So excited!!!….Other Pet farms….and Spirals Everywhere

What an exciting and stimulating few days it’s been. We pick the babies up on Saturday morning. Oh YAY!!!, and my birthday is 2 days later, so….Happy Birthday ME!!! What a spectacular ever lasting gift that will keep on giving. The guy on the phone with Delta Airlines was extremely helpful, having me change flights, due to time shortage and plane size. We laughed and chatted as we made the arrangements and when we hung up, I said, hey, what’s your name. He said…Angel, and I said, of course it is. Angel said I can track them through the whole process, via website. By the way…. I am getting these precious pinto angora goats, well, Pearl is blondish red, but anyway….I’m getting them from Tracee Elizabeth Watkins, of Top Knot Angoras. Now my line is Kai, Inglenook, and Top Knot….oooh, with Smith Family Angoras, thrown in now too with Moonee.

I’m rather stunned at the support I’ve received from last nights post about needing to change from a pet farm to a business farm. Beautiful unity. There seems to be something about angora goat people, and some other goats too, of course, they seem to have more compassion than most people I meet. It must be the fact that they live and breathe every day with the most adorable, loving creatures ever. Not only that, but they, we, get to create whatever the heck we want to create with their fur….from clothing to winterwear, to blankets, paintings, alter cloths, you name it. We get to color it if we want, or spin it, or felt it, or…here’s a funny one…..I once said to myself…why can’t I make cloth with this by simply sewing it to itself. I put a bunch of yarn on a yarn needle, and proceeded to make cloth, just by threading it thru itself many times. Haha. Also, it seems I’m not alone in this particular boat. There are more people besides me who started out small and here they are with a whole bunch of goats to feed and fiber to sell. Let’s all do this together, email, text, message, phones.

Spirals everywhere! The golden mean spiral is sacred geometry and it is everywhere the past two days. Oh ya, saw the cutest video. Forgot to get the link but if any are interested, I can get it. It was a time lapse of a cucumber plant growing….or should I say…dancing. It was indeed a dance. I told the gal thanks cuz it helped me with my….think of plants as living beings, thing.

These came before my eyes yesterday and one today…so I put them in a collage to show you. Interesting that so many appeared, in so many forms.

Holy Canoles… I almost forgot to tell you. My son calls me today and during the conversation, he tells me he may not get the job…I say, oh no…he says…don’t say oh no….that might make it happen. Say something more like I will get the job. Stunnedddddddddddd. I said, and where did you hear this? He said…the movie, the Secret. I said…..AND YOUR MAMA!!!!!! He says No. I say, Ya. I said, dude, I’ve known this stuff since way before that movie came out. He said, well why didn’t you tell me. I said, I did, you just poo pooed it and asked me not to tell you my hokey pokey stuff. Special. So so special. 🙂 Haha, then he asks for tips on making the right thoughts. Oh my word, can’t tell you how stunned and thrilled I am to know that he is Waking UP, as they say in the enlightenment world. As a mother, that gives me more relief than I can possibly impart to you. On the other hand…..and I’ll leave it at that.

Sweet sleepy Valey

lookie here, my own goat is spilling curls!!!!! And he stil has two months before shearing!!! Oh my!

Funny that I’ve got babies flying in soon and yet I’m watching the movie…Airport, you know, the old one, the first one. I’ve seen it a million times, yet tonight I finally realize that if that blonde worker lady had gone ahead and reported that suspicious character that she went to report about, instead of getting sidetracked by a harmless stowaway old lady, whom she knew was just a harmless stowaway old lady, then the plane might not have blown up. Things like this happen every day in real life. But in the end….if it happened, it was meant to happen, if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t supposed to. Not yet anyway, and not in that form and not in that fashion.


Ella, one of my few recessives. She’s not the nicest goat, but she’ll do to make me a pinto!!


Man, another hot day. So much to do and so dang hot. Got panels to unassemble and move and put in place. Got shearing to do too. Going to shear Moonee on Thursday….but it will be early in the morning in this weather. I hate early morning, but alas, a goat girls gotta do what a goat girls gotta do. I’ve decided not to give peanuts to Moonee everyday because he is now expecting it. I’d rather it be as a way to get him to do what I need him to do, instead of him thinking I always have peanuts with me. Probably not the best thing…considering how large he is and will be. Haha, I’m already thinking I need a ramp for the stanchion…how am I supposed to lift that big boy up there? 🙂

Jeesh, just heard that feed went up a dollar across the board. Yup, time to make that Sale photo album. You’d think I’d have plenty of photos already for them, but no. Want at least some of them fresh. Think I’ll work on that tonight. Shoot, I was supposed to spin some pale pink for my new niece tonight. Not enough hours anymore. I swear people, I wasn’t lying when I said I used to be the laziest person I knew. This is pure craziness. Guess I’m making up for the other 47 years when I was lazy.

Joy..surely is pretty

Milky and Mimi

Valey borrowing a goat to stretch on

Do you think I’ve dissolved that kidney stone by now, with my mind? That was May 11th. How long before they act up? Nearly 3 months now. Just wondering. Ha, was just thinking of sharing that my mom has quit liking my blog or commenting, and the TV said Mom, so I guess I will. I had to speak my mind last time we were on the phone, about my son, it’s always about my son. I was a bit straightforward, and I guess she didn’t like it. Before that, her reason for not reading was that she was busy, and the blogs were too long. Guess she’s doing just fine without me, as usual. As close as I am to my daughter….for me, it’s a head scratcher. How do you not love your kids? Shoot, she would NEVER have said I love you to any of us kids….if I hadn’t shamed her into it when I was 18, with a letter asking why. The irony. I once wrote a poem about her choosing my son over me,….the boy she never had…when she stole him from me at age 3. Then, I had to tell her a few weeks ago that she was his Grandma and she should give a crap about him. She was calling to tell me she was mad cuz she heard his voice on the jail recording. Imagine that. So now she’s mad I guess cuz of what I said. Sheri throws her hands in the air and says…..fooey on it. Tired of Swallowing the things she does. Tired, tired tired.

Ok, rant over. Sorry for ending on that note. Hmmm, I’ll throw in another photo to make up for it. Guess I better wrap this up so I can start on some of the projects I need to do with my new found business sense. Yay! Ok, well, Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch!!!

So pretty, my Opti


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