a tropical storm nearby. Turns out, there are four. One on the Atlantic and three more almost in a line to the west of it. That would explain it! 🙂 I really enjoyed the nearly year long break from the pain. It’s been nice. It’s not so nice right now. 🙂 Help, the mammoth is sitting on my legs! Lol. Ahh, what else can ya do when it hurts this bad…but to make a joke of it, eh? Old ago, I would be crying at this point. Haha, I’m not crying now. I’m just letting it flow through me, until it’s ready to flow out. Thank you for flowing through me.

Sheshay. I’m watching the new version of The Karate Kid and the kid is apologizing and it is accepted, then he bows and says…sheshay. That’s the sound I make sometimes outside…out of the blue, almost out of my control…to the pups. When I am loving on them, sheshay comes forth from my lips as if in a hypnotic trance. The pups become very adoring. I wonder what it means. It’s obviously Chinese. Let me look it up. She: Tongue, snake, serpent. Shay: Gift. Lol, awesome!!!!!

He was crying this morning, so I decide it had been long enough. We’ll find out when it’s feed time….if he goes in the pen

First day out!!!

Just looked up the Texas State Fair information. I haven’t placed the goats I’ve purchased in my name yet, therefore, the babies born are not technically registered yet…so….no fair. Probably for the best. It’s too hot to be traveling with goats….I know…if Moonee had been with me when the truck broke down…. Things might have been very different. See, I hate competition. Well, I talked to a friend and it seems I can get them recorded and that is good enough. Still deciding. Haven’t entirely ruled it out, but sure thought it’d be nice to take Opti. Darn, well, I have a bit of time to decide, but not much….cuz IF I go, they need sheared right now…or else they won’t have the right fleece amount as the other goats. Jeesh, oh Petes.

Well, this morning, Moonee was crying, so I decided he’d seen enough of the process. So, he had his first day out. In the beginning he was afraid of the pups and would dart away like a deer. After awhile of going round and round the house…it’s a 2 acre yard, he got more comfortable. They even took a siesta outside my window. He had a good time and the true test came at 3pm…put up time. What a sweetheart…ran right on in the pen with the other two, even though Geiser was in there. In fact…Geiser is still in there, it was shady, and he wanted to stay awhile.

Gandhi…..diggin deep for the birds corn…they LOVE corn, but everyone says not to give it to them.

When the pups greet Lovey, he does this adorable combo nuzzle and headbutt….a nuzzlebutt

Lovey has a few protectors

What a beautiful Strut


Good thing Tracee is on the ball….she realized that the crates we picked out were not ok for Delta standards and found the right ones. Yay Tracee!!! So, heads up people….if you plan on shipping by air…you need the right crate per airline…apparently the words Travel-Aire, don’t mean they are ok for all flight travel. On Saturday, it will be a month since I saw Belle. One month of waiting. Of course, since I saw her, I then fell in love with Wyatt and Doc and Etta and Georgia and Pearl too. It seems like 2 or 3 months I’ve been waiting. I’m so excited to see them all. She drops them off at 9:50pm in Seattle. They will have a stop in Atlanta, then arrive here at 10:15 am. Hope I’m still breathing by then, cuz I keep finding myself holding my breath! 🙂

I was sitting under a tree visiting…. I said…hey Moonee

I went and sat under a tree and Bubba laid down and put his head in my lap, then….Awwwe, coming to see Mama. 🙂

See? ………….it’s a mystery guinea!

Well, I’m going to wrap this up in case I need to go pick up the truck. Oh ya, forgot to tell you….the watermelon was eaten to the rind, and I mean literally. Signing 0ff at Curly Locks Ranch.

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