A naked blue baby…a Buck fight…and Censorship for the B word

Whoa….I feel like I just lost some time. This is interesting and new. Now, I was once taught a time condensing chant that I use on car trips, but I surely didn’t just use it. It is ….nung mumg shing vung yung. Let it reverberate in your throat. I have skipped time twice by doing that. Once by a half an hour and the other…well, I don’t remember how long, I just remember it happening on the way home from the National rainbow gathering… Funny, the other….the first time…happened while returning from the Florida regional rainbow gathering. Hahaha.

So many people are in so much pain. Haunted by memories of the past. Things that have come and gone. But they touch our hearts so deeply that we can’t let go. We can’t see it as on purpose….as part of a plan… a grander picture. We see with tunnel vision when we are hurt or mad, for that matter. And we are colored by it. It colors everything we see and think. I may not include myself in the We this time, as I am pretty good at this now. I’ve practiced a lot and I’ve dedicated my thoughts to being the right thoughts, and I catch myself almost immediately these days.

I Know that life is on purpose. I know that things happen for a reason. I know that it is my thoughts which create. Why then, can’t I direct my thoughts toward my worth? It’s the only real stumbling block I have left. I’ve conquered the rest. I’ve even conquered worry. That’s a hard one folks. But it can be done….ha…especially if you believe that your thoughts create. See what I mean? Ya…welcome to my world. Nah, I love it…it’s just a bit heavy sometimes, when I’m accustomed to the Light. Oooh, speaking of light…I made peaches and cream last night. What a treat. A childhood memory. Had some tonight too. And the ice cream… still eating the ice cream. I weighed myself to see if it was affecting me…and I think I’ve gained about 2 pounds, which was needed actually. Well, it’s 2:50am and time for bed pretty people. Goodnight.
Yup, I live on a farm. I’m barely awake because I got up early to shear Moonee and I’m sitting in my chair doing my morning FB ritual and something catches my eye. I look out the window at what should be woods…and I see a horse. Lol, Cathy’s horse Gabriel, remember him? The neighborhood wandering horse? Well, today he is wandering down my fenceline. 🙂





Ahhh, the challenge



Well, we let Gandhi and Lovey out as well as the Beautifuls, while we sheared Moonee. Boy do I need clippers. I used a peanut to get him to jump up on the stanchion…it worked!!! He was a very good boy. I gave him peanuts every now and then. Then we started hearing sounds. Finally I said….that’s horns clacking. So I went to check and found Gandhi and Einstein in a battle. They used t be penmates, so there was a challenge needed I guess. As I was coming back into the pen…Moonee got free and off the stanchion. That boy really likes peanuts. I wonder what else I can train him to do, lol. All told, it took three hours and 15 minutes! And even going that slow and that carefully, he still got some tiny nicks. Highly unusual. No blood, but still…. I hate it. Now he looks funny cuz of the line of medicine down his back. All in all, he was very good and got more peanuts when he was done. Total weight…..6 ½ lbs!!!!!!!! My other babies fleeces weigh 1 lb – 1 ½ lbs.

Which brings me to another dilemma. I wanted to know the reasoning some rancher use, to have January babies….when it’s so cold. Turns out the answer is, that they eat well when it’s cold and ease off the food as it gets hot…therefore, to accurately grow a goat, he needs to be born early winter. Do I want to choose this? This is how you get bigger goats….and if you don’t do it….people with goats will tell you your goats are too small. Fooey and hogwash. You think mine are too small, I think yours are too big. It’s simply a matter of perspective. Yes, I just got 6 and a half pounds of fiber from him, but if he hadn’t wanted that peanut…I doubt we would have been able to get that 6 ½ month old up onto the stanchion…and there are 2 of us.

Lovey says…..I’m not gettin involved in that!!!


All done fightin


I got censored today. I responded to a post about shearing, and told what my practice is concerning weighing and charting. Apparently, it’s not ok to say you mark your calendar with a B for bitch and E for excellent…and extend it to bc for bitch coat and ec for excellent coat. How odd. Seriously? Sometimes the goat IS a bitch on the stand. And sometimes, the coat IS a bitch to get off.


He sleeps…


and…AFTER…. Pretty baby!


Jeesh….my brain wasn’t on yesterday when I wrote the part about the pen names. It’s not the individuals, it’s the pen. I forgot that. That means that Gandhi, Lovey, Moonee, Wyatt, Doc and Optimus will be the Pretties. And the Littles…will be in the Ladies pen…ya, I know, contradicting myself…but the Ladies pen is what I’ve called it forever and what people know it by…but these are no ladies. These are yearlings and babies, thus, the Littles. They will also get the addition of Milky if I decide to trade her mom.

As I was chatting with friends on face book tonight, I said…remember the good times…just exactly, as the song on TV said…celebrate good times, come on!!! Oh…finally, I remember to tell you about the mosquito last night and before I forget…the grasshopper a few weeks ago that I kept forgettin to tell you about. Ok, as I was crawling in bed one night and pulling my hair out of it’s ponytail… I find a grasshopper on the top of my head. Interesting. And the mosquito? Well, we had a chat. Well, I should say, I talked…he listened. I of course asked not to be bitten, and he landed on my hand and fingers multiple times without biting and mostly just sat and watched me type. 🙂

Someone asked last night to see my loom. I said…that dusty thing? Lol, brand new…just dusty


When I say…I had to put the pups up…this is what it means


Let’s see…some things I’ve done that I didn’t tell you…..I spun some pale pale pink yarn. Not quite done..couple more minutes of spinning and it will be ready to ply. Not sure what…it’s for my new niece born last Saturday while I was at the show. I drank one and a half red solo cups of Water the other day!!! Yay me!!! Got my sheets washed…yay. Looked into websites, started sale doe and buck folders…to collect photos in….to post. And a big stunner for me…I just took a ten minute nap. I couldn’t hold my head up, so I laid it down. Kinda like poor Moonee today on the stanchion. He actually laid his head down on the stanchion and went to sleep. It did take forever, I don’t blame him. Oh boy, Terry’s coming back with the RV already and bring his wife along to see the goats. Yay, show off time again!!!

2 thoughts on “A naked blue baby…a Buck fight…and Censorship for the B word

    • Nah, that’s Cathy…my helper…..I rarely get in any of the photos cuz theres noone to take them. Only if I turn my Iphone camera switch to face me, then I can get me and anyone who comes to get attention….thats about it But he sure is gorgeous. Even pretty without his curls!!! I’m so excited. I’m shivering inside.

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