Fire the Government…Famous people are JUST people…and animals read Minds

I’m watching Avatar. I’m toward the end, where Jake connects to the Mother Tree and says let me give you a heads up…. Where I come from, there’s no green there. They killed their Mother…. After watching this movie time after time, I finally realize that it is tongue in cheek. It isn’t about another planet at all. It’s about our planet, and their Awa Is our Mother earth. The energy connection they have with the soil and everything around them, we have as well. And the Unobtainium, the element that they are removing from the peoples planet, against their will….well, think about it. Break down the word. Un obtain. Man wants to obtain anything he wants and often he just takes it without asking or without warning. Also, very often…with bloodshed. Been going on forever….And going on now, with a vengeance.

So if this is a tongue in cheek movie…what are they trying to say? How about…Wake up to what is happening all around you that you weren’t aware of. Be aware. Pay attention. Ask questions. I saw a photo of a very long long long haired angora rabbit and I made a comment questioning the need to go bigger bigger bigger, with more fiber, more fiber, more fiber and bigger body, bigger body,bigger body. I said I wonder if anyone considers what the animal might go through with carrying that weight. Apparently I was besmirching the famous rabbit lady. I don’t care if people are famous or not. They are human, just as I am human. I was just asking about the need for more and bigger. The goats at the show were so large that it was impossible to show you scale, even though I tried. Bigger bigger, more more, is usually a Man thing. Bigger bodies make More fiber. …Ok….but pretty soon you’re going to have elephants! And BTW, when you post a photo of an unusual sight, something giant sized that nobody has seen before…you should probably be prepared for adverse reactions. I would post a photo for you but it’s her photo, so I better not.

Back to Avatar…Oh, and when they meet for the first time when he’s in his human body and she’s in her ’alien’ body, they smile and say….. I see you… A beautiful representation of the recognition of the soul. Oh wow….the wooly mammoths! Maybe we are simply repeating history and haven’t arrived at the wooly mammoth stage. Hehe…lets go there…ok, so the world goes on a bit longer, the goat people have been breeding bigger and bigger until they are indeed the size of , and are indeed the wooly mammoth. 2012 causes a catastrophe and a few…ha, at least 2, male and female….are left alive… And wala, you have wooly mammoth meets caveman, cuz I’m sure a few babies survived too. Lol, I’m being silly, but that was fun. Full circle, like the spiral. What goes up on a spiral, also goes down.

We choose what to be upset about. At this moment, I’m upset about the Amazon and quite frankly, a lot of things. As for the Amazon, I’ve been hearing about the deforestation of the Amazon for years now….Years!!! How much can possibly be left? Anyway, while I’m upset about that, your cause of upset may be …hmmm, say, the price of gas. The point being…it’s when we feel a discomfort, an upsetness, that we are moved into action. It is this Upsetness that gives our passion its strongest voice. Granted, my action may only be words, but haven’t I taught you the importance of words? Tonight I was so upset, I made a FB post saying….Fire the Government!!! And in the comments, I said…or Secession..cuz I’m in Texas and we CAN Secceed!!! Oh, and I’m not kidding either. I googled fire the government, to see what the process might involve, and came across a website with that title…fire the government….but hmmm, not there, gee, I wonder why?  See, I told ya I had other things on my mind than the Amazon! And night night, at 1:57 am…yay, going to bed early!!!!

The Pretties finally slept in their new house


I almost had all 4 pups, but, oh well


Lovey says…what’s this???


DaVinci says YUM…watermelon


Animals are so interesting. We have a new guinea. We have one gray and one white….and now we have 2 grays and one white. There are no guineas within a mile of my house, so I think it’s crazy interesting. It’s like Tom. Tom is my turkey but I haven’t seen him in probably a year. He lives at Cathy’s house. Or the cat, Zephyr(rainbow bridge)…he was a complete stray. Had never seen a bowl of food before and was scared of it…but he chose us. He remained a wild cat to anyone else, but with us, he was part of the family and we could pet him…even pick him up. He was here around 5 years and Cathy couldn’t even pet him. Animals obviously have more minds than we give them credit for. On the other hand…lol, it could all be about sex. Tom, yup, sex. The new guinea? Dunno whether it’s a girl or a boy. My others are girls. It’s just interesting. Lately I see all kinds of animals cuddling and caring for what would normally be the enemy. Like a dog raising a white lion cub…you know…dogs and cats?! Or a polar bear raising a white wolf cub?

Take cows for example. There’s more to their brain than you realize, or probably want to realize since we eat them. White Owl, who just had baby Redfeather, will come and stand at the fence, politely, without making a sound……silently asking for some food so she can make more milk for her baby. She rarely gets any….she’s on 30 acres of pasture, but she still tries. My dog Blue…..if I think in my mind….Cathy’s coming over,….he barks! He always barks when she comes. Another example. I had an offer to trade Mimi. When I returned from the show….she let me pet her…twice! Never ever before!!! Same day…… I was considering putting down the severe mite goats…and Darwin, who Always stays to the back…like he’s hiding…came and took food out of my hand. First time he approached me in 4 years. Can they read our minds? I think so. I used to play, experiment with Blue. When he was little, he’d be sleeping on hubby’s chair. I’d call him in my mind…I’d say…Blue, Blue…come here….come to mama……and he would wake up and come to mama….we’re talking Seconds here people…seconds. Hmmm, I’ve never utilized this knowledge to my benefit…wonder why. Have to work on that.

I’ve seen other goat people give their babies watermelon and I had some leftover, so I thought I’d give some to the Littles Pen….I know, it gets confusing. I moved the Pretties out so it’s just the 3 boys plus the 2 baby boys comin…so, the Littles. Anyway, because they can’t graze yet, until Moonee sees the process for a week or so, and the Beautifuls got out…well, I gave the Littles some watermelon. It was funny. They all ran to it, then ran to me like…where’s the treat? Moonee was the hardest to convince because he really loves his peanuts, but in the end, they all gave it a try. I’ll know tomorrow how much they ate.

But I don’t want that red thing….I want Peanuts..peanuts..peanuts


Ok Ok, I’ll try it


Just some Munchkins…and no, Miyagi isn’t growling…he’s yawning!


The only pen with grass inside…haha, on 6 acres. Oh ya, that’s Lila


I got to show off my babies today, always love doing that. Terry, who is remodeling my 55 Chevy came to pick up the RV for repairs, so I took him on a tour. Of course, like me….he loved Opti!!! Who doesn’t love Opti, who incidentally, walked over and let Terry pet him. What a good ambassador goat!

One of my goat friends is feeling the crunch and is considering selling her herd. Seems to be going around. Not me. I may be selling off the original goats, but I’m stayin put. Unless Uncle Sam does too much crap and that damn Bill passes. Even then, I’d still keep some. Yay, Terry said if the truck is not fixed, we can borrow his truck to pick up the babies. I was kinda concerned about that. So it’s falling in place. Two and a half more days till I get my new babies. Ok, well, Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. Oh wait….I forgot a photo!!! HAHAHAHA

I’m thinkin it’s a man thing…


4 thoughts on “Fire the Government…Famous people are JUST people…and animals read Minds

    • 10:15…back to the original flight you found!!!! Me too!! I’m also excited that you get an Evelyn Doe and evelyn should she ever decide to sell!!! yay, we’re rockin and rollin now! 🙂 Love you Mea Big Hugs

  1. I really enjoyed this blog entry!! I agree completely with you on a lot of these issues. I recognized Un Obtain – as well, and thought, they are spelling it out for us!!! You are either asleep or awake. You either get it or you don’t.

    I love that you care about what the animals go thru to make their fibers. ❤ Love you.

    • Lol….glad I’m not the only one!!! Ya, no twilight stuff, huh…black and white..asleep or awake. Yup. ❤

      Well, someone has to consider such things….why not me? Was it nice getting 6 1/2 lbs today from a 6 mo baby? Sure. But as he gets older, it will get harder and harder to wear that coat in the heat.
      Love you girl

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